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AHS Season 10 Hints The Aliens Are Using Red Tide's Black Pills

Warning: Spoilers ahead for American Horror Story season 10, episode 8!

American Horror Story season 10, dubbed Double Feature, is advertised as two separate tales, but the installment's eighth episode, titled "Inside," may have hinted that Death Valley is incorporating Red Tide's infamous black pills. Red Tide served as the first half of the season, following a vampiric story set in the coastal town of Provincetown. The vampire element resulted from the town's use of special black pills that unlocked the talents of gifted individuals. While those deemed "ordinary" turned into creatures known as Pale People, the talented also transformed into blood-thirsty vampires. Death Valley focuses on aliens rather than vampires, but that could soon change.

Following in the footsteps of Death Valley's premiere, episode 8 was split into two parts. First, there was the black-and-white focus of President Dwight D. Eisenhower's (Neal McDonough) conflict with the existence of aliens in the '50s and '60s. Then, the story shifted to the present day, following four friends–Kendall (Kaia Gerber), Cal (Nico Greetham), Troy (Isaac Cole Powell), and Jamie (Rachel Hilson) –who found themselves to be in the late stages of pregnancy shortly after an apparent alien abduction. The episode revealed the Alien Treaty in place between the U.S. government and extraterrestrials, suggesting aliens were allowed to abduct humans in exchange for protection and technology. Moreover, the latest group of friends to get abducted found themselves in a mysterious white facility being controlled by AHS's new alien-human hybrids. Those working inside the facility also seemed to have an odd array of medication for the abductees.

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Kendall was the only one to wake up in some sort of incubation room after she and her friends were taken by the men in black suits. It was then that she came in contact with a white-masked Theta (Angelica Ross), who indicated the pregnancies were a key part of the future. Later, Kendall reunited with her friends in a cafeteria-like common room, where pregnant patients were given jello cubes. Workers were also in charge of handing the vitamins and medication. While one of the men was holding a tray, offering to the foursome, a quick look at the offerings included a large dark pill that could have been the black pill from Red Tide or at least a version of The Chemist's creation.

Considering the black pills were meant to bring out the elite in Red Tide, it would make sense for the alien race to use something similar to strengthen the alien-human race. The black pills given to pregnant abductees could be a way to weed out the best hosts or newborns, ensuring a superior group of hybrids. Calico (Leslie Grossman), who confirmed she was an annual abductee, could be a proven user of the black pills, indicating her potential was just what Theta and the other aliens in charge were looking for. On the other hand, the one-time abductees or "one-and-dones" could link to a Pale Person, meaning the host was too ordinary to meet the aliens' expectations.

Whatever the case, the pills on the tray seem to be the first true connection between Red Tide and Death Valley. Despite being different tales, American Horror Story viewers crave interconnected details between seasons. Having two stories make up season 10 gives the series plenty of opportunities to link each part despite how different they look on the surface. Seeing as Red Tide left some questions unanswered following Ursula and The Chemist's plan, Death Valley could fill in those blanks by enhancing the presence of the black pills in American Horror Story season 10.

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