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Batman's Newest Threat Is Gotham's Dark Iron Man | Screen Rant

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman #114

In the latest issue of DC Comics' Batman, Gotham's newest threat is a dark version of Iron Man. Currently, Gotham is in the midst of Fear State, which sees Scarecrow pushing the city to greater levels of terror than it's ever experienced before. A big part of his plans has relied on the Magistrate, a paramilitary security force that has taken over Gotham, threatening to lock the city down under its fascist rule as was seen in the DC's Future State event. However, with the Magistrate's premier enforcer, Peacekeeper-01, being compromised by Scarecrow, the new Peacekeeper-X has been activated to use advanced armor and weapons to take him down.

In previous issues of Fear State, both Bruce Wayne and Sean Mahoney (Peacekeeper-01) were subjected to Jonathan Crane's tactics as the Scarecrow. However, while Batman was subjected to mind control and hypnosis which he was able to overcome, Mahoney was injected with a highly potent version of Crane's toxins, making him incredibly unstable as Scarecrow set him loose upon Gotham to raise the public's fears even higher. However, the Magistrate's founder Simon Saint has a backup plan for Peacekeeper-01 in the new Batman #114 from James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez.

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In this new issue, Saint activates his personal assistant Ricardo as the new Peacekeeper-X, wearing an advanced suit of armor made with nanotechnology kitted out with extremely dangerous weapons meant for warzones. Hunting down Mahoney, Peacekeeper-X unleashes the full capabilities of his suit which very much resembles a dark version of Marvel's Iron Man suit. The similarities are even clearer when Ricardo fires a fully charged blast from his light cannon, which is not at all unlike Tony Stark's less deadly repulsors.

While Batman tried to intervene, not even the Dark Knight was able to stop the Peacekeepers' brawl. But despite the dangerous power of Peacekeeper-X, Mahoney still managed to get the upper hand, his confused terror having turned into an unbridled rage that resulted in his murder of Ricardo. To make matters worse, Simon Saint then ordered Peacekeeper-X's suit and the drones they had deployed to self-destruct for maximum damage, unwilling to allow Batman access the Magistrate's technology. With an entire city block of Gotham being destroyed in the resulting explosion, things are not looking good for Batman, who's thus far been unable to quell the fears and chaos that's overtaken Gotham. However, it looks as though he's finally getting some much-needed backup in the form of Miracle Molly by the issue's end.

Regardless, the fact that the Magistrate essentially deployed their own version of Iron Man into Gotham and was still unable to stop Peacekeeper-01 is not a good sign. Scarecrow has transformed and corrupted their agent into something monstrous, planning to use Sean Mahoney as the lightning rod that will bring Gotham to his theorized point of clarity Scarecrow calls the "Fear State." Here's hoping Batman and his allies will be able to save Gotham before Crane causes any more damage.

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