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10 Funniest Goofs & Mistakes That Made It Into Slasher Movies

Everybody makes mistakes, even filmmakers. In fact, seeing how films are a collaborative effort, with many hands working to bring people a final product, it's amazing that more mistakes aren't made. Or perhaps it's that viewers just miss them.

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Since the advent of video and home media, film fans can go over and over films and spot things that filmmakers hoped the viewers wouldn't notice. In some cases, they might have missed them themselves. Good thing the fans and the internet are here to document these failings so they will never happen again.

10 Renee Zellwegger & Her Knee Pads In The Return Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1994)

Less a sequel (there had already been a couple) than a reboot, this was filmed in Texas with many local actors, including a pre-fame Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellwegger. Renee Zellwegger, in particular, was anxious to make a good impression and so she did a lot of her own stunts, like crawling across a car, with obvious knee pads on full display.

9 The Hilariously Obvious Dummy In Final Destination 2 (2003)

So much about movies, and storytelling in general, depends on the audience's suspension of belief. But just one little thing can ruin an effect and take the audience out of the film. Like in Final Destination 2.

The sequel to the massively successful Final Destination doesn't continue with the same characters, most of which died in the original film, but the premise of a premonitory dream that warns people of a coming fatal accident. The problem is, fate will not be thwarted. When people survive, the fates will still claim them, like the poor kid who gets sliced with a sheet of glass. Well, the obvious dummy that does. Many in the audience couldn't help but notice its out-of-proportion arms that stretch down to his knees. There are plenty of behind-the-scenes facts to discover about the Final Destination franchise, but this is one goof that stands out.

8 Crew Member In The Shot In I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

I Spit On Your Grave follows Jennifer Hills, a young writer who holes herself up in a remote cabin to work on her first novel. She is brutally attacked, assaulted, and left for dead, but Jennifer is still alive and seeking revenge. Yes, the movie can be ugly, graphic, and hard to watch.

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7 When The Carpet Suddenly Changes In The Shining (1980)

Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is a classic of the horror genre: moody, suspenseful, and intense. It was also infamous for Kubrick's method of filming, with retake after retake, pushing actors to the limit. Kubrick was a meticulous and exacting filmmaker, known for his attention to detail. Except ...

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... except for one scene with the child, Danny. In the famous scene, Danny is playing with his toy cars in the corridor on a boldly patterned carpet. He plays with his cars, but in the next shot, the carpet is suddenly going in the opposite direction. Oops!

6 Sudden Darkness In Halloween (1978)

John Carpenter's Halloween is a classic horror movie with plenty of scary scenes, and it was the start of the genre that continues to this day in one form or another. It also launched the career of "Scream Queen" Jaime Lee Curtis, as well as many, many sequels.

But in the first film, before the killing begins, Annie and Laurie leave a hardware store to go off to their babysitting jobs. It is obviously broad daylight, but when the girls reach the houses, just a few blocks away, it is nearly pitch dark. This is supposed to be October, not late December, so the quick transition of light really doesn't make sense.

5 The Disappearing Text In Unfriended (2014)

Unfriended is a film that takes place on various screens as friends chat with each other, when suddenly a supposedly dead former friend joins the chat, threatening them. The other friends then start disappearing, one by one. Spooky.

Of course, even movies with dialogue that take place via texting and computer screens need several takes. But one conversation changed between shots. When Blair asks Mitch, "Why aren't you answering me?" he says he got a weird message from Laura, the dead friend. Blair says, "That's not funny," and Mitch comes back with, "I'm serious." Blair then gets a message from Laura, but when she goes back to Mitch, the "That's not funny" and "I'm serious" have vanished from the screen.

4 Monica Potter's Quick Gun Switch In Saw (2004)

Saw was a film no one thought was going to be a huge hit or a franchise, but everyone was wrong. It was not only a huge hit, full of plot twists (some of which the audience saw coming), but it was a money-making machine, generating sequel after sequel and now spinoffs. Of course, there were a couple of problems ...

... such as Monica Potter. While Potter is a talented actress and her performance was generally considered good, the problem was in her gun handling. In one scene, Monica is holding a gun in her left hand, and in the next shot, it switches to her right. Teleportation, the viewer can only assume.

3 The Crew Member In The Closet In Scream (1996)

Scream taught all viewers the rules to horror movies and re-taught people (those that hadn't seen Janet Leigh in Psycho) that a star can die at the beginning of a movie. But, while a scary scream-fest, it does have its imperfections.

2 The Moving Note In Saw 2 (2005)

As mentioned, the original Saw movie was made on a small budget, but it found huge success, which prompted the making of many sequels. But that does not mean they are all perfect.

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In the first sequel, there is a scene where a large knife is sticking out of a character's chest with a folded note impaled on it. In between shots, the knife changes position in the man's chest, the note moves, and the lettering on the note changes. Evidently, between takes, someone pulled it out, wrote a new note, and stabbed him again.

1 The Ghost Guitar In Friday The 13th (1980)

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