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10 Best Shows Like Love Island | Screen Rant

Love Island is an undisputed smash hit in the modern era of reality television.  The ITV dating competition, which places single people in a Spanish villa to pair up to find love, is a bona fide cultural phenomenon in the United Kingdom. Its popularity has spawned international versions (including an American Love Island that's arguably better than the U.K. version). However, the show isn't flawless. For viewers looking for emotional connections or even a sense of relatability, Love Island could prove lacking.

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For it's basic format, though, Love Island isn't the only game in town. There are plenty of similar shows that assemble singletons with the promise of commitment, money, fame, or all of the above. In fact, some of these alternatives may even be improvements on Love Island, especially for reality TV loyalists.

Celebrity maitre d' Fred Sirieix's Million Pound Menu is a terrific British reality show deserving of an American version. Another show starring Sirieix, First Dates Hotel invites singletons to a luxury hotel in the south of France for blind dates. Like Love Island, this show removes contestants from their regular urban lives and situates them in the lap of luxury. However, it's a lot more intimate since each episode focuses on one couple. Contestants who have successful dates have better chances of improving their stay at the hotel and thus remaining in the game. The show is arguably more relatable than Love Island considering the contestants are not just millennials aspiring for fame, but people of all ages and from all walks of life.

It goes without saying that The Bachelor shares some similarities with Love Island, or rather the other way around, since the former predates the latter. There are some distinct differences, but the two shows have been designed to be entertaining while spotlighting the elements of romantic preference while allowing audiences to participate by voting on the results.

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The Bachelor has higher stakes because of its prominence in popular culture and also because people who manage to make an impact may just be hired by the franchise in one of the several spinoffs of the series. Not to mention, the show promises a chance at finding real commitment since each season ends with a proposal, while Love Island is less committal in its approach.

Netflix's Too Hot to Handle offers a niche appeal, but it could be considered among the best reality dating shows. It assembles 10 young, single people on an island where they get a chance to win $100,000. The twist is they have to build connections without touching each other. They are hosted by a virtual assistant and are allowed a chance to participate in activities and workshops but cannot engage in physical contact. Each time this rule is broken, the prize money is reduced. It's definitely a quirky look at modern dating since so many other shows promise physical action. For viewers who are put off by Love Island's incessant PDA, this could definitely be a good watch.

Celebs Go Dating is a great show for British reality TV lovers because ex-contenders from Love Island and other reality shows have made it to this series as participants. In 2019 Eyal Brooker and Olvia Attwood made an appearance, Made in Chelsea star Alik Alfus and The Only Way Is Essex sensation Chloe Sims have also been a part of the show.

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British celebrities join an elite dating service where matchmakers pair them with noncelebrity partners. The show's set-up and the vibe are a bit more suave and dynamic than Love Island since it sheds light on the jet-setting lives of VIPs and how they usually navigate their own dating lives.

Unlike Love Island, which takes place on a stunning island, The Circle's contestants have to remain confined within a room and communicate only virtually. As a pandemic watch, the show found a wide viewership since most people likewise were isolating indoors and had no option of mingling. In spite of the contrast in design, The Circle shares some familiarities with Love Island since planning ahead and making allies is crucial on both shows, besides romantic connections. In fact, the difference between the shows highlights the realities of dating that are common across the globe. Viewers who tend to appreciate strategic reality shows will appreciate it because strategizing is a big part of playing The Circle.

For viewers who love The Bachelor's rose ceremonies and also Love Island's tropical locations, Bachelor In Paradise should be a treat. The show begins with an uneven number of women and men (more women than men, usually) and new contestants are added after eliminations.

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Fans have often found the one-bachelor-for-all format to be quite limiting because the instant chemistry can come across as inauthentic if everyone seems smitten with one man. But in BIP, the scopes are wider and contestants can mingle for seven weeks. The show also gives The Bachelor alums a chance to return and is a great filler between The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

FBoy Island has everything Love Island doesn't: a delicious mystery at the centre of its premise (since men reveal gradually if they're either "nice guys" or "fboys"), a Caribbean setting, a comedian host, intricate plot twists and a better sense of direction. While "nice guys" on the show are looking for commitment, the "fboys" are vying for the cash prize. According to The Hollywood Reporter, creator Elan Gale came up with this format to explore if people can change for the right person, which is an interesting idea for a dating series in 2021. Love Island viewers may just find it to be better as an island dating show.

Love Island has a superficial element to it. At the beginning of each season, contestants are expected to make choices based primarily on looks. Some fans have even slammed the show for endorsing toxic behaviour, especially toward women. For viewers who are looking for dating shows that make room for emotional intimacy, The Bachelorette is an ideal watch.

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Despite the onslaught of criticism against the franchise, The Bachelorette has remodeled its design to be more relevant, and with former The Bachelorette stars Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe hosting the show, it's definitely a lot more engaging than it used to be.

The attraction between Love Island's final winners is put to the test when they're offered their prize money during the finale each seaon. One of them is asked to split the £50,000 with their chosen partner. For viewers who enjoy this tug-of-war between love and money, Joe Millionaire would be a terrific watch. The 2003 reality show basically lined up 15 women who were given a chance to woo a millionaire, but it was eventually revealed that the man of their dreams wasn't really a millionaire at all. Love Island viewers may enjoy experiencing a dating show set in the aughts, before the era of social media dominance.

Dating Around is definitely an improvement on Love Island in some respects. The format is relatable since each episode focuses on one single person going through five consecutive blind dates. The show also offers a look into same-sex dating, which could be refreshing for viewers who find Love Island's heteronormative patterns a little tedious. This show has a lot more to say than Love Island since it spotlights people from different walks of life, so viewers can witness what modern dating looks like for people across professions, ages or sexualities.

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