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Good Girls: Beth's 10 Best Quotes | Screen Rant

In Good Girls, Beth Boland is always the brains behind the numerous crimes that she, her younger sister, and her best friend commit. Initially, the mother of four only commits offenses to get enough money to erase the financial muddle caused by her husband, but she soon becomes addicted to the thrill that comes with lawbreaking.

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Beth's new life has its disadvantages, and there is always a major problem for her to solve. It's while thinking on her feet that she comes up with some of the best remarks on the show. Some of Beth's other quotes are inspired by her love for her friend and sister as well as the belief that she is always doing the right thing.

While discussing ways to help Ruby pay for her daughter's surgery, Annie asks if financing is an option. Her sister shuts her down in the perfect way.

Beth is the undisputed queen of burns and whenever she is not in a good mood, even her sister ends up as a casualty. Both Annie's innocent question and Beth's response are hilarious. Thanks to her naivety, most things in life are alien to Annie. As for Beth, she is one of the smartest characters in Good Girls, and she never understands why other people lack the knowledge she possesses.

Early in the series, a concerned Dean demands to know about Beth's secret life. Beth, on the other hand, doesn't feel she owes him any explanation, especially since he is the one who put her in this mess.

Beth is hardly joking when she informs Dean that she has killed and buried the submissive part of her. He is seen making his own dinner in future seasons and he only has himself to blame for losing some privileges. He has no idea how to get his family out of the hole he has dug so Beth thus has to do it. Unfortunately for Dean, Beth gets too fond of problem-solving that she no longer considers him a priority.

Ruby becomes upset when Stan asks her to pay him back the money she took from some of their savings. To hurt him, she suggests robbing the strip club where he works. Beth is shocked at the suggestion and advises couples therapy instead.

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Ruby and Stan have always been two of the most reasonable people on the show but when their marriage begins to crumble, they both become reckless. Ruby is the reason Stan lost his job as a police officer and her suggestion to do something else that might hurt him even more, is strange. Luckily, she has a friend like Beth who brings her back to the highway when she veers off.

Rio might be one of the best male characters in Good Girls, but his habit of giving Beth overnight jobs is frowned upon by both viewers and the character herself. One morning, he pretends to be sympathetic when he realizes just how exhausted she is but she won't entertain his mockery.

The Rio-Beth exchanges never fail to entertain, largely because of Beth's retorts. Having a large family means Beth rarely has time to rest. Since her kids are young, they are always needing assistance and she has to step up as a parent. Consequently, her body has adjusted to the constant feeling of fatigue.

Rio is usually a topic in whatever discussion the ladies are having. On one occasion, they wonder whether they all deserve to go to jail, including him. Beth disagrees. According to her, only Rio belongs behind bars.

In this quote, Beth is attempting to classify evil into good-evil and bad-evil. She is of the opinion that the kind of evil Rio does is the kind someone deserves to go to jail for. After all, he chose to be a criminal. As for the trio, it's circumstances that have turned them into lawbreakers. Unfortunately for Beth, the judicial system doesn't share her opinion.

Beth's husband Dean tolerates her criminal lifestyle, but he is never happy about it. Neither is Stan, who confronts Beth and orders her to leave his wife Ruby alone. However, Beth has no intention of breaking up the gang just because spouses are lamenting.

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Independence and equality are frequently brought up in the NBC crime drama. The declaration that the trio will not bend to men's wills not only re-emphasizes the aforementioned themes but also gives them the green light to make add new entries to their long list of felonies. They are justified in sticking together since their friendship has stood the test of time. The men in their lives came much later.

Rio demands that Beth kill Mary Pat when he learns that the Single Shopper Initiative member is blackmailing the trio for $10,000 every month. He keeps on emphasizing the importance of taking out rotten eggs, but Beth shuts him down.

Two of Beth's best traits are her courage and confidence. She always stands up for herself even when there's a gun to her head. She isn't the type to sit and be told what to do, even when it's a dangerous gangbanger. Regarding the Mary Pat issue, she shares Rio's concerns but she has no idea how she will handle the matter. Nevertheless, she knows she will figure it out her own way.

When confronted by Dean about whether she will ever let go of her criminal adventures, Beth admits she likely won't. She has finally found something she is really good at.

Beth's honesty is the reason she is one of the most likable Good Girls characters. For a long time, Beth convinced herself that she is only stuck in the world of crime because of her family's financial woes and because Rio won't let her go. In reality, planning heists, printing counterfeit money and organizing hits give her an adrenaline rush. She has already broken bad and reversing the process isn't something she's keen on doing.

Beth and Annie become concerned when Mr. Fitzpatrick, the hitman the former hired to kill Rio goes missing. Annie asks Beth whether she has looked for him on Facebook, and Beth can't help but laugh.

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Annie rarely comes up with the best of ideas, but she has a logical argument on this particular situation. Even though Beth finds Annie's words amusing, she argues that none of them know how hitmen communicate, so reaching out on Facebook isn't within the realm of possibility. They are suburban mums, after all, so if they are to look for Mr. Fitzpatrick, they might as well browse through social media platforms as well.

One of the tasks Mick gives Beth is collecting money from all the people that owe the gang. He gives her a gun and a bag. His instructions are clear: She is to tell each one of them that she is "the banker," and they'll know what to do. While collecting, Beth enjoys the assignment so much that she adds "b----" every time she identifies herself.

It's yet another moment that shows Beth is cut out for this life. No matter how much she tries to quit, she will never truly be able to do so. Above all things, Beth enjoys being in a position where she can issue orders, hence the reason this assignment makes her so excited. Seeing business owners act submissively to her is refreshing since she is used to getting such treatment only from subordinates at the car wash.

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