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Magneto Proves He's Just as Hardcore as Wolverine | Screen Rant

Warning: Spoilers for Inferno #1!

In Marvel Comics, both Magneto and Wolverine are two mutants that are consistently at the top of their game, and now the Master of Magnetism has proven just how hardcore he is compared to a guy that’s basically synonymous with the word. Let’s just say Magneto using his powers in such a way that he dies because of the exertion is a feat that has become the cherry on top of an already impressive resume, and fans should take note.

Proven in the premiere issue of the latest X-Men event dubbed Inferno, by Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti, Magneto and a handful of other mutants from the island nation of Krakoa are revealed to have been secretly carrying out missions across the stars in the hopes of saving their species from a nefarious organization called Orchis. Traveling to the Orchis Forge — a space station built near the sun and made with the sole purpose of ensuring humankind’s survival in a world where mutants are slowly gaining more power — different combinations of the X-Men have tried to bring the station down but to no avail.

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Revealed that these strike teams have attempted to infiltrate the Forge sixteen times and counting (Krakoa’s resurrection protocols must be stretched to their limits at this point), one page in this issue details exactly what went down during each of these incursions. Needing to take out the machinations that will eventually spell mutantkind’s doom, it’s shown that Magneto himself has made a trip out to the station more than once, with one instance, in particular, standing out as one of the most hardcore things he — and Wolverine — have ever done.

Seen in the short description for the third incursion, it’s noted that Magneto attempted to use his metal controlling powers to “push” the Orchis Forge into the sun, only to be “counteracted by Forge Dyson engines,” and ultimately die 30 minutes afterward due to a brain aneurysm stemming from how hard he was pushing himself to complete this vital mission. Furthermore, it’s revealed that during the sixth incursion, Magneto gets right back to it by placing himself on the opposite side of the sun and via using a “mutant circuit,” attempts to “pull the Forge into the sun using both his enhanced powers and the star’s gravity,” culminating in the mutant circuit collapsing after six hours, and the mission failing.

Acting as two great character moments (even though both happen off-page), Magneto giving it his all before dying from the strain of his immense power is a play ripped straight out of Wolverine’s book. Known to constantly dive into the fray with little regard to his own safety, Wolverine’s healing factor and adamantium skeleton has always allowed him to push past his limits and either come out on top in a battle or be reduced to a charred husk of himself, all in the name of never giving up; a defining trait for the character and something that speaks volumes for how similarly hardcore Wolverine and Magneto really are compared to one another.

So although both characters are well-known for their bravery, determination, ruthlessness, and willpower to plow through any given situation, Magneto handily proves to be at Wolverine’s level not once, but twice in the same issue. Pushing himself past his limits only to die a hero is undoubtedly something new for Magneto, and if these incursion attempts keep up, Wolverine will have to give credit where credit is due.

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