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Stranger Things: 10 Unpopular Opinions About The Show, According To Reddit

The best thing about opinions is that everyone has one. Stranger Things took the world by storm when it was released in 2016, garnering favorable reviews and a fanbase consisting of millions of adoring viewers. But there is bound to be a wide variety of opinions when it comes to millions upon millions of people.

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There are a few things about Stranger Things that could be considered universally beloved, but most things are up to interpretation and personal opinion. Luckily, Reddit is a great source for finding some opinions that are rather unpopular.

10 Billy Was Not Redeemed

Stranger Things attempted a redemption arc with Billy, but did it work? Some people say yes, others say no. Billy played a major role throughout the third season, and he died saving the group of kids from the massive Mind Flayer.

But that didn't matter to Reddit user Trans_Girl_Alice, who confidently states, "I hate Billy and do not think he was in any way redeemed." Iokuas goes even further, writing, "Anyone who thinks he redeemed himself is kidding themselves. He was a racist, homophobic, misogynist philandering abuser."

9 The Lost Sister Is Not Bad

It's widely agreed upon that season two's "The Lost Sister" is the worst episode of the show. But is it as bad as many people say? Reddit user Brynnrallo writes (among many other opinions), "The Lost Sister, while probably the weakest episode of the show, was nowhere near as bad as people made it out to be."

sedugas78 takes them one step further and states that it's not even the worst episode of the show, controversially stating, "The Mall Rats and the Flayed are easily worse than the Lost Sister."

8 Season 3 Is Not Good

The show's third season was a major departure from its first two. Not only was it more colorful and "80s", but it carried a significantly lighter and more comedic tone.

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And while many people enjoyed it, others did not. Brynnrallo states that "Season 3 is the worst season," and it seemingly ruined the show for vannhh. They state, "Honestly, I have little hope for season 4, but maybe I will be surprised. I already decided my rewatch will only go up until the end of season 2." Ignoring the events entirely is certainly one way to voice displeasure.

7 Eleven Is A Bad Character

There's no denying that Millie Bobby Brown is the big breakout star of Stranger Things. Her performance has earned consistent critical acclaim, and many people believed that Eleven was the most interesting (and saddest) character throughout the first two seasons.

But Reddit user Myana_raelyn doesn't care for her. As they write, "I don’t really like El in any season except season 1. She’s closer to the bottom on my rankings of the characters."

6 Max Is A Terrible Character

It's always hard introducing new characters into beloved shows. Fans fall in love with the characters and are extremely hesitant in regards to new people. They don't want the status quo upset, and they don't want a new character ruining the chemistry of the cast.

Fortunately, Max was quite a great introduction. But some people don't care for Max's personality traits. In the opinion of davey-mann, "Max has always been a terrible character and bad addition to the show. Useless in Season 2 and mean in Season 3. The actress isn't very good either."

5 Robin Was Not Natural

Robin is arguably the greatest addition to the cast thanks to the incredible chemistry she shares with Steve and the strong performance of Maya Hawke. But davey-mann isn't having her addition. If anything, they find her a forced and unnatural addition to the show.

In their own words, "Robin feels too much like a perfect and forced character with no real substance. That scene where she cracked the Russian code was hokey." Furthermore, "The Steve-Robin bathroom revelation was manipulation and bad writing in the guise of forward thinking."

4 Hopper Should Have Stayed Dead

The third season ends on a highly emotional note with the supposed death of Hopper. But it's no secret that Hopper actually survived, as his face has been plastered all over the promotional material for the fourth season.

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While most fans will be happy to see Hopper again, others think that he should have actually died. According to Reddit user Iokuas, "I think Hopper should have stayed dead. His send off worked, having him survive cheapens the value of season three."

3 Alexei Was Nothing But A Thug

When it came to the new characters of season three, Alexei became a particular fan favorite. It's hard to say exactly what made his character work, but many people found him funny and adorably childish (what with his love of carnivals and convenience store slushies). But others have no sympathy.

MyriVerse writes, "There is absolutely nothing likable about Alexei. He's an evil af douche that's laughing at all of the stupid Americans and hopes they all die." jimbo805 adds "Agreed about Alexei. He was a senior Soviet scientist. To get that far he would have been a member of the Communist Party. That means a lot of evil nasty stuff. He was a thug who had his first taste of freedom. He was still a communist thug."

2 Nancy And Jonathan's Cliché Dynamic

Stranger Things holds many identities - teen movie being among them. But many people enjoy their Stranger Things dark and scary, not like a teen movie that is watched on Valentine's Day.

Nancy and Jonathan have been together for two seasons now, and some fans aren't having it. According to Reddit user ChilpericKevin, "Nancy and Jonathan have a cliché dynamic seen in every teen show ever. Thank god Steve still got the girl at the end of [season one], that was unexpected."

1 Barb's Death Was Not Important

In the first season, Barb's role was small and relatively unimportant. In the end, she was used to contrast Nancy's dorkier and "cooler" sides and to provide viewers with a killer cliffhanger. But then she became popular online, and "Justice for Barb" became one of the show's signature themes. Some fans don't like it.

Artisynn writes, "Barb's death wasn't as big of a deal as people made it," and thehumblecanoe adds, "Barb’s death was not nearly as important as it’s been built up to be and she’s obviously very dead."

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