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Top 10 Cockiest Big Brother Contestants And Why They Lost

Big Brother is a show that attracts a variety of big personalities and ambitious players. While some manage to keep their cool in hopes of winning the prize money, others struggle to cope with the emotions of being locked in a house for up to three months with total strangers.

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Even social masterminds and competition beasts can crack under the pressure and lose their shot to win it all, ultimately separating the good from the great. When these hotheads lost their cool, it was clear to see their time in Big Brother was already ticking down.

10 Paulie Calafiore

Entering the house with an already established Big Brother pedigree, it seemed that Paulie believed he could coast off of his brother Cody Calafiore’s success in season 16. Season 18 would not be as generous to the Calafiore clan, as it did not take long for Paulie to become one of Big Brother's most disliked contestants.

After watching the way he specifically singled out female houseguests Natalie and Michelle with rude comments and insults, many fans turned their back on Paulie and showed no remorse for his eviction. If he took a page out of his brother’s playbook and learned when to keep his mouth shut, Paulie certainly could have lasted longer while eventual winner Paul Abrahamian targeted other houseguests.

9 Christine Brecht

Season 16 of Big Brother was filled with a handful of memorable moments and brilliant players, Christine however, was not one of them. While she was far from a bad player, she was certainly quite bad at choosing her company and containing her mean-spirited comments.

Christine forged a close bond with Frankie Grande where much of her time was spent insulting houseguests Brittany and Amber behind their backs. To make things worse, Christine’s flirtatious behavior with Cody Calafiore was very odd, considering she had a husband on the outside. Because of this, it’s no surprise she received an immense amount of boos following her eviction from the house.

8 Alex Ow

After watching the houseguest entrance interviews, many fans were excited to see the bubbly and enthusiastic personality of Alex shine through in season 19. They’d be let down in a big way though, as Alex repeatedly made disgusting comments towards Kevin, threw tantrums over mundane things like cereal and spilled drinks, and touted being petty as a positive attribute.

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Worst of all, Alex was in a position to win near the end of the game. Jason and Kevin looked to her to make the big decisions and break up Paul’s schemes, a task that they were very capable of doing. She could not overcome her superiority complex however and was content with taking out the weakest players until it was her turn on the chopping block.

7 Jozea Flores

It takes a special type of arrogance to repeatedly declare yourself the “Messiah” on national television. Season 18 gave fans the gem that was Jozea, who also unforgettably compared himself to Barack Obama and gave his plan for world peace while wearing a dog costume.

In reality, his plan to target the veterans and get Nicole in particular out first was actually the right idea. Where Jozea really slipped up was telling everyone his master plan, while jumping to the conclusion that all of the other houseguests would follow along no questions asked. If Jozea had better leadership qualities, it’s very likely Nicole would have been evicted long before she could go on to win it all later that season.

6 Lawon Exum

Whether he should be considered arrogant or just extremely confused is a matter up for debate, but few contestants have left the audience scratching their heads quite like Lawon in season 13. Lawon, of course, is infamous for being the only player to ask to be nominated and evicted in Big Brother history.

This wasn’t a decision spurred by difficulties living in the house, it was purely a tactical move. At least that’s what was going through Lawon’s head, as he was under the impression he had some secret power to return to the house following his eviction. That was not the case, leaving even Julie Chen herself at a loss for words during his exit interview.

5 Kaysar Ridha

Kaysar is a Big Brother legend in his own right, appearing in seasons 6, 7, and 22. Given that, it’s even more surprising that he has never once even made it to the jury phase of the game, in large part due to his hot-headed behavior.

After being evicted and brought back by fan vote in season 6, Kaysar made a deal during his first endurance competition back and was ultimately betrayed. Kaysar was always attempting to orchestrate grand moves without the ability to execute them, and this arrogance made it easier for better players to evict him early.

4 Frankie Grande

Frankie is one of those Big Brother contestants who is nearly impossible not to have strong opinions about. Brother of pop star Ariana Grande, he never missed an opportunity to remind the audience of that fact during his diary room sessions. While some fans believe Frankie is one of the few Big Brother contestants who doesn't deserve the hate, nobody in season 16 seemed to revel in manufactured drama as much as he did.

Nasty behavior aside, he was actually pretty good at the game and had a decent chance to win it all. By way of being a member of Team America and also included in a multitude of alliances, Frankie could have relied on his strong competition skills to pull him through if he had dialed back his attitude earlier in the game.

3 Devin Shepherd

Coming in as the third contestant from season 16 alone, Devin was known for his rash behavior and boneheaded decision-making. After dominating the week 2 competitions and winning Head of Household and the Power of Veto, Devin nominated his own alliance member Zach for eviction.

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This was made worse by the fact he had already exposed his own alliance to the other side of the house and then invited two more members into the fold. Taking his erratic behavior into consideration, the houseguests needed little more reason to distrust Devin and unanimously voted to evict him. 

2 Jack Matthews

Very few players in Big Brother history have managed to push the boundaries of what is tolerable to say and do to fellow houseguests more than season 21’s Jack Matthews. On paper, Jack had all the skills and attributes of a good Big Brother player, but it didn’t take long for him to reveal his true colors to the audience.

Fortunately, the show made no effort to hide his controversial comments and addressed these issues head-on. Jack’s irritating personality quickly annoyed the other houseguests before his eviction, culminating with Julie Chen playing back the footage and forcing Jack to watch himself during his exit interview.

1 Jase Wirey

Jase is the quintessential cocky player that starts out too strong just to end up putting a target on his own back. In a lot of ways, he became the poster boy for what not to do in Big Brother, despite being a solid player in both competitions and the social aspect of the game.

After one Head of Household and two Power of Veto wins in the first four weeks of season 5, Jase became the first-ever player to fall victim to the backdoor strategy. He would return in season 7, where his loud-mouthed bully tactics would once again fail early against the experienced Big Brother veterans.

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