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AHS Season 10 True Story: President Eisenhower’s Link To Aliens Explained

Death Valley brings aliens back to American Horror Story for season 10, tackling the real-life conspiracies that linked President Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower to extraterrestrials in the 1950s. American Horror Story previously included aliens in season 2’s Asylum, in which the creatures abducted and impregnated a few characters while experimenting on and manipulating others. The season was left with a lot of unexplained mysteries about the aliens, but Death Valley seems to be providing answers as the government strikes an experimental deal with the extraterrestrials.

American Horror Story season 10 takes place in two timelines: The 1950s when U.S. President Eisenhower meets and reaches a supernatural agreement with the aliens after finding missing pilot Amelia Earhart, and the present day when a group of college students becomes impregnated after an abduction. Death Valley suggests the aliens have been conducting their experiments in the U.S. for decades, while also helping the nation by quickly advancing modern technology. The modern timeline is feeling the aftermath of the effects of Dwight Eisenhower’s world-altering deal, which is based on the real-life theory that the president met and parleyed with aliens back in 1954.

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The premiere episode of AHS: Death Valley kicks off with Dwight Eisenhower being called away from a golf vacation in Palm Springs, California to find a mysterious alien aircraft crashed in the desert near a U.S. Air Force base. According to The Washington Post, this AHS season 10 extraterrestrial occurrence was a real-life event that occurred on the night of February 20, 1954, where Eisenhower was suspected to have met with two aliens at the spot. The apparent meeting has been subject to plenty of speculation over the past seven decades, though has been continually advanced as an alien diplomatic conference by Michael Salla, a former professor at American University. While it’s far more exciting and conspiracy-ridden that Ike met with aliens on that fateful night, the other explanation for what pulled him away from his vacation was a visit to the dentist, as released to the press by Eisenhower’s spokesman.

The individuals who support American Horror Story’s events of that odd night in 1954 believe the dentist story was a cover-up for the alien meeting. The press release stated Ike chipped a tooth on a chicken wing at dinner, which meant bringing him to the dentist that night. Another strange instance that supports Salla’s alien theory includes Associated Press reporting that night that Death Valley's real-life character had died, though they quickly retracted the article and explained Ike was, in fact, alive. Eisenhower didn’t die until 1969, so he was certainly alive, but some continue to question what really happened that night and the morning before he attended his church service. For years after, alien conspiracy theorists have noted this fateful 1954 night as the “first contact” between humans and extraterrestrials. It’s been suspected that Ike met with the species at least two more times, eventually signing what some refer to as the Greada Treaty.

Apparently, the aliens were dubbed “Nordics” because of their similar-looking appearance, and a treaty was signed in which the AHS: Asylum-like aliens would share their advanced technology and wisdom with Eisenhower if the president agreed to disband America’s nuclear weapons. The deal also allowed the alien species of “Greys” to abduct cattle and humans for experimentation, such as the extraterrestrial abductions in Death Valley’s premiere episode. A few people have also claimed to have been present at the meeting over the years, being kept silent about Ike’s deal with the aliens. It doesn’t appear that President Eisenhower has ever been connected to finding a returned Amelia Earhart like in American Horror Story, but it certainly adds a layer to the proposed deep governmental conspiracy by alien enthusiasts.

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