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Far Cry 6: Where to Find All Banditos Leaders | Screen Rant

One of the most interesting aspects of Far Cry 6 is the ability to recruit unique companions with intriguing backstories and abilities. There are eight Banditos Leaders that can be recruited throughout Far Cry 6's large map, each with different stat bonuses that make them more or less helpful in a given situation. They can make the game easier, and give players another character to explore.

In order to be recruited alongside Dani in the fight against Far Cry 6's Anton Castillo, the Bandito Leaders' side quests must be finished. These give some insight into each of the characters' motives, backgrounds, and skills that they bring to the table for the player.

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To get these quests, the Bandito Leader in question must be located. Recruiting these Bandito Leaders may be harder than some other unlockables in Far Cry 6, is much easier with awareness of where they are and what prerequisites are needed to start their missions.

Benito: Benito is essentially given to the player during the intro missions on Isla Santuario. His abilities give him a +50% construction success chance, and a -50% metal requirement for construction.

Big Papi: To get Big Papi, go to Duende Island off the eastern coast of Valle De Oro. Juan will call Dani upon arrival, which will trigger the "Big Papi in Little Yara" mission that allows the recruitment of Big Papi. His abilities give him a +50% chance to succeed in Assaults, and a -25% operation time for Banditos.

Alfredo Maximo: In order to get Alfredo Maximo, the main story missions for The Legends and La Moral must be complete. Once they are, it will unlock "The Lion's Roar," which will allow the player to recruit Alfredo. His abilities give him +50% Bribery success chance, and -50% Pesos requirements.

Freddy Jr: Freddy Jr's quest is unlocked by collecting information from a random guerrilla. Usually, these are just used to get FND Cache locations or other helpful information, but after a while, one will give you the "Stealing Home" quest that allows the recruitment of Freddy Jr. His abilities give him a +50% Sniper success chance, and a +10% blanket success chance throughout any Operation wherein a Sniper action was chosen.

Sergio: Sergio's quest, "Tricks of the Trade," is found in Conception, east of El Este, after completing the main story missions for The Legends and La Moral in El Este. His abilities give him a +50% success chance for Stealth actions, and additional intel about leader suitability for other operations.

Isabela and Marisol: Isabela and Marisol are unlocked together in Noventarmas in Valle De Oro. There, the "Wing and a Prayer" quest can be found. Isabella's abilities give a +50% success chance to Ambushes, and +10% success chance to one choice for each step of an Ambush. Marisol's abilities give +50% success chance to Interrogations and -50% Medicine requirements.

Zenia: To get Zenia, all of Far Cry 6's Yaran Story missions must be completed. This includes the first quest, "Stealing Thunder," located in Madraguda. After that is "Heavy Metal," and last is "Paint the Town." Zenia's abilities give a +50% success chance to Sabotages and a -50% Gasolina requirement.

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Far Cry 6 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4/5, and PC.

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