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Apple TV+'s See: 5 Ways Each Season Is The Best | ScreenRant

Apple TV+'s series See just wrapped its second season in spectacular fashion. While the show still doesn't seem to have a strong following among viewers, it is an exciting adventure story told within a unique world filled with its own mythology.

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While season 2 continued this epic story, it also looked to try some new things from season 1. In some cases, the more ambitious storytelling worked in its favor, delivering some huge moments in the new season. But there were also elements that worked in the first season that fans may come to miss in season 2 of See.

10 Season 1: Jason Momoa In A More Central Role

The expansive story of See features a lot of different characters, but Baba Voss is the one at the center of it all. With a commanding performance by Jason Momoa, Baba is a very compelling hero to follow in the first season and helps pull the audience into his story.

The second season of the show sees the world expand with more characters introduced. As a result, Baba is less of a central role. Momoa still delivers a great performance and is a big part of the show, but he no longer feels like the main focus.

9 Season 2: Dave Bautista As The Villain

Though Momoa was the biggest name in the first season, the second season gets some added star power with Dave Bautista as the main antagonist. After seeing Bautista play a funny character like Drax in the MCU, it is great to see him step into the villain role.

He is an imposing force in the show and it is clear the first season was missing that energy. It is especially fun to see Bautista and Momoa face-off as brothers in the midst of a deadly feud.

8 Season 1: The Family Dynamic

Baba Voss and his family are really at the center of the series and the heart of the story. The first season followed them on their dangerous journey together, facing new struggles and learning more about each other. It was a nice human element in the big-scale adventure.

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However, the family stuff is far less effective in season 2. The show goes to lengths to keep them apart at times and when they are together, there are very manufactured squabbles between them to add to the tension. It feels less like the family survival story that was introduced and more like a soap opera.

7 Season 2: Tamachi Jun's Redemption

There is something about a redemption arc that is so compelling for fans. There have been many flawed television characters who earned redemption and it makes for a very satisfying journey. Such was the case with Tamachi Jun who began as a brutal villain in season 1.

When he is brought back into the story in season 2, he is a man filled with guilt and regret. Though the show doesn't give him an easy path to redeeming his past crimes, it sets the stage for him to become more of a hero and his relationship with Baba Voss is especially fun.

6 Season 1: Exploring The Characters In Greater Depth

It is usually the case with shows that the more story is told, the deeper the characters become. However, as fans saw with Game of Thrones in its later seasons, sometimes a story can grow to a place where there is little time to develop the characters.

Sadly, this already began to happen with See season 2. Aside from a few exceptions, the main characters don't have a lot of opportunities to grow and spend most of the time just reacting. The new characters are also only given minimal development

5 Season 2: The Theme Of Differences

The premise of a world where all the people are blind is an interesting concept, especially when introducing the idea that sighted people are coming back into the world. The first season is a lot about how the world reacts to that news, but the second season deals with some more thought-provoking ideas.

A major theme of the second season is how those with sight see themselves as superior but the blind know how to better survive in this world. It is a complex examination of how arrogance can lead to ignorance and a perceived disadvantage can be a strength.

4 Season 1: A Simpler Story

Ever since Game of Thrones became the biggest thing on television, many subsequent shows tried to follow suit with their own violent epics with complex mythology. See is certainly one of those shows, but its desire to be a massive story sometimes backfires.

The first season of the show was able to tell a more intimate story of the central family within its epic adventured genre. The second season decides to grow the mythology in big ways. While it gives the story a bigger feel, the smaller focus of the first season was often more gripping.

3 Season 2: The Action

The first season of See had plenty of violence and some very exciting fight sequences, but the second season really levels up in terms of the action. With an increasing number of enemies and warring tribes in the show, there are confrontations in just about every episode.

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But it is the finale of season 2 that really shows what See is capable of, delivering an extended battle scene that is thrilling, huge in scale, and packed with inventive moments. In that standout sequence, See establishes itself as one of the best action series on television at the moment.

2 Season 1: The World-Building

It is always fun to be introduced to a new world. And the one that is presented in See is particularly thrilling. Watching the first episodes and getting a sense of this world and its rules works great at hooking the audience.

The show is also very good at not over-explaining things. It throws viewers into the story and allows them to make sense of things for themselves. The second season is able to continue the story from what the first season built but it is not quite the same as being introduced to this strange dystopian society.

1 Season 2: Queen Kane Comes Into The Story

Queen Kane is introduced in the first season and is certainly an interesting character. With her reckless behavior as a ruler, she seems like she can cause a good deal of chaos. But the fact that she is so removed from the rest of the story doesn’t allow her to make a big impact.

But as Queen Kane is brought into the fold in season 2, she becomes the main source of trouble. She is a hero that is fun to hate and she adds an unpredictable aspect to the story.

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