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Iron Fist Title Passes to New Hero in Marvel Comics | Screen Rant

In 2022, Marvel Comics will welcome a new Immortal Iron Fist, as the legacy title for the fan-favorite martial artist passes to a new hero. Having passed on his power in the concluding issue of Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon, Danny Rand has - like his mentor Orson Randall - become one of few Iron Fists to step down rather than die in the role. While Rand will remain a hero in the Marvel Universe, it's time for a new hero to become the champion of K'un-Lun.

Coinciding with Danny Rand's loss of his unique abilities and artist Gunji's ominous Iron Fist No More artwork, it seems that next year will see classic Iron Fist Danny Rand officially relinquish his moniker, leaving another superhero to fill his shoes. The Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon limited series saw Rand sacrifice his powers to defeat an ultimate evil, with Wakandan general Okoye ultimately channeling them back into the egg of Shou-Lao the Undying. The event's finale left Danny powerless and free to move on to other ventures. However, there remain threats to humanity that only K'un-Lun's Immortal Weapon can combat.

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The future of the Iron Fist brand will begin with a five-issue miniseries from Alyssa Wong alongside artist Michael YG, set to release February 16, 2022. While Iron Fist marks YG's first foray into Marvel Comics, Wong has been at the helm of writing duties for Marvel's Star Wars spinoff Doctor Aphra since 2020. Wong and YG won't be alone in this new chapter of the Iron Fist story, with Jay Ramos onboard as the book's colorist. This original tale will see the mysterious new Iron Fist embark on a perilous journey of mystery and action in order to comprehend the powers and lineage which he is inheriting. To help commemorate the milestone event, regular Marvel artist Jim Cheung (Young Avengers) will be lending his talents to the main cover art for February's release of Iron Fist #1, as revealed in an announcement by Marvel.

While each new Iron Fist traditionally gains their powers by defeating Shou-Lao the Undying, the dragon was last seen as an egg, and usually takes years to regain its might after being reborn. Marvel's announcement hints that the new Iron Fist's powers may not actually come from this source, and that exploring the true nature of their abilities will be key to this debut adventure. Marvel has faced criticism in recent years for Iron Fist's entanglement with white savior narratives - especially following Finn Jones' casting in the Netflix adaptation - and it seems 2022's changing of the guard will be used to address this, continuing to increase the diversity of Marvel's huge line of heroes.

Given that 2021 is yet to completely unravel, the identity of the new Immortal Iron Fist remains a complete mystery, as does Danny Rand's new place in a world where - while lacking the ability to make his fist like unto a thing of iron - he remains one of the world's greatest martial artists, and a potential mentor to K'un-Lun's new champion. Fans can expect more details and inevitable preview pages for the highly anticipated title to come within the following months as the release of Iron Fist #1 draws near.

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