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The 10 Best Survivor Showmances Of All Time | ScreenRant

Survivor is a game where only one player can win, but that doesn't mean one person can make it to the end all on their own. In order to be successful on the hit reality series, castaways must make alliances that are promising and built to last. However, every now and then, those alliances turn into something more due to a connection between players, which can also lead to a romantic spark.

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Showmances are very rarely successful in Survivor, but there are some exceptions, especially seen in season 8 when Rob and Amber dominated the entire game by being in love and sticking together. Nowadays, other contestants try to oust potential romantic allies as quickly as possible, but that doesn't mean a few don't slip through the cracks and make for really good TV.

10 Matt Elrod & Andrea Boehlke (Redemption Island)

Matt Elrod and Andrea Boehlke were deemed the next Rob and Amber by Boston Rob himself on the first day of Survivor: Redemption Island.

Although their showmance was short-lived (Rob voted Matt out as soon as he possibly could), there was no denying the chemistry between the pair, and the pure joy on Andrea's face each time Matt survived a duel at Redemption Island.

9 Jon Misch & Jaclyn Schultz (San Juan Del Sur)

Jon Misch and Jaclyn Schultz were already a couple when they competed on the second Blood vs Water season of Survivor, so that meant they went into the game as a power couple bound together by love.

This was dangerous for their game, and the bickering and threat of ruining their real-life relationship put them to the test on the island. However, it all made good television as fans watched as a healthy couple had to navigate spending 24 hours a day, seven days a week with one another on a deserted island with strangers. The fact that they got married is all the more proof that their love is true.

8 Gregg Carrey & Jenn Lyon (Palau)

Gregg and Jenn were drawn to each other in the early days of Survivor: Palau and were a pair the entire duration until they were both voted out, coming in sixth and fourth place respectively.

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Instead of being seen as a threat to their tribemates, other contestants saw aligning with Jenn and Gregg as a positive thing as it meant they had two extra votes on their side. Although they didn't make it work for long in the outside world, Gregg and Jenn remained friends until her passing in 2010.

7 Jaime Dugan & Erik Huffman (China)

Jaime Dugan and Erik Huffman were just a couple of kids when they competed on Survivor: China, and now they're one of the few Survivor couples who have gone the distance and are still together to this day.

Erik and Jaime bonded over their faith while on the island and became best friends long before things ever got romantic. When Erik was one of the last remaining members of the original Zhan Hu tribe, Jaime cheered him on from her seat on the jury and welcomed him with open arms once he was voted out.

6 Candice Woodcock & John Cody (Blood Vs Water)

Like Jon and Jaclyn, returning player Candice and John Cody were already a couple going into the beloved themed season Blood Vs Water. However, their love story set the pace for the beginning of the season, proving their showmance and real-life romance to be a powerful one.

When Candice was voted out immediately, she and John were faced with the choice of him taking her spot on Redemption Island or her allowing her husband to play the game she had competed in twice before. Candice refused to let John miss his shot at the game for her, and she even gave Brad Culpepper the middle finger when he backstabbed her husband.

5 Coach Wade & Jerri Manthey (Heroes Vs Villains)

Nobody would have thought going into Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains that Jerri Manthey, the original villainess of Survivor, and Coach Wade, the self-proclaimed Dragon Slayer, would be a match made in Heaven; but they were.

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Jerri and Coach did a lot of flirting when they were both placed on the villains tribe, and their short-lived romantic storyline allowed for a bit of redemption for both of them. Fans got to see a softer, lighter side of the villains, who were usually stirring up trouble, and their entire tribe shipped them together.

4 James Clement & Parvati Shallow (Micronesia)

Parvati Shallow was known as "the flirt" when she competed on Survivor: Cook Islands, so when she returned for the first edition of Fans Vs Favorites it was obvious that she was going to lean in even further to her flirty reputation.

Parvati set her sights on James Clement from Survivor: China, and the two of them coupled up with Ozzy and Amanda to create a showmance alliance of four. However, this relationship didn't last long as James began to have doubts after she blindsided Ozzy.

3 Amanda Kimmel & Ozzy Lusth (Micronesia)

Another great showmance to come out of Survivor: Micronesia was between the reigning third-place finisher Amanda Kimmel, and fan-favorite competitor Ozzy Lusth.

The two had an immediate connection and even locked lips a few times underneath the bamboo shelter before Ozzy was blindsided by Parvati and her hidden agenda. During the Final Tribal Council, Ozzy revealed that he was falling in love with Amanda in front of everyone before giving her his vote for the million dollars and telling the rest of the jury that she deserved to win this season of Survivor.

2 Greg Buis & Colleen Haskell (Borneo)

Though Rob and Amber were the first real showmance Survivor had ever seen, Greg and Colleen set the stage for them to be beloved by fans and successful within the game.

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Greg and Colleen became best friends when they were placed on the Pagong tribe, mostly because they didn't take the game too seriously. They had fun and allowed themselves to laugh, and even pretended to have a romantic connection just to get the audience talking. They never really dated, but they did accomplish their goal and were adorable in doing so.

1 Rob Mariano & Amber Brkich (All-Stars)

To this day, Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich are the power couple of Survivor. The pair aligned on the very first day of Survivor: All-Stars and have been allies ever since; both in the game and in real life.

Their showmance was polarizing to some who didn't enjoy a season dominated by nauseating lovebirds, but in the quest for a million dollars, Rob and Amber found true love, and have since gotten married and created a family. There will never be another couple on Survivor like Rob and Amber because of how successful they were, and it's a testament to just how amazing their risky strategy was.

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