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Battlefield 2042's Specialists vs. Classes - Which Is Better?

Battlefield 2042 has done away with the series' class-based system, replacing the medic, recon, assault and support classes with specialist characters and different packages. These new specialists come equipped with more detailed character models and unique gadgets, but also more defined personalities, bringing DICE's latest Battlefield installment up to date with competitors such as Rainbow Six: Siege and Apex Legends, which both incorporated hero-shooter elements years earlier.

While 2042 is the first Battlefield game to do away with the series' traditional class system, DICE laid the groundwork for such a change in Battlefield V, which was the most customizable Battlefield game to date. While the class system was preserved, DICE introduced Elite characters not long after the game's launch, with each one having fleshed out backstories, unique voice lines and melee weapons. The system seen in 2042 is a natural progression of this, although there are still some big differences between it and the one seen in Battlefield V, meaning Battlefield players are likely to have a preference between the two.

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Thankfully, given the comprehensive scale of the game, Battlefield 2042's Portal mode enables players to experience the various class-based systems from Battlefield's past. With the mode, players will be able to play all of 2042's maps with the classes seen in older Battlefield titles, whether their preference lies with the versions seen in Battlefield 1942Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3. It allows for the reverse as well of course; should players wish to take 2042's specialists into maps featured in Battlefield 1942 or Bad Company 2, then that option is also available. The option of experimenting with these two distinct systems presents plenty of new gameplay opportunities, and may even encourage some healthy debate among Battlefield fans as to whether or not specialists are an improvement on the old system, or if 2042 has fixed something that wasn't broken in the first place.

Battlefield 3 ranks among the most critically acclaimed entries in DICE's franchise, with the power of the Frostbite game engine delivering the then most detailed Battlefield game to date. It may also possibly have the definitive incarnation of the series' class-based system, balancing the game's delicate rock-paper-scissors approach to gameplay across four separate classes, each excelling in a different role.

DICE has tweaked Battlefield's classes numerous times over the series' history, and Battlefield 3 was no exception, boasting a number of key changes between it and its immediate predecessor, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The four classes present were assault, engineer, support and recon. Assault took on the responsibilities of the medic class from Bad Company 2, being given health kits and defibrillators to revive teammates as opposed to ammunition crates, while retaining assault rifles as a primary weapon. The newly invented support class now made use of said ammunition crates, whilst utilizing an arsenal of light machine guns to suppress enemies. Engineers stayed the same as they were in Bad Company 2, being given access to carbines and explosives to engage armored vehicles. Recon, meanwhile, also saw minimal adjustments, with the focus of the class still being on intelligence gathering and picking off enemies with sniper rifles.

There was some crossover in the weaponry between the classes (shotguns could be used regardless of the class chosen, for instance), but each class had a unique role to serve on the battlefield, and the team that had the best variety of squads more often than not emerged victorious. The designs for each soldier were also distinct, with each character having an obvious silhouette that made assessing the threat posed by a given enemy easy.

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What's more, though, is that they weren't too unique. Battlefield has always been at its best when making the player feel as though they're just a tiny cog in a massive conflict. While players would encounter multiple of the same character model, they looked generic enough to sell the idea that they were fighting alongside dozens of other soldiers. That's one thing the specialists of Battlefield 2042 don't convey as easily, as even though DICE has introduced greater customization options for those characters, in effect making each specialist more unique to an individual player, their personalities are still more distinct and recognizable in-game.

The specialists in Battlefield 2042 look fantastic. DICE has developed some gorgeous-looking character models in recent years, whether that be in Battlefield or Star Wars Battlefront 2, and the decision to apply hero-shooter elements to 2042 has enabled the studio to go even further with their designs. Battlefield V's elites were heavily promoted, but they weren't a core part of its gameplay. 2042's specialists most definitely are though - for better and for worse.

Aside from the striking designs and personalities, the most important thing about specialists in Battlefield 2042 is their gadgets. Each specialist comes equipped with a unique ability that compliments a given player's gameplay style. Mackay, for example, comes equipped with a grappling hook that works not all that dissimilarly to the one used by the pilots in Respawn's Titanfall 2, or Pathfinder in Apex Legends, allowing players to navigate the map more efficiently and find more vertical angles to get the drop on opponents. Other specialists, like Boris, can lay down an automated turret to supplement a given squad's firepower, while Sundance (who isn't playable in Battlefield 2042's beta) is given a wingsuit to replace their parachute.

The addition of these unique gadgets adds another wrinkle to the traditional Battlefield formula, but it also represents a big departure from the series' tried and tested class-based gameplay. Classes are still present in a way, as 2042's specialists have the option of choosing a given package to take into battle before spawning, but DICE has made them less distinct as weapons are now no longer locked behind a given class. Players still have to perform a unique role in a match depending on the role they select, but now there's nothing to stop them from using a sniper rifle as a medic, or an LMG as an engineer, with rocket launchers and robot dogs also available to every specialist.

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One thing this does do is increase the variety of options available to players in terms of class builds. In theory, players should be able to personalize their Battlefield experience more than ever before, leading to innovative new squad compositions, as well as more unpredictable confrontations.

Battlefield 2042's specialists bring some exciting new additions to the franchise, with DICE adding new abilities that shake up the series' traditional gameplay. The new character designs look great, with each specialist also boasting a unique personality that players may warm to in a similar fashion to those spotlighted in other series like Overwatch and Apex Legends. At the same time though, some players may see these specialists as being over-designed, and possibly even decide they detract from the series' immersive qualities, owing to the fact the models seen in previous Battlefield entries were less conspicuous.

Ultimately, the decision to innovate on Battlefield's traditional class system in Battlefield 2042 is a bold one. Battlefield's classes have been a core staple of the franchise since its conception, and DICE had only provided minor changes to them over the years. It's a win-win situation for Battlefield players though, as with the addition of Portal in 2042, they can choose which system they prefer. 2042's specialists are bringing new gadgets to the table, but it remains to be seen whether it will impact Battlefield's formula for the better, or prove to be an unnecessary addition.

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