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Inscryption: How To Find & Beat The Secret Boss (Act 3)

Inscryption is an indie horror deck-builder that takes the player through a bizarre and twisted campaign to unravel the mysteries of the game and its cryptic OLD_DATA. Players must build their decks, battle bosses, and solve escape room-style puzzles in various mediums. Along with its puzzles and mystifying lore, Inscryption has plenty of secrets hidden in the pockets of its data.

The Mycologist is a secret boss that players can encounter in Act 3 of Inscryption. This boss also appears in both of the previous acts as a character who fuses the player’s duplicate cards together to double their stats and effects. In the first act, players could combine any two cards they had duplicates of, but they ask for specific pairs of cards in the second.

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To unlock the secret boss battle against the Mycologist, players must acquire the key in the second act. In Act 2, the Mycologist can be found in the mushroom hut to the right of the map, between Leshy’s forest and Grimora’s tomb. After finding and combining the four pairs of cards they request, a purple holographic key will appear, which can’t be used until later.

Once the player makes it to Botopia in Act 3 on Inscryption, they will have to make their way through to the waypoint in Eastern Botopia. Here, there is a hidden diagonal arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen, the only diagonal arrow to exist in the game. Entering this room will bring the player to a door locked with a purple holographic padlock, which can be unlocked with the matching key. Entering this room will initiate a fight, and mushrooms will sprout from the game board. The Mycologist will then take over P03’s body, and the secret boss battle will begin.

The Mycologist uses lane positioning to fuse their cards on the board, combining their stats and effects as they did with the player’s cards in the previous acts. This makes focus on the three center lanes absolutely crucial as the center card can become extremely strong very quickly. The Mycologist will also start strong with cards totaling 5 damage already on the board, so it’s important to place cards to block damage as quickly as possible.

Positioning stronger cards in the left-center and right-center lanes will prevent the opponent’s cards from reaching the center to fuse, and another card with high attack in the center will take out the opponent’s center card before it can become too powerful. It’s important to keep as many cards on the board as possible, especially before dealing the final blow of this phase. Not only will this help clear the opponent’s board, but it will also set the player up for the next phase of this boss fight.

Like most of the other bosses in Inscryption, the Mycologist has a second phase. Once the player tips the scale completely down, the Mycologist will fuse all of the cards on the board, leaving two amalgamations battling in the center. Cards on the player’s side of the board will fuse during this phase as well, so it’s important to keep their left-center and right-center lanes clear throughout the fight.

Once the player defeats the Mycologist, they will place a Gem Detonator and a Daus on the board, fusing them with whatever other cards were left at the end of the battle. The player will receive the amalgamate card, Mycobot, which retains whatever stats and effects it had at the end of the battle and costs 2 energy.

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Inscryption is available on PC.

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