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Avengers: 5 Best Comic Issues Of The 1970s | ScreenRant

Since the 1960s, the Avengers have been entertaining audiences through vibrant, action-heavy comics. Led by seasoned stalwarts like Captain America, and Iron Man, the Marvel superhero team relies on both brain and brawn to overpower its enemies. The major Avengers comics from the 1970s bear testimony to this fact as they fight adversaries like Ultron, Michael Korvac, the Skrulls, as well as their own members.

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Even though the first Avengers comic featured only four main heroes, the team begins to expand with more and more members. Quicksilver, Wanda, Vision, and Falcon, all got involved in major story arcs while supporting the usual leads. To put it in a nutshell, this era was dominated by high-profile interstellar battles, new romantic relationships, and unexpected villains.

5 The Korvac Saga (The Avengers Vol 1 #167-177)

Michael Korvac was an everyman until he got access to cosmic powers of unimaginable consequences. With the amount of power he amasses, Korvac is willing to go against the being called Eternity to end humanity as we know it. The reasoning behind his actions stems from his belief that the world needs a reset button and he is capable of having a moral high ground. Fighting against Korvac turns out to be a Herculean task for the Avengers, making him one of their strongest enemies.

More than all the action-heavy panels, The Korvac Saga should be appreciated for introducing a villain with grey areas. Rather than just taking over the world like a formulaic villain, Korvac wishes to be the world's guardian. It's just that his protection comes with an extremely cynical viewpoint. Modern Marvel audiences were introduced to sympathetic MCU villains like Killmonger and Thanos.

4 Nights of Wundagore (The Avengers Vol 1 #185–187)

The focus of Nights of Wundagore lies on the sibling duo Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) and Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) as they unearth mysteries around their origin. The title refers to the Wundagore mountain where these secrets lie. As Scarlet Witch gets possessed by evil forces, the Avengers have no option but to fight her off. Eventually, both brother and sister are also tasked with combating the Elder God Chthon.

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First, the comic reveals the sheer power that Scarlet Witch can have over other Avengers. Be it her hexes or telekinetic abilities, she's clearly one of the strongest Marvel superheroes and the storyline bears testimony to this. As for Wanda and Peter's parentage, the comic is also significant because it points towards the possibility of Magneto being their real father. It's because of this newfound discovery that both heroes have been willing to serve their villainous father as a part of the Brotherhood of Mutants. This is why the reveal proved to be a monumental change for both Avengers and X-Men comics.

3 Avengers/Defenders War (Crossover)

A cosmic device known as the Evil Eye comes in the possession of the Defenders. This goes on to draw the ire of the Avengers who face off against their fellow superheroes for control over the eye. Later, when it is revealed that both teams were actually being controlled telepathically by Thor's treacherous stepbrother Loki and the Doctor Strange villain Dormammu.

The comic has gained popularity in its own right but its release also marked the 10th year anniversary of the iconic The Avengers #1. While the debut issue also marked Loki's comic book debut, the Avengers/Defenders War found the Avengers encountering Loki for the second time. Now, of course, he has become a mainstay in Marvel Comics and even features as an antihero. But for fans of Loki's earlier versions, this comic is a must-read. As for Avengers fighting their own allies, this theme too got fleshed out in the future decades with cult favorites like Civil War and Avengers vs X-Men.

2 The Bride Of Ultron (The Avengers Vol 1 #157-166)

Even though the story's title mentions Ultron, the Avengers go against a variety of villains in this particular storyline. The robotic adversary finds a bride called Jocasta. But he wishes for his marriage to coincide with the funeral of the Avengers, waging an all-out war against the heroes. If this wasn't enough, Graviton and the Grim Reaper also appear with their own sinister plans.

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What stands out is the massive ensemble of heroes that unite to defeat Ultron and the other foes. These heroes include members from not just the Avengers but also the Champions, Defenders, X-Men, and heroes from the Wild West. Ultron's sheer brutality and ruthlessness are also in full display in the comic as he even ends up immobilizing other villains like Loki. As for debutant Jocasta, she went on to appear in several other Avengers comics, mostly as a positive character. Coming out of Ultron's shadow, she went on to become a member of the Mighty Avengers and even the Avengers Academy in future storylines.

1 Kree-Skrull War (The Avengers Vol 1 #89–97)

As is evident from its title, Kree/Skrull War depicts its titular battle between the two space races. As Kree hero Captain Mar'Vell takes control of the Avenger Rick Jones, even the Earth's Mightiest Heroes are drawn into the war. The ambitious interstellar clash also includes a large ensemble cast, an element that became a recurring trope for many such ambitious storylines as The Infinity Gauntlet.

This comic was also notable to introduce Vision and Scarlet Witch's romance, another element that has been manifested repeatedly in comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Apart from the massive scale of warfare, the story still shows the flaws of both Kree and Skrull sides. At the end of the day, both sides are just following commands. As for the Avengers, even Captain America doesn't wish to use violence as the first resort. This proves that the team can also be effective as a peacemaking force. The members wish to harm neither the Kreel nor the Skrulls. All they wish is to protect their homeworld from external threats.

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