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Friday The 13th: 8 Unpopular Opinions About The Movies, According To Reddit

With 12 movies, a TV series, and a video game, the Friday the 13th franchise retains its popularity throughout the years. Fans still clamor for another movie, all the while sharing their opinions of the ones previously released.

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But that doesn't mean they all agree. The Friday the 13th fanbase is extremely opinionated, and sometimes these opinions seem to come out of left field. Whether it be a generally hated installment that the fan enjoyed or a beloved installment a fan despised, fans' point of view is all over the place.

On a thread titled "Unpopular opinions: Friday the 13th series," one user showed some love to Friday the 13th (2009). NegativePiglet8 said, "The remake is one of the best in the series."

But while the remake does have its moments, it's rarely seen as one of the series' high points in a ranking of the best Friday the 13th movies. Many fans find it a little too glossy and polished for the series, even if it does have a killer opening 15 minutes.

One Redditor had some positive things to say about Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. According to jkrau175, "I actually enjoyed Jason Goes to Hell ... Jason looked awesome (when he was around) ... the Freddy glove at the end ... the Necronomicon ... I also liked how it tried something different."

But it's the Redditor's last point that is controversial. Jason Goes to Hell did some things that both furthered the franchise and showed reverence for its past. These elements were well-received, but Jason's newfound body-swapping ability was definitively not.

One Redditor, The_night_lurker, had a lot of things to say about the series and how derivative they think it is. However, it was their opinion on Jason Goes to Hell that could easily be seen as unpopular. They said, "I think Jason Goes to Hell is terrible in its narrative and plot devices, but the male lead is one of the best characters in the franchise. I would say he is the best besides Mrs. Voorhees and maybe Jason in part II."

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Mrs. Voorhees being one of the franchise's best characters is beyond question. However, Jason from Friday the 13th Part II is a startling inclusion over the Friday the 13th's best protagonist/Final Girl, Ginny Field. If Jason Goes to Hell's Steven Freeman is one of the best characters of the series, Ginny definitely is. Jason is a great character, but it seems as though the Redditor is looking for depth (which Steven Freeman does possess). If that's the case, putting one version of Jason over the franchise's best Final Girl is questionable.

IcedPgh doled out two unpopular opinions about the Friday the 13th franchise. The first comment was about the 10th installment, the space-themed Jason X. In their words, "I have NO IDEA why Jason X is considered bad. Did people even watch it for what it is or, like with Halloween III, just prejudge it?"

But most fans would say that Jason X isn't considered the worst installment of the franchise because of pre-existing expectations. In fact, many felt it was cheap-looking with a poorly written script with irrational characters. This isn't new to the franchise, but most fans of the franchise expressed that Jason X took it to an unbearable and cheesy new level. Regardless, at least one person thinks Jason X is underrated.

IcedPgh's second controversial comment was about the franchise's fourth installment, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Simply put, "The Final Chapter isn't that great, pretty boring."

But this opinion is quite controversial, as many would say that Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter is anything but boring. Its pacing is on par with Friday the 13thFriday the 13th Part II, and Friday the 13th Part III and the series consistently follows a rigid, three-act structure (set up the characters, kill them off, Final Girl chase), just like the other installments the Redditor apparently prefers.

The bread and butter of the Friday the 13th series is its usage of practical effects for the kills. But MildMeatball doesn't agree, saying, "Part 7 is good. None of the Friday films have particularly impressive gore, so it doesn't lose all that much due to MPAA censorship."

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The Redditor is referring to the fact that the MPAA, which was never kind to the franchise, was particularly harsh to Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood. It's a film loaded front to back with scenes that end jarringly. The user is saying that this didn't end up mattering, as the films' death scenes aren't done impressively, to begin with. But beginning with Tom Savini's incredible work in the original, most fans would agree that Friday the 13th's makeup is one of its stronger production elements.

A now-deleted user wrote a substantial amount about their opinion of the series. The most unpopular part has to do with Sean S. Cunningham's original. They say, "The original sucks. The acting is really bad. Alice is the worst heroine of any slasher and by far the least likable. The kills don't make sense after the reveal. It's hard to watch, but only surpassed in shi**iness by 5 and 8."

The Friday the 13th franchise has never been known to contain Oscar-worthy acting. However, the cast's prowess in the original is actually quite impressive. They all feel like a hybridization of a real person and a movie character, making their falls all the sadder. The Redditor's attack on Alice is also baffling. Alice Hardy is no Laurie Strode but calling her the "worst heroine of any slasher" is a stretch. Most unpopular and confusing of all is how the film's kills don't make sense after the reveal of Mrs. Voorhees. Admittedly, her reveal is a horror movie plot twist that doesn't work, but how it negates the impact or logistics of her deeds is a mystery.

Xtremely_DeLux had an interesting take on the franchise, placing the short-lived TV series over the movies. "I like the TV series about the cursed items much more than the movies."

Friday the 13th: The Series was a three-season show that into more fantastical territory than the film series. In fact, The Series never included Jason Voorhees, whatsoever. This alone would place it on the lower end of the franchise in most fans' eyes. What it does have, however, is one of the movie series' lead actors, as John D. LeMay (Steven Freeman in Jason Goes to Hell) played one of the series' leads in the first two seasons.

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