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Iron Man's Tech Combines with Mandalorian Armor in Awesome Cosplay

The Mandalorian and Iron Man unite in a fantastic new cosplay design that has surfaced online. The two heroes are cornerstones of Disney’s two biggest franchises: the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars. This cosplay has debuted to coincide with the onset of New York Comic Con, which is currently underway in The Empire State.

Though arguably a B-tier Marvel hero prior to the films, Tony Stark shot to the A-list in 2008 when Jon Favreau’s Iron Man debuted in theaters. Favreau served as the character’s shepherd through the MCU for several years and eventually made his way over to Star Wars with the development of The Mandalorian – a wholly new corner of the Star Wars mythos focusing on a lone warrior from the Mandalorian creed. Beloved by fans for their tech skills and tactical prowess, both Mando and Iron Man have become instantly recognizable for their iconic suits of armor to protect them in battle, making them popular cosplay choices for fans.

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With New York Comic Con now in full swing, some great cosplay designs have started to emerge. In fact, in a new post to Twitter, Frankly Built has shared a new cosplay design blending elements of Marvel’s Iron Man with the titular hero of The Mandalorian. Check out the cosplay below.

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Clearly there’s a unique blend of Iron Man and The Mandalorian’s suits in that post. Referred to as “Iron Mandalorian,” the color scheme is pure Iron Man, as is the body portion of the suit – which appears to take inspiration from the Phase 3 nano Iron Man suits from films like Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. However, the helmet looks like what one would get if Tony Stark designed a Star Wars helmet, offering the overall design from The Mandalorian, but with a primarily red color palette and a blue arc reactor glow in the visor.

Of course, cosplay like this tends to bring up questions as to whether or not we could someday see a Marvel and Star Wars crossover. It’s not impossible, as both properties are owned by Disney. That said, higher-ups at the studio level have noted that they don’t think a crossover would be possible and wouldn’t necessarily need to happen. However, as Marvel properties like What If…? and Loki dive increasingly further into the multiverse and Star Wars: Visions telling non-canon Star Wars tales, the possibility of a crossover (however unlikely) will always exist.

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Source: Frankly Built

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