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Zodiac Signs Of Teen Wolf Characters According To Their Canon Birthdays

While there are plenty of television shows that give birth dates to their characters, others keep them vague. During the run of Teen Wolf, fans struggled to figure out the exact timeline and ages of the characters. It didn't help that exact birth dates were not given for characters during the show.

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Those dates, however, were revealed for fans in other sources. One was a social media game for the audience called "The Hunt." In it, social media profiles for characters revealed what were supposed to be their canonical birth dates. A piece of merchandise released in 2014, however, gave fans a new set of dates when MTV signed off on the publishing of an official Teen Wolf calendar. The result is that quite a few characters have two "official" birthdays for fans to debate over. Which of their zodiac signs fit them best?

The official Teen Wolf social media accounts wished Stiles a happy birthday on April 8, and "The Hunt" also used that date as his birthday, which would make him an Aries. The Teen Wolf calendar, however, gave Stiles a June 6 birthday, which would make him a Gemini.

Stiles is one of the only characters to get an official birthday greeting on social media, which makes the Aries already seem more likely, and only cements his Teen Wolf main character status. Aries are often characterized by their impulsivity and passion, which Stiles certainly has as he rushes into supernatural situations without backup. Gemini, however, would also make sense because Geminis are adaptable, fitting into new social circles easily. Stiles is fearless when it comes to getting close to the popular kids, the lacrosse players, and the werewolves.

Allison's birthday is mentioned in the show, but never given a date. "The Hunt" places Allison's birthday on March 19 (Pisces), while the calendar names Oct. 16 (Libra). Those are two very different signs. Pisces are seen as the dreamers of the zodiac, their heads in the clouds. Libras are the scales, all about balance, but able to charm their way into leadership positions.

Before Allison leaves the show (and fans dream up ways to bring her back to Teen Wolf), she is not a fan of the harsh realities she sees in a family of supernatural hunters, dreaming of a better path. She gets it when she encourages her father to help the supernatural creatures who are being hunted. That seems to be more like the Libra in her, finding a way to use the family skill set in a new way that keeps the balance in the supernatural world.

Isaac isn't in the show long, so his birthday, unlike Allison's, isn't even mentioned in the series. "The Hunt" details it as Sept. 22 (Virgo), while the calendar says Feb. 27 (Pisces). While Virgos are detail oriented planners, Pisces tend to be the opposite, allowing their emotions and creativity to guide them.

Isaac seems more likely to be the latter. It's his emotions and desire to escape his home life that leads him to accept Derek's offer of a werewolf bite. It's his desire to be a part of something bigger that leads him to Scott's pack. He never plans his decisions out but follows his heart, just as the zodiac's dreamer would.

Interestingly, Derek's birthday is glimpsed on his drivers license in the series: Nov. 7 (Scorpio), though that license may or may not be fake in the canon of the show. The Teen Wolf calendar lists his birthday as Dec. 25 (Capricorn).

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Scorpios are known for keeping people at arm's length to preserve their feelings, but also aggressively approaching goals. Capricorns are goal-oriented and hard working as well, and they tend to place importance on tradition and family. These traits apply to Derek. who doesn't easily let people in. It takes a few seasons for Scott to learn about Derek and his family even though Derek repeatedly invites Scott to be in his pack. Derek also works incredibly hard to maintain his power as a werewolf, even if he can't be an Alpha.

When MTV released the Teen Wolf calendar in 2014, Jackson was already gone from the show, so he didn't get a birthday listed. He did, however, have a June 15 (Gemini) birthday courtesy of "The Hunt."

Geminis are negatively stereotyped as two-faced because of their ability to style switch in social situations. They have no problem fitting in with the popular crowd or with the outsiders. That's very true of Jackson once he gets his anger issues under control and starts grappling with his identity. He's charming and personable, as evidenced by his initial interactions with Allison and his longtime friendship with Danny. The sign certainly fits him.

Danny vanishes from the show after the first couple of seasons, but he remained a fan favorite. Not a main character, he still got birthdays courtesy of "The Hunt" (Feb. 29, Pisces) and the calendar (Feb. 9, Aquarius). Though both dates are in February, they correspond to very different signs.

Danny is a man of few words, so fans might think of him as the daydreaming Pisces, but he actually might fit better with the rebellious Aquarius. Those born under Aquarius are known for following their own path. Danny is one of the few Teen Wolf characters who knows about all of the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, but doesn't get in the middle of their business. He also does science projects on ley lines that no one else fully understands. Danny is a bit of a Beacon Hills enigma.

Boyd's birthday is only revealed during "The Hunt," and with him not getting as much screen time as others, it's hard to tell if he fully fits his Capricorn (and Jan.15 birthday) sign.

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Capricorns are known for being hard working and ambitious. While Boyd is one of the few characters the audience sees with an after-school job, the audience doesn't get to see much more of his work ethic outside of that. He also isn't angling for supernatural power, opting to run away from Beacon Hills with Erica instead of chasing it like other werewolves. He might have ended up being a better fit for a different sign if fans got to know him more.

Like Boyd and Jackson, Erica's birthday doesn't appear in the calendar, but in "The Hunt," with a Nov. 14 date making her a Scorpio. That might not fit her pre-werewolf days, but Erica's aggressive approach to going after what she wants is definitely a Scorpio trait. That aggressive approach is what gets her to run away from Beacon Hills, right into the Alpha pack, giving the audience one of Teen Wolf's saddest deaths.

In the context of the show, however, Erica might not be a Scorpio at all. Her birthday is discussed on screen as being a month before Lydia's, which would actually make her being a Scorpio impossible.

"The Hunt" makes Lydia a Leo (born Aug. 12), while the calendar makes her a Scorpio (born Nov. 22). In the show, however, her birthday takes place on a full moon in March in 2011, which would make her a Pisces (born March 19).

While Lydia does like to be the center of attention like a Leo, Pisces is a surprisingly good fit for her. Pisces are in their own head a lot. In Lydia's case, that's not because she's daydreaming, but because she's studying the world around her and committing everything to memory. She's also a creative problem solver, another Pisces trait.

The calendar says Scott's birthday is September 16 (Virgo), but "The Hunt" claims it is Oct. 6 (Libra). Scott doesn't have the planning instincts of a Virgo as Stiles does all of his planning for him, but he does have the nurturing instincts as the one who takes care of all of his friends. Libra, however, fits him better.

Libras, like Geminis, are natural charmers. People are drawn to them, which is part of why Scott assembles such a large pack of people that aren't just werewolves. His friends look up to him as much as they're exasperated by him.

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