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Final Fantasy XIV: The Best Ways to Farm MGP in The Gold Saucer

Manderville Gold Saucer Points, or MGP for short, is the currency unique to Final Fantasy XIV's Gold Saucer, the in-game arcade where players can earn an abundance of rewards. Prizes include eccentric outfits, unique weapon skins, and exclusive Final Fantasy XIV Mounts such as the adorable Korpokkur Kolossus and legendary Sabotender Emperador. Every activity in the Gold Saucer will reward players from modest to massive amounts of MGP. Indeed, those who spend their primary playtime at Final Fantasy XIV's arcade zone are bound to earn whatever prize they desire relatively quickly.

However, many players may wish to spend minimal time in the Gold Saucer while working towards the unique rewards they can't unlock anywhere else. Grinding for MGP can become tedious, especially when there's so much other content in Final Fantasy XIV that players may have an interest in. While earning MGP in the Gold Saucer may seem intimidating, there are approaches that newer players can take to farm the Final Fantasy XIV currency as efficiently as possible.

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First and foremost, the best way to farm MGP is by focusing on the Gold Saucer's Challenge Log. The Challenge Log, which players can unlock by completing the Level 15 MSQ, "Rising to the Challenge," is the most crucial method of earning MGP with the least amount of effort. Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG well-known for compensating players just for participating in an activity. The Gold Saucer's Challenge Log is a perfect example, granting free MGP for players who interact with the more elaborate minigames.

Here are the Challenges that reward players' participation in the Gold Saucer.

Gold Saucer Minigames

  • Complete 3 Minigames (1,000 MGP)
  • Earn 100 MGP from Mini-Games (1,500 MGP)

The best minigame to choose in the Gold Saucer is "Out on a Limb," a moderately straightforward and easy-to-win wood-cutting simulator. It should take no less than 5 minutes to complete these two challenges and earn 2,600+ MGP.

Gold Saucer Gates 

  • Participate in 5 GATEs (5,000 MGP)
  • Successfully Complete 3 GATEs (8,000 MGP)

Gates are the special Duties in the Gold Saucer that are held every 20 minutes. Gates are fun to participate in, and finishing the two Challenges should take players less than 2 hours, including downtime.

Chocobo Racing

Chocobo Racing is a whole complex system on its own; however, players wanting the easy MGP from the Challenges only need to register and enter a race. One race should take a player about 2.3 minutes to complete, meaning it will take less than an hour to earn 13,000+ MGP.

  • Enter 3 Chocobo Races (5,000 MGP)
  • Enter 20 Chocobo Races (8,000 MGP)

Triple Triad

  • Play Triple Triad 10 Times (5,000 MGP)
  • Play 5 Triple Triad Matches in the Battlehall (2,500 MGP)

Triple Triad may seem daunting from a glance, but as mentioned above, players only need to play it to earn MGP. A loss will take the players back a few MGP, but the profit from Challenge completion is definitely worth it.

Lord of Verminion

  • Play Lord of Verminion 1 Times (5,000 MGP)
  • Play Lord of Verminion 3 Times (10,000 MGP)
  • Play Lord of Verminion 5 Times (12,000 MGP)

Lord of Verminion is Final Fantasy XIV's mini-MOBA that players can enter and concede after 15 seconds to complete these Challenges.

The Mini Cactpot, Jumbo Cactpot, weekly Fashion Report are self-evident essentials for earning effortless MGP in the Gold Saucer. Additionally, Final Fantasy XIV's live Moogle Treasure Trove event will allow players to obtain 50,000 MGP for 30 Irregular Tomestones of Lore.

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Final Fantasy 14 is available on PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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