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10 Unpopular Opinions About The Voice, According To Reddit

The Voice has been showcasing incredible talent for 21 seasons, and while each season has its downfalls, it doesn't make the show any less entertaining. Fans have shared their thoughts on what the show needs on Reddit, from new coaches and different contestants to eliminating particular show rules.

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Recently, the show has made improvements, such as adding a new celebrity-studded coach, Ariana Grande, and giving coaches the ultimate power to block one another. Fans want the best for the show and their opinions may be relevant in order to keep The Voice fresh every season.

10 The Playoffs Aren't Good

According to Reddit user cafezinhos, they believe the show should switch the rules from having team quotas for the top 12 artists to just the general 12 top artists continuing forward. Specifically, the Reddit user says, "The way it works now, there's always at least one contestant who gets robbed just because their team is stacked."

This opinion is unconventional because the exact aspect they are critiquing is why so many people love The Voice. Unlike other competition shows, it focuses on strengthening the positive aspects of artists and encouraging team growth. Fans recall that this change was made in season 16, with the Playoffs focusing on individual artists and how the public voting element skewed the winners.

9 John Legend Is Not A Good Coach

With the ever-changing nature of the show, fans continue to keep track of the best and worst coaches on the show. However, this fan has already decided how they feel about John Legend, who was a new addition to The Voice in season 16. But Reddit user SpookyGeese doesn't like him as a coach. They were more specific, saying Legend seems "disconnected and condescending to everyone" and even went as far as to say he treats his fellow coaches the same way.

Legend may be different from other coaches, compared to Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson, who has had more experience on the show. And with his EGOT winning status (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony), many fans are excited to hear his insight and respect his qualifications to be a coach.

8 Coaches Do Not Give Real Criticism

The major reason many people audition for the show is the mentorship opportunities from the biggest industry players. However, Reddit user Boulier Op believes the show could up their game by providing more honest and beneficial criticism. They say, "I don't particularly care about what any of the coaches have to say," and believe their critique is "saccharine and positive after a bad performance."

This opinion is uncommon with many fans and previous contestants, who believe the coaches' criticisms are effective and improve contestant careers. After being eliminated, SandyRedd from season 15 is touring the country, and Amy Vachal from season 9 was seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for "Battle of Instant Songwriters."

7 Coaches Should Not Win The Voice

Unlike other talent competition shows, like American Idol or America's Got Talent, The Voice declares winning teams, not individual contestants. Reddit user fangirl2014 does not appreciate "the judges 'winning' if their person wins the voice" because it takes the credit away from the contestants.

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But by highlighting group achievements, the show puts pressure on both the contestants and especially the coaches, who will go above and beyond for the success of their team. And fans appreciate seeing the coaches genuinely become passionate about the team they are leading, because if one of them wins, so does their hard work pay off, as well as their mentorship.

6 There Needs To Be Fewer Contestant Backstories

To give more information about each contestant, the show takes time to share their background stories. But Reddit user BuffaloAmbitious3531 does not appreciate this aspect because it takes up a good portion of the show and is not crucial. BuffaloAmbitious3531 also believes this backstory is not referred to again in the show because the "format of the show doesn't allow the clips to mean anything or build a narrative."

Though every fan has particular elements of The Voice that they love and hate, the majority of fans agree background stories are essential. These backstories build a connection with the contestants and help them find similarities to their own life, from their hometown to their journey in music. Fans also love to guess which coach would be best for them or which one they believe the contestant should choose.

5 The Show Needs To End Person Vs Person Battles

Reddit user TictacTyler does not appreciate the shift from the team to the individual, carrying a similarity to singing competition shows like American Idol.  This change, from cheering on a team to a contestant, seems unusual, TictacTyler believes, "It feels like some will be just set up to fail".

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However, audiences enjoy seeing each contestant reach their potential with a team by their side. Also, person vs person battles allows for everyone to see the different vocal ranges of the contestants due to the coaches' mentorship. Fans enjoy collaborations, but it is also exciting to see a contestant that has improved dramatically to get the spotlight.

4 Coaches Only Favor Unique Voices

Though the fan does mention that, in general, this is common, as many singing competitions favor the unique voices, Reddit user Typo-lessUseename claims The Voice has changed so that they favor these kinds of voices, rather than just those that are talented and skilled. They feel that this "sucks because it makes really skilled singers start to fade out."

But many fans enjoy seeing the unique singers molded into more talented and skilled performers with guidance from the right coach. Watching an artist with a rare voice grow into a more skilled singer is admirable and fun to watch.

3 Only Watching The Blind Auditions

Many fans will agree that the wow factor of the show fades somewhat after the Blind Audition. Reddit user B3aRCats3 feels the same way and says that they, "watch all the blinds (auditions). Continue watching a few episodes after the blinds and lose all interest." To them, the Blind Auditions are the only entertaining part of the show.

However, this part of the show is only one component. Many fans enjoy seeing contestants sing their own versions of today's popular songs, even the songs that they believe should be retired from singing competition shows. More importantly, while contestants sing these songs, they highlight how much they have grown since their Blind Audition.

2 The Block Button Is Unfair

The Voice evolves, they do change the rules, like when they added the "Block Button" in season 14. Reddit user SunThestral doesn't like the "Block Button" because they feel it is unfair if contestants are blocked from the coach they want, especially if they sing a certain coach's song. They said that "It always bums me out."

However, fans like the "Block button" feature because it adds suspense and a shock factor to the show. It also provides a great way for coaches to strategize, keeping fans on edge. And the judges who are blocked from their preferred contestant still have the chance that the contestant will switch to another team later or get stolen by another coach.

1 Star Coaches Are The Main Priority

Reddit User darrewinn vocalized how The Voice has changed so that the coaches are the main focus. Specifically, they say that "the show will probably never get back to its roots as it did during [Christina's] era. The show is no longer about the talent but about the star coaches."

But these celebrity coaches, like new coach Ariana Grande, bring the most up-to-date knowledge of the industry. Also, these new updates make the show stand out compared to other reality television shows. Also, fans enjoy having a wide range of star-studded coaches, from Grande to Shelton, because of their different strengths in a variety of genres.

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