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Which Animal Would The Characters Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Have As Their Harry Potter Patronus?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine saw the adventures of the 99th precinct of NYPD, both in crime and their personal lives. Each character had their individual strengths and interests, and one lovable instance is that how Jake Peralta admits how he has gotten really into the Harry Potter books, much to his girlfriend-later-wife, Amy's, delight. So it would probably be likely that the two would discuss what Patronus each of their colleagues would have.

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In Harry Potter, a Patronus is a charm that physically takes the form of an animal that most reflects the personality of the caster. With the 99th precinct full of eccentric and entertaining personalities, there is bound to be an array of unique Patronuses. But which ones would Jake and Amy (or the fans) say would describe their co-workers the best?

10 Jake Peralta: Dolphin

Detective Jake Peralta is the leading protagonist of the show. At the start of the first season, he is a brilliant detective but also very immature and brash. Thanks to the support of his peers, he soon grows as both a detective and a person. However, even though he becomes more mature, Jake still retains his fun side and finds joy in things, such as the Jimmy Jab games and his all-time favorite movie Die Hard.

For his Patronus, a dolphin would be best suited for him; much like Jake, they are fun and free-spirited animals but are also extremely intelligent. Dolphins are very protective of their own, as well as others in peril, which was also seen in Jake, who is very protective of not only his loved ones but also those he believes to be innocent. Although a dolphin suits Jake perfectly, he may not be too happy to have such a cute animal for a Patronus.

9 Amy Santiago: Otter

Amy Santiago is an equally smart detective but also much more mature than Jake (who later becomes her husband). She is a hard worker, and as a result of wanting to become Captain and growing up with seven brothers, she has a rather competitive streak that can border on aggressive.

For Amy, many fans might agree that her Patronus would be similar to Harry Potter's Hermione Granger, who has an otter for her Patronus. As fans of both franchises can attest, Amy and Hermione have a number of things in common - they are both teacher's pets early on, they are very organized, and most importantly, they are both extremely clever and driven. So it only seems fitting that Amy would have the same Patronus as Hermione, which is considered one of the more powerful Patronuses in Harry Potter.

8 Charles Boyle: Mongrel Dog

Never far from Jake's side on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is his best friend, Charles Boyle. An eccentric foodie with sometimes questionable tastes, Charles is a hard-working detective who doesn't like conflict and is extremely loyal to those in his precinct and his loved ones, (especially Jake).

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Because of his devoted loyalty and passion (as well as a great love of food), it seems only fitting that Charles' Patronus would be some kind of dog. It is likely that the Patronus would be a mongrel dog, seeing as Charles adopts a number of rescue dogs over the seasons.

7 Rosa Diaz: Tiger

Tough and independent, Rosa is not someone to be messed with. A friend of Jake's in the police academy, Rosa may prefer her own company but she takes her friendships very seriously and is shown to have a softer side towards those she deeply cares for.

Because of her strength, both physically and personality-wise, there's no question that Rosa's Patronus would be a fierce and powerful creature. Tigers are solitary by nature but tigresses are very protective of their young, which is essentially a loved one. This reflects Rosa perfectly - she might prefer to be alone but she is more than willing to fight for those she cares about.

6 Terry Jeffords: Bear

Sergeant (later Captain) Terry Jeffords is the precinct's muscle but that doesn't mean he isn't clever. Terry is a loving family man and also the squad's natural parental figure, looking out for his squad as though they were his own kids, as well as his own three daughters.

Due to his immense strength and muscular physique, Terry would need a strong and imposing animal for his Patronus to match. A bear is perfect for Terry because it not only reflects his strength and size but also Terry's strong paternal instincts, and his loving and gentle side.

5 Raymond Holt: Eagle

No-nonsense Raymond Holt becomes the precinct's new Captain in the very first episode. Initially a challenge to the more immature Jake, the two soon begin to respect one another as well as learn from each other too.

For his Patronus, Holt would most likely have an animal such as the eagle. Eagles are strong, clever, and efficient - reflecting both Holt's personality, work ethic, and the difficult journey he made to rise through the ranks to become Captain (and later Deputy Commissioner). Furthermore, he would want an animal that was simple, low-maintenance, and modest, with eagles seen to be very befitting of those traits.

4 Gina Linetti: Phoenix

A character who left Brooklyn Nine-Nine too soon, Gina is the civilian administrator of the precinct. Sarcastic and shallow, Gina has proven herself to be a strong ally to the precinct and, in particular, Holt due to her observation, streetwise know-how, and straightforward honesty.

Unlike Holt, amateur dancer Gina loves sparkle, showmanship, and "pizzazz" so her Patronus would naturally live up to this. Although phoenixes are an uncommon Patronus, it has the right amount of wow-factor, strength, and showiness that would suit her personality. Furthermore, Gina survived a rather nasty bus accident and started a new yet very successful career later in life - both of which can symbolize a rebirth of a phoenix.

3 Michael Hitchcock: Goat

Hitchcock and Scully are the two lazy detectives of the precincts, both of whom are happier sleeping at their desks than actually doing any police work. They both, however, have proven themselves to be excellent detectives, particularly if there's food involved.

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Goats are notorious for eating anything in front of them and considering the amount of junk food Hitchcock eats, along with obliviously swallowing his goldfish, a goat would be very fitting for Hitchcock's Patronus. Also, goats are rather hardy creatures and Hitchcock seems to casually survive every serious yet mysterious injury he somehow gets.

2 Norm Scully: Orca

Hitchcock and Scully are brilliant characters because they work well together, but also as individuals. Whilst Hitchcock is more openly confident, Scully is the gentler of the two and more susceptible to fear than his carefree yet creepy partner.

One thing for sure is that due to being easily confused, Scully would need his Patronus to be easy to keep track of. As a result, it would need to be a large animal. An orca would be a suitable Patronus for Scully not just because of its size but because of its normally gentle nature, large appetite, intelligence when hunting for food, and whale song, the latter reflecting Scully's extraordinary opera singing.

1 Kevin Cozner: Owl

Classics teacher Kevin is just as equally straight-laced as his loving husband, Holt, one of the reasons why they are couples goals in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Initially, Kevin didn't like cops due to Holt's past experiences with his colleagues. But over time, the squad proved themselves in many instances and Kevin soon grew fond of them.

Like Holt, Kevin's Patronus would be a quick and efficient animal that would cause little fuss. Owls are not only swift creatures but they are often associated with wisdom and knowledge. So due to his academic background in classics, an owl would be a very fitting Patronus for Kevin.

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