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LG CX & GX OLED TVs Gain 4K 120Hz With Dolby Vision | Screen Rant

LG is rolling out a firmware update to its CX and GX televisions that supports 4K Dolby Vision at 120Hz. The company already makes the best OLED TVs on the market and arguably the best TVs in general if the price isn't a factor. The OLED screen means an excellent contrast ratio, more colors and a fast response time. Overall, it equates to a truly premium and fantastic viewing experience.

The Xbox Series X has had support for 4K Dolby Vision at 120Hz for a few months now. Of course, pushing 4K Dolby Vision at 120Hz requires one of the newer HDMI 2.1 cables as it requires a high amount of bandwidth. 4K Dolby Vision at 120Hz is a relative niche combination as most movies and TV shows are still at 24 or 30fps. Some TVs have frame rate upsampling that'll upsample lower frame rate content to 120Hz. This feature can make the picture look more life-like (sometimes known as the soap opera effect), which some people don't like because the video looks like it came from a raw feed.

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Now owners of both an Xbox Series X and an LG CX or GX TV can enjoy smooth frame rates in 4K Dolby Vision. As confirmed by WhatHiFi, version 44.30.10 enables support for the feature for both US and UK users. Previously, owners were locked to 4K at 60fps when Dolby Vision was enabled. Or, owners were able to play games 4K at 120 fps but only when Dolby Vision was disabled. The firmware is available for those wanting to update immediately. Owners will need to download the update via a Mac or PC and load it onto a USB thumb drive. LG has confirmed a global rollout to all CX and GX users, enabling owners to download the update directly via an over-the-air (OTA) update.

Overall, this is great news despite the small number of devices and content available in 4K Dolby Vision at 120Hz. However, it opens the door for future devices and content to push the envelope for the best picture quality and frame rates, especially for game developers. Unfortunately, the Sony PS5 does not support Dolby Vision gaming and likely won't for quite some time, if ever. The PS5 does do 4K at 120fps, but it's limited to SDR or HDR10, not Dolby Vision.

Either way, it looks like 4K at 120fps gaming is here to stay, and the more TVs that can support it, the better. Consumers don't typically upgrade TVs every few years, instead opting to keep the TV for five years, typically more. So buying a TV now that supports 4K Dolby Vision at 120Hz will future proof consumers as more content and devices make use of the feature.

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Source: WhatHiFi

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