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9 Funniest Kids On Modern Family | ScreenRant

A sitcom is nothing without iconic characters — something Modern Family has in an abundance. To tell the story of an untraditional family unit living in California, it boasted a vaster cast of child stars than many of its competitors. Just like the adults, their performances were consistently hilarious and critical to the show's magic.

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With the show running for over 10 years, a lot of these kids were technically adults by the finale. However, just like any real family, the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan continued to expand over the years, introducing new kids to take their place. Some were definitely funnier than others.

9 Poppy and George Marshall

Born in the season ten finale "A Year Of Birthdays", Poppy and George Marshall are still just infants when the show finally ends. As a result, viewers never got to see exactly what kind of kids they'd grow up to be.

However, it's safe to assume they'd be funny. With Dylan — quirky, naive, and basically a younger Phil Dunphy — as a father, and Haley as a mother, they have a sense of humor in their blood. Even when they can't talk in the show, they still manage to create some funny moments, such as when Dylan is convinced Poppy is possessed.

8 Calhoun Johnson

In season 10, Cam and Mitch welcome a surprising new addition to their household — Cam's nephew, Calhoun — after Pam Tucker is imprisoned. He's unusual from the start, described as "freakishly strong" for a baby and able to eat a whole chicken with just two teeth.

While he doesn't get that much screen time, he still manages to get a reaction with just a few lines. The standout is when Cam and Mitchell accidentally leave him behind after taking him to see Santa, and he later calmly says to Lily, "Don't worry, they come back."

7 Manny Delgado

Of all the kids, Manny is definitely the most unique. He's an old soul, with a passion for poetry, performing arts, and hats. As a result, Manny stands out a lot from other kids (and even other adults once he grows older) and his maturity is a running gag within Modern Family.

But that doesn't mean Manny himself isn't funny. Admittedly, acting like a grown-up grows less entertaining once he actually is a grown-up. In early seasons, his adult approach to situations was something that other children would either find overwhelming or completely inconsequential - which makes for some hilarious moments. Take his birthday speech in season two's "Manny Get Your Gun" where he macabrely reflects on his wasted childhood, and his countless theatrics.

6 Alex Dunphy

The three Dunphy kids couldn't be more different. Unlike her brother and sister, Alex is extremely focused on her studies, career, and future. She puts herself under extreme pressure to live up to self-imposed expectations, which often leads to her lashing out and becoming overwhelmed, and eventually leading her to therapy after a stress-induced breakdown on her 16th birthday.

Unsurprisingly, Alex's humor isn't as loud as her siblings. She's dry and sarcastic instead, throwing witty insults that a lot of her family doesn't even understand. Sometimes this can come across as mean or patronizing — especially to Haley, as plenty of Alex's jibes target her intelligence — but moments like when she convinces Haley she can charge a battery on her hair and Luke that it'll charge in his mouth are pretty funny.

5 Luke Dunphy

Luke might not be the brains of the family, but he's definitely the most light-hearted. Just like his father, Phil, he's constantly chasing the fun side of life, and the pair make a hilarious duo, such as the time they decide to crawl under the house to explore.

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Sometimes, Luke's inability to think things through can be frustrating, However, he's so naively sweet that it's hard not to love him — especially when he's younger. It's impossible not to laugh at antics like running headfirst into a screen door and inaccurately telling everyone that his mother thought Gloria was a "coal digger" instead of her original insult of "gold digger".

4 Dylan Marshall

Even though Dylan only marries into the Dunphy family later on in the show, he's been an on-and-off member since season one. Like Luke and Phil, he isn't the brightest person and struggles to read social situations, which leads to plenty of hilariously inappropriate moments.

The most memorable is singing his song for Haley — "In The Moonlight (Do Me)" — in front of her entire family, despite its contents exclusively describing how much he wants to sleep with her. However, his many social faux pas never lose their comedic value, even in later seasons when he is (concerningly) a nursing student.

3 Lily Tucker-Pritchett

It’s Lily’s adoption that kicks off the entire show, with the pilot episode of Modern Family ending with her introduction to her new family. She’s only a baby in season one, but as she grows older — and gets her own storylines — her sense of humor really begins to shine.

A prime example is when she comes home from school to find Cam sobbing and Mitch explains “Daddy’s just having a moment”, to which Lily drily responds, “He’s always having a moment.” With a strong case of the Pritchett snarkiness, sometimes Lily’s sass can verge on meanness, but it’s always entertaining.

2 Joe Pritchett

It’s a shock when Gloria reveals her pregnancy at the end of season three. The result is Fulgencio Joseph Pritchett (known to his family as Joe), who is much more rambunctious and daring than his older brother Manny.

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Like all young kids, Joe spouts off unexpectedly hilarious comments all the time. His burning desire to live outside like Mowgli from The Jungle Book, and to bite Manny’s date on the leg like a dog, are as bizarre as they are funny. Viewers never know what Joe’s going to do next which, combined with his butter-wouldn’t-melt delivery of unexpected statements like “I steal now”, is key to his charm.

1 Haley Dunphy

Just because Haley is the oldest of the kids in Modern Family doesn’t mean she’s the smartest. Even though her ditziness often makes her the butt of the joke, she proves on multiple occasions that she's streetwise enough to forge her own way in the world – and criticize everyone's outfits along the way.

Her family often underestimates her wit, which is surprisingly sharp with jibes like "Your outfit is perfect. If you're applying to lumberjack school. And majoring in having your cats eat you when you die." Her cluelessness is in itself hilarious, but she's at her best when she surprises everyone.

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