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10 Scariest Ghost-Type Pokémon We Don't Want To Catch

Ever since Generation I of Pokémon, Ghost-types have added a creepy presence to the series, often featuring fascinating but unnerving designs. Because they are fictional, Ghost-types can fit in well enough with other less intimidating Pokémon. If they existed in people's actual lives, though, many of these creatures would be terrifying.

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Several factors could contribute to this, like creepy concepts or Pokédex entries that describe more sinister behaviors. The validity of some entries is uncertain, but assuming they are all correct, some Ghost Pokémon sound like the things of nightmares. Many longtime fans wish that they could experience Pocket Monsters in the real world. However, if they were to encounter certain Ghost-types, they may change their minds.

10 Drifloon

Probably the most well-known example of a Pokémon with creepy Pokédex entries, Drifloon's cute appearance is a bit misleading. As evidenced by its entries from several games, there are rumors that it steals children who attempt to hold it.

Though the Ghost/Flying-type is light-weight, Pokédex entries from Black 2Y, and Alpha Sapphire partially read, "Children holding them sometimes vanish." The Pokémon has a malevolent reputation, and having it on a trainer's team in the real world could have serious repercussions.

9 Mega Banette

In its base form, Banette is already a Pokémon with one of the scariest designs in the franchise. It also has an unnerving concept, as it's a discarded doll that seeks revenge. When it Mega Evolves, though, it becomes terrifying, both in design and in behavior.

Its Ultra Sun Pokédex entry states, "Extraordinary energy amplifies its cursing power to such an extent that it can't help but curse its own trainer." These entries have no effect in the games, but if they were true in the real world, not even a Mega Banette's trainer would be safe from it.

8 Chandelure

Chandelure is extremely underrated, but its actions can also be quite unnerving. It consumes spirits with its fire, and according to the Pokédex entries in Black 2White 2, and Alpha Sapphire, "The spirits burned up in its ominous flame lose their way and wander this world forever."

These entries do not make it sound as malevolent as some other Ghost-types, but Chandelure is known to cause immense harm nonetheless. The benefits of having this Ghost/Fire-type on one's real-life team would not be worth the risks.

7 Gourgeist

Gourgeist come in four different size varieties, and all of them seek to take people to the afterlife, often by fooling them into getting too close to the Pokémon. Those of the Small Size attempt to trick adults, and Large Size Gourgeist attempt to trick children.

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According to a Sword entry, "Supersized Gourgeist aren't picky. They will forcefully drag anyone off to the afterlife." This cute-looking Ghost/Grass-type is actually one of the more sinister, making it one of the scariest Pokémon to have in the real world.

6 Dusclops

Although Duskull's final evolution, Dusknoir, is not the strongest fully evolved Ghost-type Pokémon, this family's Pokédex entries make them some of the scariest creatures around. This is especially true of Dusclops, the second-stage evolution. It can absorb anything as if it were a black hole.

In addition, its Alpha Sapphire Pokédex entry says that this Pokémon can hypnotize enemies, and "...the hypnotized foe is made to do Dusclops's bidding." Many Ghost-types have menacing entries, and the ability to absorb anything and put other beings under its mental control lets Dusclops fit right in.

5 Mega Gengar

As the first fully evolved Ghost-type, Gengar has always had a reputation as one of the creepiest Pokémon in the series. This is for good reason, and its Mega Evolution makes it even more terrifying. Its Ultra Sun entry opens with, "It tries to take the lives of anyone and everyone."

This reinforces the Sun entry for Gengar's base form, which states that if a Gengar approaches, "There is no escaping it. Give up." Similar to Mega Banette, Gengar and Mega Gengar's entries do not have any effects in-game, but actually coming face-to-face with these creatures would be disastrous, even if one was the Mega Gengar's trainer.

4 Misdreavus

Although it is not as malicious as many other Ghost-types, Misdreavus would nevertheless be frightening to have around. Its entries in SilverFireRed, and SoulSilver read, "It loves to bite and yank people's hair from behind without warning, just to see their shocked reactions." Other entries say that Misdreavus uses fear as energy.

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It appears that Misdreavus does not attempt to hurt people by doing this, but it enjoys invoking fear and absorbing that fear. This is not as terrifying as absorbing spirits or dragging people to the afterlife, but Misdreavus is still an undesirable Pokémon to have.

3 Aegislash

The Steel/Ghost-type Aegislash has several Pokédex entries that show its more menacing side. Both its X and Omega Ruby entries read, "Generations of kings were attended by these Pokémon, which used their spectral power to manipulate and control people and Pokémon."

Like Dusclops, Aegislash has the ability to bend others to its will, which would be horrifying if it could do so in the real world. Its design and prowess in battle make it one of the coolest Ghost-type Pokémon, but it would be dangerous if people could have one at their side.

2 Blacephalon

Although this Ghost Pokémon appears that it should belong in a different type, Blacephalon's creepy nature helps it fit in with many other Ghost-types. This Ultra Beast is known for its signature move Mind Blown, and its Ultra Moon entry says that after causing explosions, the Fire/Ghost-type "...then takes advantage of opponents' surprise to rob them of their vitality."

Being an Ultra Beast, Blacephalon is very different from most Pokémon. It does not have a discernable face and can remove its own head to use as an explosive. For all these reasons, Blacephalon would be one of the most frightening Pokémon to have in the real world.

1 Froslass

As with many other Ghost-types, some of Froslass's Pokédex entries state that it may have originally been a human who died and possessed something, becoming a Pokémon. This is not excessively creepy on its own compared to the origins of many other Pocket Monsters. One of Froslass's entries, however, is horrifying.

Its Sun entry reads, "When it finds humans or Pokémon it likes, it freezes them and takes them to its chilly den, where they become decorations." Many Pokédex entries detail horrifying things that can happen to people who Pokémon dislike, but this one shows that being on a creature's good side is not always beneficial. One of the main purposes of having Pokémon is to establish close bonds with them, but this could have terrible consequences if Froslass existed in the real world.

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