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10 Questions We Have After Seeing The Scream 5 Trailer

Fans of the brilliant Scream franchise have been waiting for a trailer for the 2022 installment, and it's finally here. This new movie blends the old and the new as Gale Weathers, Dewey Riley, and Sidney Prescott reunite to try to beat Ghostface once again while watching new young adults experience the same horrors from years ago.

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The well-crafted, compelling trailer brings up many burning questions, and when audiences can finally check out the new Scream in January 2022, they'll be hoping for answers and explanations to these questions.

10 Where Is Sidney Living Now?

The trailer features a brief scene when Sidney answers a phone call from Dewey while walking next to some beautiful water. He says, "It's happening. Three attacks so far" and asks if she has a gun, to which she replies, "I'm Sidney Prescott, of course I have a gun."

Fans are curious about Sidney's living situation since it has changed over the years and since Sidney is the focus of many iconic Scream moments. After attending college in Scream 2, Sidney lives in hiding while working for a crisis phone line in Scream 3, and she returns to Woodsboro in Scream 4 after having spent a lot of time away. It'll be interesting to learn what city she calls home and also what she's been doing for work since she wrote a memoir that became a huge hit in Scream 4.

9 How Are The Victims Related To The Original Ghostfaces?

One character in the trailer says, "The attacks were all on people related to the original killers," which suggests that there could be a connection between the former Ghostfaces and these new, younger characters.

The Scream franchise is so fun to watch because of the well-written characters. Their emotions and motivations are always crystal clear and fans always understand exactly who they're watching. The answer to this big question will definitely be revealed by the end of the 2022 Scream movie.

8 Are Gale And Sidney Friends Or At Least Friendly Now?

Scream fans get a brief glimpse of these two characters in the trailer when Sidney asks Gale, "You ready?" and Gale replies, "For this? Never."

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In previous movies, Sidney and Gale have a tough and complicated relationship since Gale will stop at nothing to get the story and Sidney doesn't like that Gale has profited off her pain and experiences. It seems like these two might be more friendly now, at least from the trailer, and fans are eager to see if they get along better now that so much time has passed and they have been through so much together.

7 Are Gale And Dewey Still Married?

Dewey and Gale get married after meeting in the first Scream movie, and it's an adorable meet cute, as Dewey reveals that he has had a crush on Gale as he watches her show. At first she's simply flattered, but they form a connection after almost dying several times.

In Scream 4, the couple is still together, living in Woodsboro with Gale wondering what her next career step should be. Fans wonder if Gale and Dewey are still married and if they are, if they're still happy or if they're going through some problems.

6 How Funny Or Campy Will This Movie Be?

Scream is a beloved horror comedy and all four movies maintain a creepy, funny, and campy tone. While being terrified of Ghostface and wondering who's going to be murdered yet, audiences smile at the clever dialogue and compelling discussion of horror movie rules.

The trailer doesn't seem quite as funny as the rest of the franchise, making fans wonder where the humor lies and if there will be as many jokes or silly scenes as in previous movies.

5 Do The Original Characters Survive?

The big question in every Scream movie is whether Sidney, Gale, or Dewey will make it through, with fans rooting for them the entire time and also hoping that the horror stops (while also wishing for more movies).

When watching the new movie, fans will be asking whether any of the original characters survive, especially since the trailer really ramps up by the end and makes it look like Dewey, Gale, and Sidney are incredibly freaked out.

4 Will There Be Pop Culture/Horror Movie References?

Scream references many movies and it's definitely one of its most brilliant and recognizable elements. Audiences love when Casey Becker answers the phone while home on her own and has to answer questions about famous horror movies.

Since the pop culture references are what set these movies apart from other slasher franchises, it would make sense for the new movie to follow this tradition. It's not super clear from the trailer if this will happen so time will tell if the film has any callbacks to other famous entries of the genre.

3 Are Any Of The Young Characters Connected To Sidney?

The trailer introduces a new cast of characters, from Tara Carpenter in the opening scene to other teens named Sam Carpenter, Wes Hicks, Amber Freeman, Richie Kirsch, and Liv McKenzie, according to IMDb.

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Are any of the young adult characters connected to Sidney and her dark story? It's a question that definitely comes up while checking out the trailer, especially when Sidney comes back home and helps steer the teenagers through this horrifying time.

2 Who Is The New Ghostface?

Fans have many theories about Scream 5, with people wondering who the new Ghostface is, and that's definitely a question that comes up with this trailer.

Ghostface has always had a strong motivation for going after Sidney, from Billy Loomis and Stu Macher in the first movie to Mickey Altieri and Billy's mom in the sequel. Maureen Prescott's son Roman Prescott is the third movie's killer, and fans remember that Sidney's niece Jill carries out the Ghostface legacy in Scream 4. From the trailer for the 2022 movie, it feels impossible to know who is behind this now.

1 Will Sidney Defeat The Killer?

At one point in the trailer, Sidney says "I won't sleep until he's in the ground" and at the end of the trailer, Sidney enters a house and holds a gun up to Ghostface.

The question of whether Sidney or Ghostface will win is the most important one, as it will let audiences know if there will be another entry in the franchise. After watching Sidney go through so much pain and suffering, it would be gut-wrenching if she doesn't make it, and since she's a final girl, it feels like she can't possibly die. Fans can't wait to see what happens when the new Scream hits movie theaters in January 2022.

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