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The Office: 10 Reasons Why Creed Should Have Been Boss

Every single character in The Office is unique, quirky, and oftentimes totally bizarre. But no one fits the bill for a typical Dunder Mifflin Sabre employee than the inscrutable and mysterious Creed Bratton (if that is his real name).

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Whenever Creed is on screen, it's a mystery how he has even managed to keep his job for a day let alone be continually employed by Dunder Mifflin for years. However, considering the typical skill level of the paper company's workers, maybe it's not much of a shock. But should Creed have actually been the branch manager rather than another worker bee?

10 He's Shockingly Knowledgeable

The factual accuracy of all of the random tidbits that Creed seems to bust out at the oddest of times is a bit questionable. But honestly, even if only ten percent of his weird info is true, he still knows a lot more than most Dunder Mifflin employees.

Managing the office isn't a particularly difficult job, but having a jack of all trades at the helm could really help them solve any problems that the company encounters.

9 He Could Help Dunder Mifflin Go International

Dunder Mifflin seems to be a corporation that is just putting off its inevitable failure, as paper is sort of a dying industry. And, while they aren't making it in the good old US of A, someone like Creed could maybe expand their customer base to another country.

Because, at least according to Creed, he can speak Cantonese and has friends in China. And if they're anything like Creed, they probably have some baffling business connections too.

8 He Knows How To Fight To Get Ahead

When Creed was just another member of the team, his competitive nature was more of a negative than a positive trait. However, if he became the leader of Dunder Mifflin, then his willingness to do anything to defeat others would really come in handy.

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Dunder Mifflin seems to be constantly downsizing, and Scranton had to fight to stay open more than once. If Creed needed to throw another branch under the bus to save his own, he'd undoubtedly do it.

7 He's Very Resourceful

Creed apparently knows how to procure all manner of drugs, escape prosecution for many crimes, steal identities, and live out of the office without anyone knowing. And while these particular skills don't seem like they'd be valuable for a manager, the very fact that Creed can do almost anything would undoubtedly help.

Creed has managed to survive for this long just being Creed Bratton (or whoever he was before he became Creed Bratton), so imagine what could have been accomplished if he used his powers for good.

6 He Knows How To Get Out Of Trouble

Corporate business can be a pretty cutthroat world where one mistake or making one wrong enemy can destroy a career. And while Creed's knack for always being on the winning end of things is a little terrifying, it would also make him a successful manager.

Now, succeeding doesn't necessarily mean that he'd be good at it, but no rival would ever be able to get Creed fired before he managed to get them canned (or arrested, or possibly illegally deported) first.

5 He Apparently Has Leadership Qualities

In one of his more interesting off-hand remarks, Creed said that he had been involved in many cults, and while it's more fun to be a follower, it's more financially beneficial to become a leader.

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This obviously implies that Creed has managed to become the leader of more than one cult. And, if he can convince people to literally devote their entire lives and savings accounts to him, he could probably hack it as a middle manager for a paper company too.

4 He Can Handle Everyone's Quirks

The Dunder Mifflin Scranton office seems to be a veritable magnet for weirdos, but Creed might just be the weirdest of them all. Creed seems to know almost nothing about his coworkers though, and in his own mind he doesn't appear to even be on a first-name basis with them.

So taking that into consideration, he doesn't seem like he'd be at all fazed by the oddities of everyone that he supervises, if anything it'd be the opposite.

3 The Employees Would Be Too Scared To Be Insolent

While most of the workers at the titular office are strange, Creed sort of crosses the line from strange to downright terrifying. Michael Scott had his moments where he was actually a pretty great boss, however, most of the other employees derided him and had no respect for him.

Although Creed likely wouldn't gain any genuine respect, it seems pretty likely that anyone who worked below him would simply be too scared to go against him or make fun of him like they did with Michael.

2 He Knows How To Find Shortcuts

Creed's ability to find the path of least resistance and the easiest way to get everything done hasn't benefited Dunder Mifflin in the past. But strangely, the fact that he doesn't do his job and barely knows what his job is but still manages to skate by could help him in management.

Every company is always looking for new ways to simplify things and waste less time and money, and it seems like Creed would be a master at that.

1 He'd Have Innovative Ideas

For better and worse, Creed Bratton's mind is unlike anyone else's. Dunder Mifflin Sabre is a dinosaur of a company that is struggling to stay in business, but Creed might be able to help with that.

While many of his ideas might sound like the rantings of a madman, there has to be a diamond in the rough somewhere in his noggin. Perhaps he could come up with the next big idea to save the company.

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