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The Most Powerful Avengers 5 Lineup Possible (Based On Phase 4)

If Marvel’s goal was to assemble the most powerful team possible with the heroes available to them for Avengers 5, who would be on the team? While no release date has been set and a fifth Avengers installment isn’t officially on Marvel’s MCU slate, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige did say that work on the next saga for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has “already started”.

Feige says that the movie isn’t coming anytime soon, which means when it happens, there’s a strong likelihood that it’ll be a part of the MCU's already-changed Phase 5. If so, it stands to reason that it’ll build off Phase 4’s stable of heroes. Rather than introduce new characters to assemble the next Avengers team, the movie will most likely utilize a combination of remaining heroes from the Infinity Saga and additions from Phase 4 movies. More so than with any other Avengers movie, the fifth film will have a ton of options to pick from. After all, the number of movies being made a year and the MCU making its own TV shows puts well over a dozen new heroes on the table for future projects, including Shang-Chi, U.S. Agent, Red Guardian, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and more.

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While quite a few are street-level superheroes, others are powerhouses who will join the ranks of MCU’s strongest characters, able to fight Thanos. If Marvel were to mix them with some of the heavyweights it already has access to, it could offer an Avengers team that greatly outshines the original in terms of its power level. Most Avengers teams are a lot more balanced, but there is a precedent for this in the comics. Some Avengers teams have been comprised almost entirely of top-tier heroes. Here’s what Avengers 5’s roster could look like if it moves in this direction.

As things stand, Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff tops the list of Marvel’s most powerful heroes. She proved that in Avengers: Endgame when she demonstrated that she can beat Thanos alone. Though she didn’t necessarily need one, WandaVision gave her a massive upgrade in the finale by having her unlock the full scope of her Chaos Magic powers. Her transformation into the Scarlet Witch puts her right in line with her comic book counterpart. As someone who can warp reality at will, Scarlet Witch is unquestionably one of the most dangerous characters in the comics, and WandaVision made it crystal clear that its take on Wanda is not to be trifled with either. And after she has some time to master her Chaos Magic spells, Wanda should finish her Doctor Strange 2 arc with the gap between her and her fellow Avengers wider than ever before.

Before Scarlet Witch had a TV show on the horizon, it was Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) that Marvel credited as its strongest character. And though she seems to have since lost this title, there aren’t many characters ahead of her in strength. When remembering that Captain Marvel fought Thanos, she forced the Mad Titan to use the Power Stone against her in Endgame, and that makes it easy to see what she would bring to the table if put on the team in Avengers 5. With her Binary abilities, Carol can single-handedly beat most super-powered opponents and would be perfect to have around for another Thanos-level threat.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) didn’t fare as well against Thanos as Captain Marvel or Scarlet Witch, but the former stood up against the Mad Titan better than most. Thor has had his setbacks, but armed with Stormbreaker, the God of Thunder is arguably one of the greatest forces in the MCU. He doesn’t have Mjolnir anymore, but his control of his lightning powers is better than it was in his early days, thanks to Thor: Ragnarok. If Thor survives his encounter with Love and Thunder's villain Gorr the God Butcher, he’ll have more than earned his spot on Avengers 5’s lineup.

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Doctor Strange may not share the raw power of Scarlet Witch, but his mastery of magic is unsurpassed by any living character in the MCU. The spells he’s been able to unleash on his enemies show how much of an asset he’d be to a new incarnation of the Avengers. Plus, Doctor Strange is sure to be a good bit better at magic than he was in his last four movies. It’s true that he was dead for five years, but he’s still had at least some time to improve his magical aptitude. This does appear to be the course Marvel is taking with the character, considering recent comments made by Doctor Strange 2 writer Michael Waldron about him being “at the height of his powers” in the movie. That may also be partially attributed to the mysterious return of the Eye of Agamotto.

Complete with all their cosmic abilities, at least a handful of the Eternals are above more than half of the MCU’s heroes, but one, in particular, is in the same league as the best the MCU has to offer. If Eternals stays true to the source material with Don Lee’s Gilgamesh, his strength should be on par with Thor and above characters like She-Hulk and Smart Hulk. Also, like all Eternals, Gilgamesh has more than just one talent. Gilgamesh can channel cosmic energy for a variety of uses, including cosmic rays that he can shoot from his eyes and hands. Thus far, Richard Madden's Ikaris has put on the most impressive display of the Eternals’ Superman-esque powers in the trailers, but his strength pales in comparison to Gilgamesh in the comic books. The movie may abandon some of his powers, like flight, telepathy, and manipulation of matter, but the trailers indicate it’s keeping his colossal strength and cosmic energy.

The people of Wakanda will be dealing with a challenge much more troublesome than Killmonger when Namor the Sub-Mariner joins the fray in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. In the comics, the Avenging Son can engage in long and brutal showdowns with the toughest characters around, including the Hulk, Hercules, and The Thing. And even against them, Namor usually has the edge when he’s submerged in water, which enhances his strength to a great extent. Reportedly played by Tenoch Huerta, Namor is powerful compared to Black Panther 2's other heroes, as none have the physicality to match up with the Savage Sub-Mariner. His powers, combined with his viciousness in combat, will be problems for the good guys in Black Panther 2, but they could be a boon to the heroes in Avengers 5 – if Namor reforms. The comic character has the potential for good, so his next big-screen arc could put him on a more heroic path.

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