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Walking Dead: The Commonwealth's Lance Hornsby & Pamela Milton Explained

Here's your Commonwealth orientation package for Pamela Milton and Lance Hornsby in The Walking Dead. The Commonwealth has been part of The Walking Dead's post-apocalyptic landscape since the end of season 9, but only in season 11's "Out of the Ashes" do viewers finally get their first glimpse of the new settlement. We've had radio contact between Eugene and Stephanie, a tense train yard detention, and a lengthy period of "processing" at a separate facility. Finally, the Commonwealth ran out of hoops for Eugene and his friends to jump through, and opened its gates to their world of iced cakes, amateur AV projects, and red tape.

Standing out from the Commonwealth's crowd of pen-pushing nobodies and faceless Stormtroopers, Mercer has been the man in charge thus far, but the buck doesn't stop with his beautiful eyelashes. First off, "Out of the Ashes" introduces Lance Hornsby. In addition to his presenting gig, Lance obviously holds considerable sway in the community. Pamela Milton hasn't yet debuted on-screen in The Walking Dead season 11, but she's mentioned repeatedly throughout this week's episode. What do we know about this influential duo after our first day as citizens of the Commonwealth?

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In the Walking Dead comic series, Lance Hornsby occupies the Commonwealth's Deputy Governor position, as well as taking charge of their considerable administration department. Unlike the TV show, it's actually Lance who interviews Eugene's group at the train yard. Played by Josh Hamilton in AMC's The Walking Dead, live-action Lance occupies a similarly lofty role, re-branded as "Director of Operations." Rather than a mere colossal jobsworth, this Lance is a political fixer for Pamela Milton, running the day-to-day in her stead. Lance is seemingly masterminding the "Stephanie" ruse, and spreads Pamela's message like a political running mate. Comic book Lance was a stiff, uptight stickler for the rules and not especially personable, but his personality on the Walking Dead TV series is more akin to a faux-charismatic salesman - just as nasty underneath, but better at hiding it.

"Out of the Ashes" confirms the Milton family founded the Commonwealth soon after zombies started spawning, with President Pam herself currently perched top of the tree. Yumiko's starstruck reaction to the name suggests Pamela was famous pre-apocalypse - most likely a politician, the same as her comic counterpart. Though The Walking Dead season 11 sticks closer to Pamela's original character than it does Lance's, the show accentuates her family name and notoriety much more heavily. Pamela could become another post-apocalyptic celebrity following the unmasking of Beta in The Walking Dead season 10. Though neither Walking Dead medium reveals Lance's occupation pre-outbreak, we know the Commonwealth assigns roles based on "the before times." We can, therefore, assume Lance was some kind of political figurehead back in the day. Right-wing news show host, perhaps?

Though not exactly Negan and Alpha, Pamela Milton and Lance Hornsby aren't to be trusted in The Walking Dead - not straight away, at least. "Out of the Ashes" demonstrates Pamela taking full advantage of her prestigious position - a hotel named in her family's honor, an assistant picking up free ice cream, and political propaganda papered across the Commonwealth's many buildings. Lance, meanwhile, is something of a snake. All smiles and corny lines while promoting the Commonwealth's benefits, Lance presents himself as a savior to Eugene and the other rebellious newcomers by sparing them exile, but we can safely assume the impostor Stephanie (and allowing Eugene to radio home) was his scheme all along, designed to confirm Alexandria's existence and status.

Pamela Milton and Lance Hornsby aren't your usual The Walking Dead antagonists. They're not trying to loot Alexandria, nor turn Eugene into tomorrow's mystery stew ingredient. The Commonwealth's leadership duo are simply trying to protect what they've built - and if that means safeguarding their own plush offices and revered status in the process, you won't hear Pamela and Lance complaining.

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