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Jerry Seinfeld Apologizes For Bee Movie’s Sexual Undertones

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has recently apologized for the sexual undertones seen in the animated film Bee Movie. The movie released to mixed critical reviews and made a fair amount of money at the box office, but not enough to make a major profit. It was made by Dreamworks Animation, which has created other animated movies such as the Shrek franchise, the Kung Fu Panda trilogy, and the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy. Since its release in 2007, Bee Movie has evolved into a meme online, with one of the most prevalent things being merchandise containing the entire script of the movie on it. The film is known for being surprisingly adult and odd mix of genres.

Bee Movie follows the character of Barry B. Benson (voiced by Seinfeld), a honey bee who leaves his home in the hive to explore the human world. He ends up befriending a human named Vanessa (Renée Zellweger). From her, Barry finds out that humans exploit honey by selling and consuming it, so he decides to sue the human race. This ends up affecting both the human and bee world in massive ways. The movie also stars Matthew Broderick, Patrick Warburton, Chris Rock, and John Goodman.

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Now, in an interview on The Tonight Show, Jerry Seinfeld has reflected on the sexual undertones in the movie and apologized for it. Since he was a writer on the movie, he definitely had a hand in some of these undertones. Check out his quote down below:

"I apologize for what seems to be a certain uncomfortable subtle sexual aspect of the Bee Movie. [It] really was not intentional, but after it came out, I realized this is really not appropriate for children. Because the bee seemed to have a thing for the girl, and we don't really want to pursue that as an idea in children's entertainment."

Bee Movie, while considered a children's movie, certainly has more adult aspects that viewers realize as they get older. The movie has multiple innuendos that appear throughout. While other children's movies have had hidden jokes for older audiences, Bee Movie does not feel as much like one. It also becomes partly a legal drama during the court sequences, which is something that could bore children. As a whole, Bee Movie's adult jokes and themes, specifically the idea that Barry wants to be in a relationship with Vanessa, can be boiled down to the writing, so it makes sense that Seinfeld would be apologizing for it.

While Bee Movie has quite the legacy online, it does not necessarily mean the movie aged well. Still, the internet will never let it die given the many memes it has spawned. Jerry Seinfeld's comments indicate he's thought a lot about how the movie has been received in the years since its release, while still bringing his sense of humor to the situation.

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Source: The Tonight Show

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