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Every Kalos Legendary & Mythical Pokémon, Ranked By Strength

Generation VI of the Pokémon franchise introduced the world to the Kalos region. XY is perhaps most famous for implementing Mega Evolution. This feature boosted the way certain Pokémon could battle, but it was only available in a few games. Other incredible additions to the series were the new Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, some of which were introduced at the same time in both the Kalos games and the Hoenn remakes.

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Though they were few in number, these creatures made a significant impact on the main series games. They are usually only available late in-game or through specific events. If trainers can obtain them though, they can be excellent team members for the remainder of a playthrough.

6 Diancie

Diancie is often forgotten by a large portion of players, even though it is a Mythical Pokémon with some of the best lore in the franchise. In battle, though, it is not the strongest of its classification. Its HP is underwhelming, but its high defensive stats make up for it a bit. Both its offensive stats are also good but not great, and its Speed stat is low.

All in all, Diancie is good because it is a Mythical Pokémon, but it is mediocre when compared to other Mythicals. A Mega Evolution made it much better, but Mega Diancie was introduced in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, not X and Y.

5 Hoopa Confined

Hoopa Unbound is an offensive powerhouse. Unfortunately, this form is not available in X and Y but was introduced in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Even without its more powerful variant, Hoopa Confined is an effective glass cannon.

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Its Attack is fairly high and its Special Attack is fantastic. In addition, its Special Defense is great, so it can take hits from Special attackers well. The biggest weakness of both of Hoopa's forms is their low Defense stat paired with their only decent HP stat. If Hoopa can take out enemies in one hit, this is not an issue, but it can otherwise be in trouble.

4 Zygarde 50% Forme

As one of the Pokémon with the most alternate forms, Zygarde is a fascinating creature. When it is in its Complete Forme, it has terrifying power. One caveat is that to change to its Complete Forme, it must first reach half of its maximum health. In addition, Zygarde was not able to change forms in the main series games until Sun and Moon, and Kalos only introduced its 50% Forme. Despite not being in its strongest state, this form of Zygarde is still capable.

It has a great HP stat, and this combines with its high Defense and fairly high Special Defense to provide Zygarde with decent bulk. Also, its offensive stats are decent but nothing extraordinary. It gets a much-needed upgrade in Generation VII, but Zygarde 50% Forme can still be a strong combatant.

3 Volcanion

The Mythical Pokémon Volcanion is unique in that it is the only Pocket Monster with the Fire/Water dual-typing. It is also fairly powerful. Both its offensive stats are reasonable, with its Special Attack being slightly higher. It is not the fastest Pokémon around, but it can deal with Physical damage well with help from its high Defense stat. Special damage, however, is a bit more difficult for Volcanion to take.

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With its unique typing, though, Volcanion has several resistances, and its Ability Water Absorb makes it immune to Water moves, restoring HP instead of taking damage. It is exceptional among most non-Mythicals and non-Legendaries, but when compared to some Pokémon of those classifications, its stats are less impressive.

2 Yveltal

The box art Legendary for Pokémon Y, Yveltal has great stats that help it destroy many enemy teams. Its Attack and Special Attack each have the same high stat value, so Yveltal can deal with opponents that would resist either category. Its defensive stats are not exceptional, but its high HP gives it the necessary bulk to take a large amount of damage. It often does not need this, though, because its Speed, while not extraordinary, lets it move faster than many opponents.

Additionally, Yveltal can learn some excellent attacks, such as Dark Pulse, one of the most powerful Dark moves, as well as some other great coverage attacks. It also has the Ability Dark Aura, which boosts Dark-type damage for all Pokémon in combat.

1 Xerneas

With pure Fairy typing, Xerneas has the edge over Yveltal. This type is one of the best in the games, with only two vulnerabilities: Steel and Poison. Not only this, but Xerneas is also perhaps the strongest pure Fairy-type Pokémon in the series. In addition, it has the same stat distribution as Yveltal, so it has the same stat-related strengths and weaknesses. Xerneas's Ability Fairy Aura also works similarly to Yveltal's Ability, but it instead powers up Fairy-type damage.

Geomancy, Xerneas's signature move, takes two turns to use, but it dramatically raises its Special stats and Speed. Its other move options are also viable, and it can use attacks of many types that offer coverage against a variety of opponents. The box art Legendary for Pokémon X showed that Fairy-types may have been new, but they could compete with the strongest Pocket Monsters.

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