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The Rookie: 8 Plot Twists Everyone Saw Coming | ScreenRant

No matter how many surprises The Rookie dolls out, there will always be storylines that are relatively predictable. As long as the police procedural can still be shocking when necessary, viewers being able to foresee certain aspects of the plot is a sign of good writing.

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Balance is the key to success, and The Rookie is full of twists and turns no one saw coming. However, if a story has been properly fleshed out, the audience should have some idea of its direction. There are a handful of instances throughout the series in which the characters' had epiphanies that weren't all that shocking.

8 When La Fiera Retaliated Against Angela

Angela being abducted from her wedding at the end of The Rookie season 3 was a surprise. But while viewers didn't know what was going to happen exactly, a blowout between Angela and La Fiera was inevitable.

There were several ongoing plotlines throughout the third season, but Angela's case against her was one of the most consistent. Given that Angela is about to have a child and La Fiera just watched hers get killed, it's not surprising that she became the drug lord's target.

7 When Lucy's Love Confession Is Revealed To Be Fake

Despite how desperately viewers want Tim and Lucy together in The Rookie, Tim is the only one who fell for her trick. Although the trailer attempted to mislead the audience by featuring Lucy's declaration of feelings, it was obvious that the scene was out of context.

There's no denying that they toe the line, but the rookie/T.O. duo has maintained a strictly professional relationship ever since the pilot. Even if Lucy had developed feelings for Tim, she would never bring it up while he was still her training officer.

6 When Stanton Doesn't Get Fired

No matter Jackson's efforts, it was unlikely that his training officer would face appropriate consequences for his actions. Stanton was caught on camera letting his rookie take a beating, but the footage wasn't enough to get him fired.

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The series used Stanton to showcase the injustice within the system, which is why justice wasn't served. It was frustrating to learn he was still a cop when he should be behind bars, but it was meant to be indicative of real life.

5 When Tim Finds Lucy

All of the characters were distraught when Lucy was abducted, but Tim was the most affected by her disappearance. He blamed himself for not suspecting Caleb earlier, and viewers saw an entirely new side of the training officer come out.

Tim usually stays cool and collected, but in season 2, episode 11, "Day of Death," he went a bit rouge.  There was no line he wouldn't cross to save Lucy, and he was downright terrifying at points. Because the episode focused heavily on Tim's guilt, there was no question he would find her.

4 When Harper Gets Her Daughter Back

There were several mysteries surrounding Harper when she left undercover work to go back to patrol. Yet, as soon as the show revealed that she had a daughter, it was easy to put the pieces together. She was willing to do whatever it took to be a part of Lila's life, and it was the backbone of Harper's character arc in The Rookie.

She spent an entire season fighting for shared custody, and it was obvious that she was going to get it. No matter how many obstacles Harper faced on and off the job, she continuously came through for Lila and proved she was her first priority.

3 Every Time Nolan Saves The Day

There's no situation that's too difficult for John Nolan to handle, as he's been more successful during his rookie year than most officers are in their lifetime. Nolan always has a new skill that viewers were unaware of and is directly applicable to the issue at hand.

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He was even able to use the sun's reflection to communicate with morse code while trapped in a bomber's van outside the precinct. Regardless of how much danger he seems to be in, it's never a question of if Nolan will get out of it, but how.

2 When Tim Rejects His Promotion

After passing the sergeants exam, Tim was offered a promotion in The Rookie season 2. Because Tim has been a training officer for seasons, repeating the cycle with a new recruit wouldn't be the best way to keep viewers entertained.

He was always hoping to advance his career, so it was only a matter of time before the opportunity presented itself. While Lucy was supportive, her obvious disappointment indicated that Tim wasn't going to take the job. Lucy didn't want to lose her training officer, and Tim had no intention of abandoning her during her rookie year.

1 Harper And Lucy's Abduction Was A Test

Lucy's UC career is one of the most unrealistic storylines the show has ever done. It's improbable that any department would allow an officer, who had just finished their probationary period, to go on a solo operation aimed at exposing a drug lord. Harper was given a day to prepare Lucy for the undercover op, and she clearly had some tricks up her sleeve.

The moment Harper convinced her that the training was over, it was evident she was trying to lower Lucy's guard. Given that Lucy is one of the most intelligent characters in The Rookie, it's questionable why she couldn't figure out the abduction was a set-up. Despite everything she went through with Caleb, Lucy has always remained level-headed, and her passing Harper's test is further proof.

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