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How to Unlock The Secret Far Cry 6 Ending | Screen Rant

Far Cry 6 intends for its protagonist, Dani, to do the admirable thing and fight alongside the resistance, but a Secret Ending allows players to say otherwise. Secret endings began in the series with the release of Far Cry 4, and they've become a staple experience in the action-adventure FPS ever since. While these endings are likely not canon by any means, they do indulge the idea that the hero of a story doesn't have to be the hero. Far Cry 6's protagonists can be whatever they want to be.

Far Cry 6 begins with Dani working alongside the Guerrillas to prevent Antón Castillo from enforcing his dictatorship across Yara. The Guerrillas find themselves in quite the predicament, however, as a blockade of Castillo's ships has surrounded the island they're on, preventing them from being able to return to their headquarters. With Dani's help, the ships are destroyed, and in exchange for her aid, Clara gives her the boat she promised. Far Cry 6 intends for Dani to use the boat to travel to the next island, but taking an alternate route triggers the secret ending.

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After the cutscene with Juan and Clara, Dani is free to use the boat however she chooses. To trigger the secret ending, Dani needs to start the boat and turn around to a pathway between two small islands. After sailing off into the sunset for a brief moment, Dani says, "I'm sorry, Clara. Not my fight," and the screen fades to black.

Triggering the dialogue and cutscene for the secret ending will immediately award the Far Cry 6 Achievement or Trophy called "Hidden In Plain Sight." There is a title that reads "3 Months Later" as the screen fades into Miami and Dani relaxing on a beach. A radio is playing in the background, and the host of the radio show is announcing worldly news. One of those announcements is the fate of Clara and the Libertad.

With Dani gone from the civil war in Yara, Clara and the Libertad end up losing to Castillo. Castillo, unsurprisingly, is executed by Castillo's Special Forces. Dani remains on the beach, unphased by the news and soaking up the sun. Far Cry 6's story ends here, and the screen fades to black as Far Cry 6's end credits begin to appear.

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Far Cry 6 is available on Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4/5, and PC.

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