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1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy & Tammy's Weight Loss Journey In Pictures

Tammy and Amy Slaton's weight loss progress on 1000-lb Sisters hasn't been linear, as the pair of reality stars have lost and gained pounds throughout their past few years on TV. Although they share the same goal, Tammy and Amy have had different experiences while attempting to lose enough weight to lead healthier lives. From their first season on 1000-lb Sisters to the progress they've made by season 3, here's a timeline of Tammy and Amy's weight loss journeys.

Amy and Tammy decided to document their lives on 1000-lb Sisters so they could motivate themselves to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. Weight loss operations are sometimes viable solutions for people who need to lose some pounds because many of these procedures speed up the pace of digestion and calorie burning. Reaching the weight requirement to be a candidate for the operation has proven to be a harrowing experience for Amy and Tammy, as 1000-lb Sisters viewers know.

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Although Amy successfully qualified for bariatric surgery, Tammy has yet to reach the weight loss goal she needs to reach before a surgeon will perform the operation. Since Amy has had the surgery and Tammy hasn't, the pair have been on contrasting weight loss paths. From 2018 to the present day, fans have been able to keep tabs on the sisters' progress through pictures.

The first time that most audiences met Scorpio Amy and Leo Tammy was during the 1000-lb Sisters series premiere in January 2020. Before they appeared on the reality show, some fans knew the Slaton sisters because of their popular YouTube channels, which amassed millions of views. By the time they got their own show, it was evident that the pair needed to make changes. Tammy has faced a plethora of health complications due to her weight, and doctors agreed that both sisters needed to make progress in their weight loss journeys or their lives could be cut short. Not long after the picture shown above was taken, Amy and Tammy took on two daunting tasks, by radically changing their eating habits and confronting their food addictions.

Over the course of 1000-lb Sisters season 1, Amy worked hard to follow her doctor's instructions, so she could lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. Amy took part in many weight check-ins to ensure that she was continuing to make progress. While she wasn't always elated with her results, it was evident that the reality star was making progress. Ultimately, Tammy had the bariatric operation and came out on the other side at a lower weight. Amy continued to drop pounds, proving that a person of her size could change her life. Unfortunately, Tammy's experience attempting to qualify for the sought-after surgery wasn't the same as Amy's.

Naturally, Amy's weight journey got more complicated when she decided to get pregnant with her husband, Michael Halterman. Losing weight was a goal, but so was having a child with Michael Halterman. Amy knew that she would only be able to have a baby after she got the weight loss procedure. Once she made it out of the operating room, Amy and Michael were determined to build a family. Before she got pregnant, however, Amy's doctor advised her to wait a while before having a kid. She was warned that she could relapse into unhealthy eating patterns due to her pregnancy. After she confessed to eating Chinese food, Dr. Procter feared that Amy would use her pregnancy as an excuse to ignore her diet.

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Unlike Amy, Tammy was never able to meet the weight loss goal that would grant her access to bariatric surgery. While Amy was steadily making progress, Tammy was consistently not losing enough weight to prove that she was dedicated to changing her lifestyle. In season 2, Tammy went from losing insignificant amounts of weight to actually gaining weight back. Although she had the help of her brother Chris Combs, who was also attempting to qualify for bariatric surgery, Tammy hit a dead-end in her weight loss journey. At every check-in, Tammy's doctor would learn her weight was higher, by about 20 pounds.

The difference in Amy and Tammy's weight loss journeys is evident in a picture from the upcoming 1000-lb Sisters season 3. The pair of sisters have had wildly different experiences that have resulted in their opposite weights and tense relationship. This latest picture of the duo demonstrates that while Amy has been successful in her weight loss journey, despite the birth of her son Gage, Tammy has continued to gain pounds. While this photo should celebrate Amy's achievement, most fans can't help but notice that Tammy's condition has seemingly worsened. Hopefully, Tammy will be able to follow her sister's footsteps and get her weight loss back on track on 1000-lb Sisters season 3.

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