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Too Hot To Handle: About Francesca's Plastic Surgery

Francesca Farago from Too Hot to Handle has been looking after herself since her days in the reality TV spotlight, and it's time to discuss all of the cosmetic surgery rumors. The social media influencer and model recently opened up to her followers about how she's enhanced her looks. However, she denied getting invasive plastic surgery.

Francesca made her television debut on Netflix in 2019 on Too Hot to Handle. The reality series focuses on sexy singles with commitment issues who aren't allowed to get casually intimate with one another. They're supposed to build meaningful connections while competing for prize money. Francesca became notorious for breaking the Too Hot To Handle rules with Harry Jowsey. The pair would repeatedly make out even though their housemates asked them to keep their hands off each other. On the show, Francesca's jaw-dropping beauty did not go unnoticed.

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Since the show aired, Francesca has continued to play up her bombshell looks with beauty treatments. When one is in the spotlight the way she is (Francesca is a powerful social media influencer), altering one's appearance is almost inevitable. Fans have been questioning her looks, wondering if her considerable beauty is all-natural. Some feel certain that she's opted for plastic surgery. Recently, Francesca came forward and denied the endless cosmetic surgery rumors. However, she did confess to getting work done which didn't require going under the knife. See her Francesca Farago YouTube video below:

In the video, bikini model Francesca from Too Hot to Handle denied rumors and told the truth. She explained that she would overly edit her photos before ultimately deciding to get cosmetic enhancements. She then stated, “I used to have a bum chin and I would get teased for it all the time and so one day I was getting my lips done for the first time and the lady was like, ‘do you want to put some in your chin too?’ I didn’t even know that was an option!"  She followed that statement by encouraging people to seek cosmetic enhancements in order to feel more secure about their looks.

She's been getting filler injected into her chin for the past five years. Francesca has also gotten Botox injections in other areas of her face to smooth out wrinkles. Francesca's many Instagram followers think she's had work done around her eyes to change her appearance. Francesca didn't completely deny that she did have work done around her eyes, but she said the work didn't require an operation. "I’ve not done anything to my eyes, I’ve tried the under-eye filler thing that people do I think about three times. The first time I did it was on my 23rd birthday as a present to myself," she said.

Today, Francesca continues to connect with her 5.8 million Instagram followers. She's keeping them up to date about her life, looks, and style. However, Instagram isn't the only place fans can find her. Too Hot to Handle devotees should expect more content from her via her new YouTube channel.

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Source: Francesca Farago/YouTube

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