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8 Ways Eddie Brock And Venom Are Friendship Goals | Screen Rant

Sony’s Spider-Man movie franchise has deviated from the traditional depiction of Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote to present them as protagonists. Venom: Let There Be Carnage continued Eddie and the symbiote’s The Odd Couple-like relationship with the two quarreling all the while the threat of Cletus Kasady and Carnage loomed on the horizon.

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Eddie and Venom’s earlier conflict with Carlton Drake and the Riot symbiote had set the foundation for their bromance, and the second movie pushed this dynamic farther. Despite their constant bickering, Eddie and Venom actually care a lot for each other. It’s worth taking a deeper look into just how much both need their partnership and friendship.

There were many ways that Eddie changed since the first Venom movie, and all of that had to do with the symbiote’s influence. Eddie was a closed book of sorts before Venom started reading his mind and made Eddie see that he had to confront his insecurities instead of burying them.

As a true friend would, Venom encouraged Eddie to acknowledge that he was holding onto his sadness at losing Anne instead of moving on. In Eddie’s case, he made Venom realize that he was never appreciated by his own people, and their association had empowered Venom to take a stand against the symbiotes.

There’s little doubt that Anne is the most likable character in the Venom series, with just about everyone falling for her. Venom had Eddie’s back on the matter of reconciling with Anne the whole time, as he wanted Eddie to be happy with the woman he loved.

Although Venom eventually came to see that Anne was better off with Dr. Dan, he still had his friend’s interests at heart and tried to get the two to reconcile. It ultimately backfired when Eddie made a fool of himself in front of Anne, but Venom did try in his own way to get his friend out of his doldrums.

Eddie spent years harboring Venom in secret and denied himself from having a normal life. He grew to resent Venom for this, though, as he blamed the latter for holding him back. However, Eddie came around at the end of Let There Be Carnage and willingly left the city to travel the world.

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The reason for Eddie’s departure was so that Venom could enjoy the outside world and not be trapped as he had felt in Eddie’s apartment. Eddie was aware that he sacrificed a chance at a normal life for Venom, but such was his wish to keep the symbiote happy.

Venom’s mission was to assimilate humans to turn them into a food source for his species but changed his mind after interacting with Eddie. He turned from a remorseless killer into a genuinely funny symbiote, with Venom making all kinds of quips and one-liners.

It was by meshing with Eddie’s own sarcastic personality that Venom became this way, having the knack for making light of serious situations. On their best day, Venom and Eddie are very alike in their snarky quality, with no one prepared to have a retort against them.

The series is based on the dynamic between Venom and Eddie, with their fights and conflicts making for most of the material. Despite how explosive their arguments can get, Eddie and Venom are always on the path to reconciliation.

The characters behave as best friends are supposed to, with none of their issues becoming long-term problems and their eventual reunion making for heartfelt moments. Let There Be Carnage had their big fallout immediately depict the two feeling bad about what they’d said and getting back together.

The ending of Let There Be Carnage had the protagonists win after Eddie rightfully assessed the strength of his partnership with Vernon. They were weaker than Cletus Kasady and Carnage on paper, but the two had a bond that was stronger.

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To this end, Shriek’s sonic blast managed to split Carnage and Cletus apart for good while Eddie and Venom capitalized on this to defeat their foes. No symbiote has merged with a human in a way that empowers the host as well, making Eddie and Venom’s friendship one of a kind.

There are always times when a person feels bogged down by their frustrations and takes it out on loved ones. The strongest relationships are those where people understand their friend’s problems and don’t take them personally, which is what both Venom and Eddie have done.

Eddie was big enough to apologize to Venom when he called him a parasite despite the fact that it is what the symbiote actually is, while Venom didn’t hold it against Eddie when the latter insulted him for not being a real person after Anne broke his heart. The two even acknowledged the reason why they let these personal shots slide, with neither feeling angry about it later either.

The comic book version of Venom is one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies but the live-action incarnation is his own thing. This Venom called himself a loser who finally found a chance to be more when he bonded with Eddie. On his part, Eddie was a jobless man with a broken heart when he met Venom.

The two have agreed that they are both losers who are stuck with each other but this is what ultimately makes them complete. They have the comfort of being with someone who knows what they’re feeling and also have the assurance that neither of them will leave their partnership.

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