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Suicide Squad Reveals Amanda Waller's Secret Supernatural Team

Warning: contains major spoilers for Suicide Squad: King Shark #3!

In a world full of villains, Amanda Waller has the capability to put together a Suicide Squad for every occasion, and DC Comics just revealed she keeps a special team ready for dealing with the supernatural. In Suicide Squad: King Shark #3 she sends a supernatural team to confront King Shark's dad, Chondrakha, and bring her prodigal adoptee back into the fold. She refers to this group as her "Limbo Legion", because they can pursue her targets into the afterlife itself.

As many fans know, the Suicide Squad is a team typically made up of villains who are looking to remove some of their jail sentences. There are exceptions, such as team leaders and King Shark, who is part of a deal between Chondrakha and Waller. King Shark is used as a tool by Waller so long as she lets him go home for visits and raises him in her facility. But when King Shark flouts her authority, Amanda Waller proves she has very few limits when it comes to getting a team together.

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Suicide Squad: King Shark #3 has the creative team of Tim Seeley, Scott Kolins, John Kalisz, and Wes Abbott. Within it the Limbo Legion is introduced, consisting of Etrigan the Demon, the Gentleman Ghost, and Pigeon. Everything about this team is different from the usual Suicide Squad, since it involves magic and isn't necessarily bound by mortality. Waller's new squad seems an awful lot like a miniature unit of Suicide Squad Black. Suicide Squad Black is an alternate team Waller put together to deal with magical threats back in Suicide Squad Black Files (2019).

One of Suicide Squad Black's members, Gentleman Ghost, is now working alongside Waller's newest team to bring back King Shark. Etrigan the Demon is an unexpected member, since he doesn't like to be anyone's underling and Waller is known for throwing her power against pawns, not major villains. Pigeon, however, is the most unexpected new member of this Limbo Legion. She was originally a foe of Nightwing's. She stole and defaced statues, working with Defacer - King Shark's current friend. She was also involved with Raptor, another major Nightwing foe. However, her whereabouts have been unknown since Nightwing #34 back in 2018. She now appears significantly different and far more frightening than her previous appearances - even corpselike. Being under Waller's thumb is a far cry from her time on Blüdhaven's streets.

To bring King Shark back from the other-dimensional Wild Games, it isn't surprising that Waller would find the need to send one of her Suicide Squads. However, facing off against a deity and going into an alternate dimension isn't something that the standard team is usually capable of. In the previous issue, she mentioned needing a team that can go through "Heaven, Hell or anywhere in between." She also said that nobody's Belle Reve Penitentiary sentence ends just because they die. The Limbo Legion make it clear these weren't idle boasts.

This almost seems counterintuitive, since the Suicide Squad is often sent into situations where death is likely and members are often lost in the field. Waller's new team subverts the standard expectations for team assembly and death being the end. This Limbo Legion can fight a deity, traverse the afterlife, and their sentences are only over when Amada Waller says they are over. King Shark has a big battle ahead of him when he comes up against Amanda Waller's deadly supernatural Suicide Squad.

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