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Why Marvel's Wolverine Game Is A PS5 Exclusive | Screen Rant

The most recent PlayStation Showcase contained a number of goodies for Sony fans who have been waiting to see what's down the pipeline for the next few years. Some of the games, like Marvel's Spider-Man 2, have been anticipated for months, if not years. However, there was one completely unexpected title announced during the broadcast: Marvel's Wolverine.

Not much was shown in the short, roughly 45-second Wolverine teaser trailer, but it's still enough to get fans hyped, especially since it wasn't an announcement anyone saw coming. Essentially, the trailer focuses on a lonely man at a bar, who is, of course, Logan/Wolverine himself. As someone approaches him from behind with a knife, the camera zooms in on Logan's hands, which immediately spurt out his iconic claws.

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And, so far, that's about all the known information for the game, other than its status as a PS5 exclusive. Although it may be disappointing for Xbox, Switch, and PC players - as well as PS4 owners who haven't been able to purchase a PS5 yet because of supply constraints - it makes sense that Marvel's Wolverine game is a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

As a game from Insomniac, the developers behind Marvel's Spider-ManMarvel's Wolverine was going to be a PlayStation exclusive no matter what. Although Insomniac wasn't officially owned by Sony until 2019, the studio had previously worked exclusively with the Japanese company on numerous titles, including the Ratchet and Clank series. Now that Sony officially own Insomniac, it should come as no surprise that Wolverine would only be available on a PlayStation console.

What may have felt a little strange, however, was the announcement that Marvel's Wolverine is coming to only PS5, and not PlayStation 4 as well. For the most part, Sony's been in favor of having two releases for its first-party games - one on each console, with upgrade paths to PS5 available for most recent PS4 releases. So, Wolverine's absence from the PS4 may have disappointed some fans.

This strategy seems to be fading into the background as the company prepares to fully devote energy to the latest console generation, as Spider-Man 2, which is currently slated for 2023, is also only hitting PS5. Although there was no release date given for Marvel's Wolverine, it can easily be assumed that it'll launch after Spider-Man 2 since that seems much farther along in the development cycle. By the time Marvel's Wolverine is ready for consumers, it'll be years into the PS5's lifecycle from a first-party developer, hence the PS5 exclusivity.

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