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Star Wars: Sequel Trilogy Characters, Ranked By Bravery

The Star Wars sequel trilogy may not be for every fan, but there is no doubting it provided audiences with some great characters that generations of fans will enjoy. The heroes of the trilogy, like Finn and Poe, may have muddled arcs at points, but with their distinct personalities, they remain lovable, and the bravery the main protagonists display through the three films is to be admired.

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Whether it is Rey and Finn facing evil while figuring their place in the Galaxy, BB-8 filling the Artoo role of the fearless droid, or the original trilogy characters being their usual heroic selves, the main sequel trilogy characters display immense bravery.

10 Ben Solo

To a lot of fans, Kylo Ren is the very best the sequel trilogy has to offer. When the villain reverted to his light-side ways Ben Solo, fans continued to be impressed, and Solo proved to be charismatic, likable, and brave in his short time.

As soon as he abandons the Kylo Ren moniker and attitude, Ben makes his way to Exegol to help Rey and confront Palpatine. The only issue is that it can get argued that Ben's constant giving in to the dark side could be considered cowardice. He was always torn between the two sides but consistently chose the dark for a long time. Nevertheless, he gives his life for Rey, which can be considered one of the trilogy's bravest and most heroic acts.

9 BB-8

While R2-D2 and C-3PO had a reduced role in the sequel trilogy, BB-8 filled in as the resident loveable droid, becoming one of the most beloved in the franchise with his cuteness and heart. The fact he is a droid did not stop him from multiple feats of bravery.

The spherical astromech's first appearance in the trilogy sees him venture off alone to find a way back to the Resistance after Poe was captured. He has an R2-D2 willingness to go on adventures and be with his friends, helping save the day with the Star Wars heroes - whether that be by commandeering a First Order walker to escape the Supremacy or putting his circuits at risk to help Poe.

8 Han Solo

Han Solo has a beautiful exit from the Skywalker saga in the sequel trilogy. His sacrificial-like death is undoubtedly one of Star Wars' bravest and most emotional moments from all three films.

After abandoning the life of heroism, Han returning to aid the Resistance for Leia is itself brave. His going to Starkiller Base to attempt to destroy the shields with Chewie and Finn could have been a "suicide mission." Of course, with that admirable mission, Han had ulterior motives; he wanted to see his son and attempt to bring him back for Leia. Facing off with a volatile Kylo was a hail Mary attempt at getting his son back that led to his death, but that showed Han's courage and good heart deep down.

7 Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo have similar appearances in the sequel trilogy in regards to bravery. Both have one living appearance in the films, and both commit one colossal act of courage after abandoning the fight for so long.

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Mark Hamill's outing as Luke in The Last Jedi is astounding, adding so much weight to that sequence on Crait, which sees Luke give up his life in a moving sacrifice so that the Resistance can survive. Being in exile, Luke lacked spirit for much of the film but made up for that with a truly incredible act of bravery, overcoming mental and emotional roadblocks to be a hero for the Galaxy.

6 Rose Tico

Rose Tico is a character who has received their fair share of hate over the past couple of years but who, undoubtedly, has a fanbase that appreciates her likeability and the strength she shows as a part of the Resistance following her debut in The Last Jedi.

Rose, who did not have as much battle or on-field experience as other Resistance members, went across the Galaxy to infiltrate the Supremacy, nearly died saving Finn, freed the Fathiers on Canto Bight, and fought in the Battle of Exegol. She did all this while coping with the emotional trauma of her sister's death, the underappreciated Paige Tico, with Rose showing a different kind of bravery than that required for battles.

5 Poe Dameron

Filling in the Han Solo cool fly-boy role in the sequels was Poe Dameron, who had an up and down arc direction and quality-wise, but who remained a pretty one of the best characters in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and showed a lot of bravery; albeit, often recklessly.

Throughout the trilogy, Poe displays his willingness to jump in his X-wing and blow stuff up, (something that earned him a demotion). There is no doubt that Poe is fearless in doing this. He leads the Resistance into battles on Starkiller Base, Exegol, and an escape on Crait. Poe may well be the most fearless character in the trilogy, but his story lacks a bit of the emotional resilience - shown on-screen, that is - of other characters.

4 Chewbacca

Chewbacca has always been a brave hero in the Skywalker saga. While he has shown a little fear and nervousness, he is always side-by-side with his friends, never backing down - especially when their lives are on the line.

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In the sequels, Chewie shows a different kind of bravery, a mental and emotional fortitude that is both admirable and heartbreaking. Chewie loses Ben Solo, he loses Han, then he loses Luke, and then he loses Leia before Ben flat out dies. Through all this, Chewie continued fighting the fight against the First Order because it was a cause he believed in most.

3 Leia Organa

In the original trilogy, there was arguably no character who suffered as much as Leia, who lost her family, her planet, nearly lost the man she loved, all the while leading a rebellion. The sequel trilogy was no kinder to the icon, but Leia was just as brave in both sets of films.

All while leading the Resistance, Leia lost her son, her true love, her brother, and then gave her life to save her son, who went on to die anyway. Leia endured so much during the trilogy, but throughout it all, kept leading the Resistance, helping Poe to become the leader he could be, helping Rey and Finn find their places, training Rey when Luke died, and organizing the movement to fight against tyranny as she did three decades prior.

2 Finn

The fan's introduction to Finn immediately solidified his status as one of the trilogy's bravest characters, with him defecting from the First Order, rescuing their Resistance pilot prisoner, and stealing a ship from under their noses in the process.

There is no doubt Finn showed a lot of fear initially, not wanting anything to do with the Resistance or the First Order. However, when it came to rescuing Rey and helping Poe, Finn showed a wealth of courage going to Starkiller Base. This continued throughout the trilogy. He nearly sacrificed his life twice to try and take down the First Order's attack on Crait and then the Final Order on Exegol. Finn did all of this while an internal struggle of where his place in the Galaxy was, showing remarkable fortitude that helped him be so likable to fans.

1 Rey Skywalker

Rey is a character who will help generations fall in love with the sequel trilogy, just as generations prior have done with the prequel and original trilogy. Her journey in the movies is a significant part of this, a journey full of heart, spirit, and fight.

Rey displays the fiery fearlessness of the original trilogy Luke, not afraid to face off against Kylo Ren multiple times, and even Snoke too. She leaves her home behind, helps the Resistance massively, and becomes one of the Galaxy's greatest heroes. All of this bravery comes to a head in the Battle of Exegol, where she goes head-to-head with Darth Sidious. Rey shows resilience after suffering and losing so much, fearlessness in fighting, and a willingness to do good no matter what.

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