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Supergirl’s Cruelest Moment Revealed (And She’s Only Getting Darker)

Warning: spoilers ahead for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #4!

In Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #4, Supergirl's cruelest and most inhumane moment is revealed. On Supergirl and Ruthye's search for the murderous Krem, they run into atrocity after atrocity. This is largely because of Krem's new alliance with Barbond's Brigands, a band of evil-doing alien killers in search of nothing but money and the dark joy of slaughter.

Supergirl is typically known as one of the kindest and most caring superheroes in the DC universe. She has a strict set of rules that most importantly includes the no-killing rule, just like her cousin, Superman. However, Supergirl hasn't always been perceived as a great hero due to being stuck in Superman's shadow. Future State made it clear that Supergirl has always been "twice as good, but second best" and that she could thrive as a hero off-world, away from Superman. That's what Kara has been doing in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, however, circumstances have become dire, and Supergirl's methods have become a bit more unconventional.

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In Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #4 by Tom King and Bilquis Evely, Supergirl stands by idly as an alien is stoned to death. This is completely unlike Supergirl. Anyone, including Ruthye, would've expected the Girl of Steel to step in and save the alien, no matter his allegiance. However, this isn't the same Supergirl fans have seen before. She has changed after seeing so many of the Brigands' victims, and the story hints that she's no longer pursuing Krem just to save her dog Krypto from his poison, but to exact vengeance - an idea that seems increasingly likely as she watches his Brigand ally die a brutal death rather than conveying him to a less lethal punishment.

It's a shocking turn of events that sees the very core of Supergirl's heroic identity altered forever. Ruthye is shocked that Supergirl didn't prevent the stoning, despite fully intending to hunt down and kill her own father's murderer. Kara is heroic and often kind, but this issue shows that not everyone can expect her help, as she quietly decides to allow the Brigand to face his victims and the dark consequences of the choices he has made.

One can only imagine what will happen when Supergirl catches up with the Brigands' fleet - will she let loose all of her anger and massacre them all, deliver them to their victims for punishment, or even offer up Krem to Ruthye so the young girl can exact her own revenge? Supergirl and Ruthye end the issue right behind the Brigands and Krem, and with Supergirl's cruelest moment happening here, the hints that Ruthye offered in issue one about Supergirl murdering Krem are looking like a real possibility. Will Supergirl be turned back to her more nurturing and kind self by the time that judgement day arrives for Krem, or will she double down on the savage justice she allows (but crucially doesn't yet partake in) this issue? Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #4 is available in comic book stores and on digital platforms now.

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