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Witcher 3: How To Complete Redania's Most Wanted (Philippa Eilhart Quest)

With the sheer number of quests available in Witcher 3, Redania's Most Wanted is unforgettable, yet easy to get lost in. With so many twists and turns based on decision-making, more choices get made during the search for Philippa Eilhart that will have long-lasting effects. Players have to make sure that going underground to find her isn't as painful as when they escape.

Philippa Eilhart in the Witcher 3 is a blind sorceress that has acted as an advisor to kings, and has a bone to pick with King Radovic. Of course, Philippa wasn't always blind, but some brutal interrogations for past transgressions caused her current condition. Philippa is a master polymorph with the ability to change into an owl to escape many confrontations. Being one of the few mages to master the polymorph ability has made her one of the more powerful magic users in the Witcher 3.

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Getting Redania's Most Wanted in Witcher 3 is no simple quest, as players have to go through a few hurdles to acquire the task in the first place. King Radovid gives the quest after the Get Junior main quest gets completed. After Get Junior, King Radovid provides the next quest, called A Favor For Radovid, which is where the King asks Geralt to find Philippa. If King Radovid hasn't given the questline yet, the location of where Redania's Most Wanted is barren, and players have to backtrack through the questline to activate it.

After speaking with King Radovic in Witcher 3, witch hunters have gathered northeast of Oxenfurt at what looks to be a small ruined courtyard leading to Philippa's hideout at Est Tayiar. Once there, players will find a few witch hunters, and two dead bodies, one of them burnt to a crisp. The hunters fear entering her hideout, which is underground, use Geralt's Witcher Senses to find the door. A quick blade attack will allow access to the lair.

Continuing on the path, a door with magic obstructs the way. A tile on the wall to the right removes the magic after interacting with it. Go through the portal and get ready for some quick battles. A power cell awaits down the stairs, which activates by using Aard, and opens a new portal. Pick up the crystal from the witch hunter on the other side, open the chest, and place the crystal in the holder. Activate it to go through the portal where another battle ensues.

Once finished, head for the tunnel on the lower level for more Witcher 3 enemies. Climb up to the section where another portal has to get created. The created portal takes Geralt to a battle with an Ifrit. To defeat it just hit once or twice and quickly roll out of the way of the counter-attacks. Move past the Ifrit is a metal door that acts as the entrance to Philippa's home. After a bit of detective work using Geralt's Witcher sense, a megascope crystal gets discovered, Triss will talk more about it. After Triss channels the crystal, they find that Philippa is attempting to grow her eyes again. At this point, Geralt heads back to Radovid to give him the news of what he's found, completing the quest.

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The Witcher 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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