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The Main Characters Of The Rookie, Ranked By How Funny They Are

As a dramedy, The Rookie is full of humor. Serious plotlines are always balanced out with lighter ones, and both approaches to the story accomplish what they set out to. As exemplified by installments such as Season 2 Episode 11, "Day of Death," the police procedural is more than capable of going dark.

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Yet, the characters are full of life, and viewers will never be down in the dumps for too long. Everyone in L.A.P.D. has a sense of humor, but the comedy doesn't come from their ability to tell knock-knock jokes. Nolan and his co-workers often find themselves in absurd situations, and some have funnier reactions than others.

8 Wesley Evers

Wesley has plenty of hilarious moments and witty remarks, which is why it might seem odd to rank him so low. The problem is that all of the characters are comedic in their own way, and the officers have more opportunities to earn a laugh from the audience.

It would be interesting to see how Wesley would fare on patrol, but his job as a defense attorney requires him to be as professional as possible. At home, he has no problem cracking jokes with Angela, and they're the best official couple in The Rookie.

7 Nyla Harper

Nyla is funny on her own, but her dynamic with Nolan is where she shines in terms of humor. While she's blunt and straightforward, Nolan is polite and sugar-coats everything. It's a miracle how well they work together given how much they clash, but they have one of the best friendships in the show.

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Nyla never misses an opportunity to take a jab at him, and her remarks are particularly hilarious when she doesn't mean them to be. The serious tone and straight face she wears while insulting Nolan only adds to the amusement.

6 Lucy Chen

Lucy Chen is like sunshine personified, and there's never a dull moment when she's present. Her energy level is hard to beat, and the unofficial prank-war with her ex-training officer is consistently entertaining.

Lucy has a talent for making people smile both on and offscreen, but other characters give viewers more of a reason to laugh. Her ha-ha moments are usually a result of the dynamic she has with Tim. However, her American Idol audition remains one of the funniest scenes in The Rookie.

5 Jackson West

When placed in the right situation, Jackson can carry the comedy on his back. There are times when his confusion is all-too-relatable, and Jackson is most amusing when he's struggling to comprehend all the ridiculous things happening around him.

From having an allergic reaction and trying to copy his brain to his crème brûlée confession during his interrogation, Jackson has had some of the funniest moments in the show. The Rookie can only get better by further utilizing his potential.

4 Angela Lopez

While her relationship dynamics might not be as funny as Lucy and Tim's or Nyla and Nolan's, Angela is one of the few characters who doesn't need to play off of someone else. That's not to say there aren't comedic aspects to her partnership with Jackson or romance with Wesley, but her humor doesn't depend on them.

Angela was assigned to guard a guest star with who she had no previous interaction, yet it was one of her best episodes. Whether she's purposely cracking a joke or being dead serious, Angela manages to be entertaining.

3 Wade Grey

Grey's dry humor is one of his most outstanding character traits. As a sergeant, he's not out on the streets as much as his officers, and reacting to the trouble they get themselves int0 is Grey's main role in the series.

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Making fun of the rookies is his favorite hobby, but Grey took a particular interest in Nolan. He never misses a chance to mock him or call him out when he says something ludicrous. There are even instances when Grey outright laughs at the amount of bad luck Nolan has, which makes viewers laugh along with him.

2 John Nolan

The majority of the humor rests on Nolan's shoulders, as he was written as a protagonist who could carry the plot and offer comedic relief. He ends up in absurd situations both on and off the clock, and while he always finds a solution, Nolan has a way of making things worse before making them better.

Nolan is versatile enough to partner up with any of the characters and remain amusing. His dynamics with Nyla and Grey stand out especially and are a major component of the show's comedy.

1 Tim Bradford

Tim is the most serious character on the show, and it's clear that he was never intended to be the stand-out in terms of humor. But the fact that this aspect of his personality was such a shock is likely why it's the most appreciated by fans. Tim has some of the funniest quotes in The Rookie, and his comedy manifests differently than the rest of the cast.

Because he's so intense in all aspects of his life, Tim can make anything comical. His arrogance causes him to talk before he thinks, which usually ends in embarrassment. Tim might be confident on the job, but when it comes to social situations, it's amusing to watch his awkward side come out.

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