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Star Wars Rebels: Hera Syndulla's 10 Best Quotes | ScreenRant

As a pilot, mechanic, general, freedom fighter, and mother, Hera Syndulla is one of the best characters in Star Wars Rebels. She cares deeply about the people in her life and helps them, while also engaging in daring missions to help the galaxy in the face of the oppressive Empire.

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In all her various roles, Hera delivers many memorable quotes that show her strength and wisdom as a character. Many of her best quotes also contain advice that is valuable in the real world and that tie in with some of Star Wars' most prominent and enduring themes.

10 "We Won't Always Be Fighting This Battle Alone."

Sabine struggles with not being told the identity of Fulcrum and having information kept from her in the season 1 episode, "Out of Darkness." By the end of the episode, Hera proves that she does trust Sabine, yet there is certain information she can't share with her quite yet. What Hera does share is a promise that they won't always be fighting the Empire alone.

Hera is carefully building connections and moving the pieces forward to give Sabine and the rest of the Ghost crew more allies, as she knows they cannot fight the Empire forever on their own. Hera sees the bigger picture of what they're doing and ultimately proves to be true to her word, as Sabine eventually learns the identity of Fulcrum and the Ghost crew gets some much-needed rebel allies.

9 "We Have Hope. Hope That Things Will Get Better. And They Will."

Still struggling with the heartbreaking betrayal of Senator Gall Trayvis, Ezra is unsure how he can move forward with the seemingly impossible fight against the Empire. Hera's assurance that they will move forward with hope is a simple, powerful message that reinvigorates Ezra at the end of the season 1 episode, "Visions of Hope."

Hera knows that as long as they have hope, they will have the drive they need to fight the Empire, no matter how many challenges come their way. Her line about hope also shows what a strong and sensitive leader she is, as she knows exactly what to say to comfort Ezra and inspire him once again.

8 "If We Want Freedom, We Must Make Difficult Choices."

In the season 2 episode, "Wings of the Master," Hera explains to Quarrie that she left her family to become a pilot so she could use her abilities to help others. While it was a difficult choice for her to make, she makes it clear that she did it to help others and to fight for freedom.

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Hera is right that freedom is precious, but it often comes at a high cost that demands difficult choices. In the end, Hera knows these struggles are worth it to help the galaxy be free from the tyrannical reign of the Empire.

7 "Even When There Are Explosions All Around Me And Things Are At Their Worst, I Feel Like I'm At My Best."

Hera has many talents, but what she loves best is flying. It's always a treat to hear Hera describing what flying means to her, as she has such genuine joy and passion for it. Her explanation in the episode "Wings of the Master" is so moving that it convinces Quarrie to let Hera fly his precious Blade Wing prototype ship, which becomes Hera's most iconic scene in Star Wars Rebels.

The Bad Batch makes this line even better, as it shows Hera as a child, explaining to Omega that "Flying is a feeling." Hera is a great example of a character who has known what she loves and what makes her unique since she was a child and ultimately dedicates her life to using this for the greater good.

6 "I Learned To Be A Leader By Watching You."

In the years following the death of Eleni Syndulla -- the mother of Hera and the husband of Cham Syndulla -- Hera and Cham had a strained relationship. This relationship comes to the forefront of the season 2 episode, "Homecoming," as Cham and Hera clash over their approaches to fighting the Empire.

While they have their differences, they are able to reconcile through their love for Eleni and their deep commitment to fighting for freedom in the face of oppression. Cham acknowledges that Hera is a dreamer like her mother, but it is from her father that she learned to be a leader standing up for what is right. Hera recognizes the influential role that her father played in making her a strong leader for the Ghost crew and Phoenix Squadron.

5 "My Home Is My Crew And Family."

Many Star Wars stories explore themes of found family and that home is more of a people than a place. Star Wars Rebels embraces this in the season 3 episode, "Hera's Heroes," when Hera decides to blow up the Syndulla estate to save her father, the Twi'leks loyal to him, and the Ghost crew from the Empire.

Ezra is shocked that she would destroy the house that she grew up in that carries so many fond memories. As Hera says, though, her real home is her crew and her family.

4 "They Want To Mess With My Droid, They're Gonna Pay For It!"

While Hera is a kind and compassionate individual, she has a fiery side that is unleashed when someone threatens or hurts the people she cares about. In the season 3 episode, "Double Agent Droid," the Imperial controller who hijacks Hera's droid Chopper and tries to use him against the rebels suffers her wrath.

Realizing that her droid has been compromised and that her enemies tried to use her friend against her, Hera uses the hijacking against the controller to electrocute him and blow up his ship. Hera would surely be sorted into the Hogwarts House of Gryffindor, but she shows that just because someone is a kind and compassionate person, doesn't mean they won't stand up for themselves and their friends.

3 "Whether We Fail Or Succeed, At Least Our Actions Will Show The Empire And The Galaxy That We Will Not Stand Down ..."

Full Quote: "... That we will not be broken by fear. That we are strong, united by our courage."

One of Hera's defining moments is in the season 4 episode "Crawler Commandeers," when she convinces the Rebel Alliance leaders to sanction an assault on Lothal against the Empire and Grand Admiral Thrawn's TIE Defender project. The leaders are initially reluctant to support Hera's proposition, but she is able to sway them through her impassioned argument.

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Hera recognizes how important it is for the galaxy to see that the Empire isn't infallible and that there are people united and standing against the Empire. She wants to help Ezra and Lothal but also recognizes the importance of spreading hope and inspiration.

2 "I Have To Tell You Something. I ... I Hate Your Hair."

Still reeling from the effects of the interrogation droid, Hera delivers one of her funniest lines after Kanan rescues her in the season 4 episode, "Jedi Night." Just as Kanan and the audience think she's about to make a serious declaration of love, she instead remarks on how she hates Kanan's new haircut.

It is an unexpected and humorous moment during a tense episode. The moment of levity takes on even greater significance given the tragedy that occurs at the end of the episode. These little character moments and the banter they share are part of what makes Hera and Kanan's relationship so effective.

1 "I Know What To Say Now. I Love You."

After years of unspoken feelings for each other, it was deeply satisfying to see Hera declare her love for Kanan and for the characters to kiss. While they are seen kissing once earlier in the season, "Jedi Night" marks the first and only time in the series that they kiss and say, "I love you."

After giving everything she had to the war against the Empire, Hera deserves this moment to just focus on herself and Kanan. The characters and fans are grateful that Hera and Kanan are able to share this moment together, especially given how Kanan sacrifices himself and is killed so soon after it occurs.

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