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Andy’s Best Quotes In The Child’s Play Series | Screen Rant

The Child’s Play series has spawned an entire franchise after the first film’s release in 1988. Syfy’s Chucky TV show continues the story, with Andy Barclay returning as well. Alex Vincent’s protagonist has had to contend with the killer doll for decades, during which he’s had some memorable dialogues.

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These quotes attest to the passage of time and the way Andy’s personality has altered over the years, since Andy’s role spans the original trilogy, the reboot (where Gabriel Bateman plays Andy), the Chucky movies, and the current TV show. They are a blend of one-liners, spine-chilling words, and even dry humor at times. With so much material, it’s hard to pick the best of the bunch, but a few stand out above the rest. 

The prospect of watching a slow and creepy build-up to the scares is one of the reasons the Chucky series is so exciting. The first movie had Andy appear to be a deranged child as he claimed the horrid happenings were Chucky’s doing and not his.

This quote is memorable because it was the first true set-up for Chucky’s kill, with Andy calling his aunt a bad word and getting reprimanded for it. Viewers were encouraged to feel the desperation in Andy’s voice knowing he was telling the truth but having to suffer for Chucky’s maliciousness.

While the series is filled with one-liners uttered by Chucky, Andy had a killer retort of his own at the end of the first movie. Here, Chucky realized he was done for when he was trapped in the apartment’s fireplace and tried to appeal to Andy using their friendship.

To this, Andy claimed that they really were friends to the end and that Chucky’s ending had finally arrived. Andy proceeded to light up the fireplace to incinerate Chucky, which proved that the kid had serious guts that not even adults could have mustered.

There’s no doubt that Andy is Chucky's greatest enemy in the Child’s Play series and this has remained so for over 30 years. Chucky attempted to kill Andy again in Curse of Chucky, expecting the latter to be unaware of his arrival as part of a parcel.

Chucky was in for a painful reality check, however, as Andy quickly turned around to point a shotgun right at his enemy’s face. Chucky’s screams for mercy were all for nothing because Andy had no intention of going easy on him, uttering this one-liner before he blew Chucky’s head off.

There’s pretty good character development in the Child’s Play series than the films get credit for and the contrast between Andy’s personality in the first and second movie was relayed through these three words. In the original, Andy had happily claimed he’d loved the Chucky doll while he was much different in the sequel.

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Not knowing he was looking at the same doll that had tried to kill him, Andy instantly said he hated the Good Guy doll he spotted in Child’s Play 2. It’s memorable not just for the way it shows Andy’s change in personality, but also because it’s sad to see how an innocent boy was so traumatized by this point.

Empowering the characters is one of the things 2019’s Child’s Play reboot did right. Andy and his friends didn’t take Chucky’s threat lightly and resolved to put an end to him before he had the chance to harm anyone else. Andy rallied everyone around by the use of this quote.

It showed that the Andy of the reboot wasn’t a naive child who was going to sit back when people were dying. The quote brought a thrilling sensation to the movie as it approached its climax, with viewers having the assurance that Andy was going in for a fight.

By the time the third movie came out, most fans would have had the same level of terror and disbelief that Andy had to see Chucky once again. The boy’s life had been destroyed by the killer doll, yet he continued to show up and try to end his nemesis.

Chucky launched a sneak attack on Andy in Child’s Play 3, which caused the latter to react with horror to see his enemy alive once again. It was a perfectly valid reaction on Andy’s part considering he and the fans had witnessed Chucky getting destroyed in the previous movie.

Andy was a very cynical boy by the events of Child’s Play 2, where he claimed he didn’t really care about anything because of his belief that Chucky was still out there. When Kyle told him to run if he wanted to avoid Chucky, Andy sourly replied that it wouldn’t matter.

He was certain that Chucky would find him wherever he tried to run away and he was definitely right about that. The quote was a way for the movie to foreshadow the rest of the series, with Andy’s claim coming true as Chucky’s found him time and again over the last three decades.

In a twisted way, Andy and Chucky really have been friends till the end. It’s because the two have been associated with the other throughout Andy’s life, with the latter unable to have proper bonds as people tend to stay away from him upon learning of his past.

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Andy made this sarcastic remark right before he tortured Chucky’s head in Cult of Chucky after the woman he wanted to date decided against it. Having enough of Chucky’s taunting, Andy promised a fun time with his “best friend” and proceeded to make his tormentor pay.

While all the earlier Child’s Play movies ended on triumphant notes, the fallout from those events was always harsh. Andy realized this after he and Kyle defeated Chucky in Child’s Play 2, asking Kyle where they were supposed to be headed when she was taking Andy home.

It serves as both a funny and sad quote, seeing as Andy and Kyle had dryly accepted that they had no idea where they were going but that they were also in real trouble. The line was a good way to leave viewers wondering what would happen to Andy next as the film came to a close.

There really couldn’t have been a better way to illustrate that Andy was now a grown-up and hardened survivor than this quote. Andy said it right before he killed the Chucky doll he’d sent to the hospital in Cult of Chucky as a way of retrieving the gun he’d planted inside the doll.

It was a callback to the first movie where he’d sarcastically called Chucky his friend and the addition of profanity was deliberate. It signified that Andy was absolutely done with Chucky and that time for jokes or one-liners was over - Andy was simply out to kill Chucky for good.

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