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Animorphs Halloween Costume Nails The Book Cover Transformations

A group of Animorphs fans has created the perfect costume to celebrate the books. Animorphs is an iconic young adult science fiction series by K.A. Applegate originally published in 52 volumes between 1996 and 2001. The popular series became a franchise, sprawling into spinoff books, graphic novels, a Game Boy Color game, and a two-season television series starring Shawn Ashmore that premiered in 1998. While an Animorphs movie has been in development since 2015, Applegate and her husband Michael Grant backed out of the project in 2020, leaving its future unclear.

One iconic element of the original Animorphs books is the elaborate book covers, with photo manipulations showing the main characters transforming into animals. The series followed a group of teenagers given the power to transform into any creature whose DNA they acquire as they fight against a race of alien slugs bent on taking over the minds of every human on Earth. Each cover depicted one of the main characters in each stage of transforming into one of the animals featured in the book. These covers included all sorts of animals, from lizards to gorillas to even aliens and everything in between throughout the course of the series.

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Twitter user Milkael Milkelson posted an ingenious group costume in which they and four friends dressed as different stages of one of the series' iconic book cover transformations. Specifically, they were emulating Rachel's transformation into a grizzly bear on the cover of Animorphs #7: The Stranger. Their costume was certainly a success, leading K.A. Applegate herself to quote tweet the image, saying "Well, this is absolutely incredible." Check out the post below:

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Rachel, who this costume is paying homage to, is one of the most iconic characters in the series, a blonde fashionista who is also a tough warrior. She is the hot-headed cousin of Jake, the leader of the group, and frequently compared to Xena: Warrior Princess. Had the series come out just a couple of years later, she certainly would have drawn comparisons with the blonde, bubbly protagonist of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well.

Animorphs is such an enduring success that it is still inspiring Halloween costumes two decades after the last novel was published. Hopefully, this fact will inspire the powers that be to patch up their differences with Applegate & co. and fast-track progress on the film. So far, the future of the series has been rather similarto  the central costume in the above photo: trapped in a grotesque limbo between reality and imagination.

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Source: Milkael Milelson/Twitter

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