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Deathloop: The 10 Best Characters In The Video Game, Ranked

Arkane Studios’ Deathloop has received positive reviews thanks to its unique premise and original gameplay mechanics. Players who experience the game for the first time likely find themselves glued to their controllers, wanting to uncover the next piece of the puzzle in the looping world.

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Aside from its distinct gameplay, Deathloop has wowed critics and fans with its compelling story and well-written characters. From the protagonist, Colt, to Visionaries like Egor and Dr. Wenjie, the island of Blackreef is teeming with exciting interactions and intriguing conversations with the often odd individuals. The best among them have fascinating backstories and crucial roles to play in the game.

10 Ramblin’ Frank Spicer

Frank is a wannabe rockstar who runs his own radio show from his Blackreef casino, The Rambling Rock Club. The Visionary was invited to the AEON program because of his connections with powerful people who could supply the island with scientific equipment and weapons.

It’s revealed later in the game that Frank is hurt by Colt’s pursuit of breaking the loop, as he is in love and may have even been involved with The Captain in the past, which brings important LGBTQ+ representation to the video game. Despite this connection with the protagonist, Frank isn’t the most significant or interesting character in the game. He’s easily killed through his obsession with fireworks, as Colt can simply rig his machines to blow up.

9 Harriet Morse

Harriet plays the role of a manipulative cult leader who enjoys leading her group of fanatics on Blackreef island. Players eventually uncover her dark past and learn about her parents’ death because of a plane crash. This leaves Harriet stuck with her devious guardian, Eleanor, who slowly siphons from her parents’ company “through stock shares and barristers.”

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Harriet is deeply hurt by this betrayal, as she considered her guardian her second mother. She doesn’t hesitate to kill Eleanor and develop herself into a self-help guru. Although her backstory and role as a cult leader are intriguing, they aren’t as developed as the other Visionaries’ narratives and she rarely joins in on the conversation in the Mini-Com logs. It also isn’t too challenging to kill her in the game, as players simply have to equip a good gun and hunt her down in Karl’s Bay.

8 Fia Zborowska

Fia is the controlling half of the central romance in Deathloop. She has a tight grip on Charlie who can’t help but be enamored by the artist. It’s not clear why she went to the island in the first place, as she’s not too happy about her situation on Blackreef.

The artist is in charge of all creative decisions about the island, which means every aesthetic choice was made by her. Players can choose to kill the fashionable Visionary in a dramatic way when she meets up with Charlie in the underground facility on Fristad Rock. After pulling a lever, the facility is flooded and the two of them drown as they argue one last time. While entertaining, Fia's relationship with Charlie is too unhealthy and destructive to qualify as one of the best romances in video games.

7 Charlie Montague

Charlie was recruited to join the AEON program because of his engineering and coding skills, which were crucial for designing the advanced equipment and Mini-Com system on Blackreef. He gets into a chaotic relationship with Fia, who somehow convinces him to get part of his brain surgically removed, telling him it’s “addition through subtraction.”

After Charlie’s brain is altered by Dr. Wenjie, he’s never the same. It damages his mind and makes him obsessed with games. His hideout in Updaam is a game in itself, which forces players into the role of the “Invader” in a wacky murder house. There are a ton of challenges on Blackreef designed and run by Charlie and the master of his computational games, 2-B.I.T. Charlie is a brilliant character who is responsible for several entertaining locations in Deathloop.

6 Egor Serling

Egor is one of the most important characters in the game, as he’s the first Visionary who got Colt out of the asylum so they could explore the anomaly on Blackreef and figure out how to exploit it. Without him, the AEON program would have never been established.

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He’s an eccentric and extremely sensitive person who is awkward and is often looked down upon by both Visionaries and Eternalists on the island. He’s usually mocked or patronized by other people on Blackreef, who call him a “loser” and make fun of his scientific “breakthroughs.” Egor regularly conducts experiments on his own, trying his best to find out more about his latest “breakthrough.”

5 2-B.I.T.

A surprisingly amusing character in Deathloop is the adorable 2-B.I.T., who is reminiscent of some of the best animal sidekicks in video games, except he’s a robot. The AI was designed and constructed by Charlie, who put a chunk of his own brain into the robot to serve as a “bio-processor for ultra-smart storage” – this means 2-B.I.T. is able to remember events from previous loops.

With a few compliments and promises about becoming a “user,” Colt sways him over to his side. Players can eventually become a “Power User” by talking to 2-B.I.T. or hacking his systems, either way, the bot becomes attached to the protagonist and believes in his promise to set him free one day.

4 Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey

The “Alpha Wolf,” Aleksis, wasn’t always the egoistic party animal on Blackreef. He used to run a pharmaceutical company, which gave him the necessary wealth and skills to become the AEON program’s financial backer.

On the island, Aleksis runs a nightly masquerade where a few Visionaries and a lot of Eternalists are invited. He’s obsessed with anything wolf-related, so everyone is required to wear wolf masks to his soiree. This makes targeting him extra challenging, with one of the more fun ways of luring him out involving changing the music. The narcissistic Aleksis will jump out in a comical way and push everyone aside screaming “Everybody shut up! This is my jam.” This gives players a clear line of sight and an opportunity to take him down.

3 Dr. Wenjie Evans

Dr. Wenjie is one of the smartest and most powerful women in video games, what with her brilliant work on the Visionaries’ slabs, trinkets, and the time loop itself. She mostly keeps to herself and is described in a note as someone who “never stops working.”

She’s also the only one who’s still interested in uncovering the mysteries of the anomaly, being especially focused on researching Operation Horizon. Egor may have brought the island to the Visionaries’ attention, but it was Dr. Wenjie who made it possible to live within the time loop.

2 Julianna Blake

Julianna is the game’s main antagonist who believes it’s her duty to “protect the loop.” She becomes obsessed with killing Colt, who turns out to be her father, over and over again. It’s not clear why she’s able to remember the events from every loop like the protagonist.

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She’s one of the characters players will encounter the most throughout the game, whether it’s through Colt’s radio or when she infiltrates the current day and blocks the tunnels. Depending on what players choose to do during the ending, Julianna will either be set free from the loop or her and Colt decide to embrace their chaotic cat-and-mouse relationship for eternity on Blackreef.

1 Colt Vahn

Players know close to nothing about Colt during the first few minutes of the game and discovering more about his past is one of the most exciting things to do in Deathloop. Players eventually learn about his heartbreaking experience losing Lila after he gets stuck in a previous loop through Operation Horizon.

His main motivation for joining AEON is to get back to his lost lover somehow, only to be surprised that they have a daughter together, Julianna. As players piece together more details about Colt’s life, it’s easy to feel sympathetic towards the character. His impressive strategies and mastery of a variety of weapons make him a skilled fighter who can take on whatever the loop throws at him. Thanks to how fun it is to play as him and to learn about his moving backstory, he has quickly become an iconic character in the gaming community.

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