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10 Most Fashionable Movie & TV Mean Girls | ScreenRant

Everyone loves a mean girl. The character is one of the oldest tropes in teen movies, the ultimate ice queen: flawless, untouchable, unreachable. She walks above it all, creating drama and mistreating the poor and unassuming protagonist.

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Mean girls are some of the most memorable characters in their movies, mainly because they look fabulous while doing their evil deeds. These characters live for fashion, sporting the latest trends and the most exclusive designers. They stand out over all the other plain-looking characters, cementing their place at the top of the high school food chain.

10 Quinn Fabray - Glee

Quinn Fabray wasn't so much a mean girl as a spoiled and confused teenager, always trying to get her way. In terms of "mean," Santana outdid her. However, Quinn still acted rather cruelly at times, earning her mean girl reputation.

Even so, she was the most fashionable character in the show. Quinn stood out among all the other girls in McKinley with a unique style that mixed "flow-y" dresses, wholesome sweaters, and soft, wavy hair. The show's stylists weren't afraid to inject a heavy dose of glamour into her wardrobe, like the gorgeous dress she wears during her last solo, by far her most iconic moment in Glee.

9 Courtney Shayne - Jawbreaker

Teen comedies have plenty of well-established tropes. 1999's Jawbreaker doesn't do anything exciting with them, but it's still an entertaining story with one of the evilest mean girls in movie history. Rose McGowan's Courtney Shayne is a genuinely nasty piece of work, with a fashion sense killer enough to match her instincts.

Courtney designs her wardrobe to command attention, and she utterly succeeds. Fluorescent colors and generous cleavages define Courtney's hyper-feminine, shamelessly kitschy style, making her the center of attention. However, it's her attitude that sells the whole thing, making her the ultimate teenage dream, even if she is "Satan in heels."

8 Regina George - Mean Girls

The term "mean girl" existed long before Mean Girls. However, the movie cemented the trope and elevated its main mean girl, Regina George, into pop culture's stratosphere. Like Quinn, Regina isn't actually evil and even achieves redemption by the film's end.

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Regina's style perfectly captured the early 2000s fashion sense. It wasn't overly complicated or ambitious, but it still felt fitting and, in its own way, daring. It makes sense that Regina would make her effortless style seem extraordinary; she was the star of the show, not her clothes, and the movie does a beautiful job making that clear.

7 Cheryl Blossom - Riverdale

Despite being a trainwreck plot-wise, Riverdale remains one of the most fashionable tv shows, mainly thanks to the exaggerated fashion sense of its two couture queens, Cheryl Blossom and Veronica Lodge. However, while Veronica has some mean traits, she's mostly a good girl.

On the other hand, Cheryl is a good, old-fashioned mean girl, and her style reflects her fiery personality. Perpetually clad in red, Cheryl mixes the show's 50s camp with current trends, creating a unique take on school pep. Plaid and incredibly short skirts, coats, capes, and stilettos are staples of her closet, redefining the preppy style for the 2010's audience.

6 Kathryn Merteuil - Cruel Intentions

Sarah Michelle Gellar consolidated her place as the teen star of the 90s with her unforgettable take on the mean girl. "Cruel" might be a better word to describe Kathryn Merteul, the cunning, shameless protagonist of 1999's Cruel Intentions.

Kathryn's style is a reflection of the image she puts out to the world. It's sober, formal, and classic. However, she isn't afraid to introduce more daring elements, like the now-iconic corset she wears during her introductory scene or the see-through gray blouse she sports near the film's end. Cruel Intentions is an adaptation of the classic 1782 novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, explaining while Kathryn's style feels timeless.

5 Lucrecia Montesinos - Élite

Élite took several well-developed characters and placed them in an old-fashioned mystery, creating a whodunnit for the millennial generation. Most characters come from wealthy families, giving the show an excuse to use some genuinely breathtaking clothes.

The show's most fashionable character is Lu, the mean girl with a secret heart of gold. Blending couture with her school uniform, Lu becomes the embodiment of "preppy." She isn't afraid to experiment, mixing jewelry and bright colors with the uniform's plain blue. Her best fashion moment came during the season 3 finale, with a pink and gold dress that's already iconic.

4 The Heathers - Heathers

Heather, Heather, and Heather; the original mean girls. The infinitely quotable cult classic Heathers redefined the dark comedy and the teen genre as a whole, creating a chaotic and satiric tale of high school's dark realities. The movie defined 80s fashion thanks to its titular characters and their now-iconic style, including scrunchies and massive shoulder pads.

The Heathers wore blazers, blouses, knee-high socks, and skirts, becoming living embodiments of the trendy schoolgirl idea. Despite having a very defined and distinctive style, these girls made fashion look effortless. Nowadays, the Heathers' fashion sense is more alive than ever, proving that the 80s never went out of style.

3 Emily Charlton - The Devil Wears Prada

Mean girls are usually teenagers but can also exist beyond a high school's walls. Indeed, meanness can endure well into adulthood, and The Devil Wears Prada provides the perfect example. Emily Charlton is a mean girl to a tee: cliquey, snarky, and cutthroat.

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Played with icy perfection by a then-unknown Emily Blunt, Emily is as mean as she is stylish. A glamazon that fits perfectly with Runway's elitist standards, Emily's wardrobe could easily fit into the magazine's cover. She lived for fashion and was never afraid to have fun with it. She mixed and played with textures and silhouettes, creating very edgy, busy, and loud outfits that still fit her persona.

2 Chanel Oberlin - Scream Queens

Scream Queens has some great episodes, but it is mostly a mediocre and wildly uneven show. However, its one saving grace is the leading character, the meanest girl of the 2000s. Played with cruel perfection by Emma Roberts, Chanel Oberlin is evil wrapped in pastels.

Her outfits are so experimental and edgy that she borders on the ridiculous. From enormous, fluffy hats to feathered jackets and skirts, Chanel literally looks like she stepped out of a couture magazine, and that's the point. She is unobtainable, absurd, and unreal, the mean girl trope taken to the extreme. Chanel is one of Scream Queen's few successes, a character as ludicrous and timeless as the outfits she wears.

1 Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

Without a doubt, Blair Waldorf is the queen of mean. Flawed, three-dimensional, and surprisingly relatable, Blair was the undefeated star of Gossip Girl. The character became synonymous with couture and designer clothes, creating a schoolgirl like none audiences had seen before.

Blair existed for fashion. Her outfits were anything but simple; they included multiple layers, textures, fabrics, and patterns, all playing off each other and creating a chaotic balance that only she could pull off. Blair was daring and experimental while still feeling classic and even conservative. And yet, her looks always looked effortless, as if she had been born to wear them. No mean girl comes close in terms of fashion, and she remains the undisputed queen of the Upper East Side.

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