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Arrow: The 10 Bravest Characters | ScreenRant

Arrow has demonstrated that Star City's vigilantes are in perilous situations on an almost daily basis. Despite this they have shown great resolve, suiting up time and time again to ensure their friends, family, and citizens of their beloved city are all safe.

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It takes a lot of courage to do this, especially as the heroes continue to face their own personal demons as well. Whether they have been brave because of the sacrifices they have made, the villains they have faced up against, or their willingness to evolve, these characters showcased that they really are heroes at heart; especially in the face of adversity.

10 Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak has faced incredibly dangerous situations without combat abilities, special training, or any powers to speak of. She was one of the first few to take a chance on Oliver Queen, becoming brave enough to help him in his fight against corruption; although faced danger from behind a computer in the early days meaning she has had fewer opportunities to demonstrate her resolve.

She's been severely injured, captured and interrogated, and almost killed countless times. She continues to come back stronger, demonstrating her resiliency and always boasting her incredible intellect. She faced a dark and unpopular path at one stage where she became obsessed with arming herself in a moment of fear, but she became brave enough to understand when it was appropriate to use force like that despite the misstep.

9 Laurel Lance

Laurel Lance of Earth-2 began her journey as a villain. As the Black Siren, she gave in to her fear and acted selfishly, that is until an intervention from Team Arrow. She conquered her fear of Ricardo Dias and began to fight back against his manipulation.

She started a new life in a different reality, a courageous thing for anyone to do. By choosing this path she turned her back on the crimes she had committed and allowed herself to trust again, pitting herself against the rogues of Star City and finally putting her life on the line for others. She has been known to revert back to previous tendencies when her back is really against the wall though.

8 Mia Smoak-Queen

Mia Smoak-Queen had a huge legacy to live up to. As Black Star, she tried to survive on her own on the streets, always on the run and forever with her back up against the wall. She demonstrated great resiliency during this time, earning money where she could.

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She would eventually become a hero and was even brave enough to pick up the mantle of the Green Arrow. She traveled through time, faced Multiversal threats, and continued to operate as a vigilante despite her young age. The courage she demonstrated was incredible, although she has yet to be truly tested by herself as the Green Arrow in the same way her father was meaning audiences have not seen the full range of her characteristics.

7 Rene Ramirez

Rene Ramirez has no powers to speak of, but runs into battle all the same. He is forever afraid to lose his daughter but will do what it takes to ensure her safety, even if it means risking his own life. He even made the incredibly tough call to testify against Oliver Queen to save his family.

Rene never makes the easy choices, but he ensures that whatever he does it's all for Zoe. Having said that, there have been multiple instances where Ramirez was prepared to say goodbye to his daughter if it meant that the world he left behind for her was a better place. Unfortunately, during his time as Mayor, he gave in to some of his fears, allowing him to be manipulated in a major way.

6 Roy Harper

Roy Harper was one of Oliver Queen's earliest recruits. The Green Arrow hadn't really passed the bow on to anyone else before this, but as Arsenal, Roy put his faith in his teacher, learning where he could and acting as the vigilante he knew he could be.

He was brave enough to take the fall for Oliver when the authorities began to look for the Green Arrow and has returned to Star City when the team needed him, even though it put him in even more danger. Roy is absolutely a hero and is willing to make the sacrifice play, even in the far future alongside Mia. He was fearful for a long time to face up to his own truth about his lack of control in the field though causing serious damage to innocents and criminals alike.

5 Dinah Drake

Dinah Lance was a brave hero before she was ever a vigilante, joining various police and security forces to ensure the safety of the public. She would go on to develop her gift in a moment of tragedy, but she used this new power to her advantage as Black Canary.

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Dinah's courage was really tested when the skills that she so relied on were taken away from her. With the Canary's cry gone, Dinah continued to fight crime any way she could, suiting up once more even in a slightly more vulnerable state. Her fear of loss grounded her for a time though, with her reunion with Vigilante allowing some of her personal paranoia to surface.

4 John Diggle

John Diggle was the first person to back up Oliver Queen in his mission to tick off every name on his list. The brotherhood between the two men has evolved since then, but Diggle's bravery and willingness to commit himself to justice has never stopped.

Diggle even suited up as both Spartan and Green Arrow, drawing more attention to his vigilante efforts but fighting on despite the target on his back. Now he is facing a life as the Green Lantern and is willing to collide head-on with the responsibility, learning more about himself and his new powers in a courageous effort; he was incredibly reluctant to do this at first though.

3 Thea Queen

Thea Queen was a largely unpopular character for some time, never fully understanding the fact that she had to take on some responsibilities. But Thea was brave enough to grow, eventually stepping into her brother's line of work as Red Arrow or Speedy.

The character went to the afterlife and back, never missing a step despite the bloodlust she had to combat against. She bravely chose to tread her own path, leaving Team Arrow and traveling the globe, eventually forming a League Of Heroes that she would lead. Her journey, therefore, came full circle, taking on a huge responsibility in the process after usually giving into her instincts to run away.

2 Sara Lance

Sara Lance has faced death and come back stronger on multiple occasions. The character continues to fight on and goes on to leave Team Arrow to Captain the Waverider, bravely facing terrifying threats across the timeline.

Sara knows the risks she used to take every time she masked up as Black Canary and even though she's been revived a few times that hasn't stopped her from always putting her life on the line to do the right thing. She's one of the few people Oliver truly respects because of her resiliency.

1 Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen began his adventure by himself, obsessed with leaving his city better than he found it. He survived the dreadful island largely alone and returned as a vigilante. He was prepared to change his life if it meant that he could continue to do the work he always intended to carry out.

Oliver even sacrificed his life to save the Multiverse and was brave enough to embrace his destiny, reforming reality around him. There's no other hero quite like Oliver Queen, whose courage has become the standard for all of his allies and friends making him the bravest of all.

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