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Mars Dunes Look Massive In This Stunning Perseverance Photo

It's pretty well known that Mars is home to large sand dunes, but this recent photo from NASA's Perseverance rover shows just how gargantuan they can really be. Out of all the things Mars has to offer, an aspect that proves to be continually fascinating is its environment. For all intents and purposes, Mars is a pretty desolate planet. It has a thin atmosphere, no current signs of life, and is nothing but a sea of dust, rocks, and sand.

Thanks to the hard work of advanced robotics exploring the planet, this has been proven repeatedly over the years. At this very moment, NASA has multiple robots on Mars conducting remote work — including the likes of Curiosity, Perseverance, and Ingenuity. While each robot is tasked with a specific mission at any given moment, they all contribute to sharing thousands of photos of their journies. Whether it's to help scientists with a mission or to show the general public what Mars looks like, the importance of these images cannot be overstated.

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Among all of the robots on Mars right now, Perseverance has become quite the skilled photographer. It's shared countless gorgeous images since landing on Mars in February, including everything from expansive landscapes to peculiar worm-like rocks. In one of its latest photos, Perseverance snapped a beautiful view of Mars' awe-inspiring dunes. The image above was acquired by NASA in late September and taken with Perseverance's Right Navigation Camera.

In many of Perseverance's photos, the rover likes to focus on nearby dunes or rocks on the surface. These are great for getting up close and personal with the planet, though they don't provide a great sense of scale. This particular picture does the exact opposite. We see the ground towards the bottom of the photo, a bunch of rocks covering it, and then a massive wall of sand/dust on the horizon. It's difficult to gauge just how large these dunes really are, but considering how far away they appear to be from Perseverance, it's safe to assume they're quite big.

What lies in those dunes? That's what Perseverance is there to find out. The rover is tasked with finding signs of ancient life on the planet, and so far, it's already collected multiple rock samples to be returned to Earth. For areas that are too treacherous for Perseverance to explore (like these large dunes), its Ingenuity helicopter companion can scout these areas for it. Most humans on Earth today may not ever have the chance to visit Mars, but thanks to photos like this, we have a front-row seat to the stunning planet right here on Earth.

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Source: NASA

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