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Marvel Just Resurrected Two Dead Avengers in The Exact Same Way

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Death of Doctor Strange and The Trial of Magneto

In recent issues from Marvel Comics, two Avengers have come back to life in the same way: Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch. In their respective ongoing stories, Death of Doctor Strange and The Trial of Magneto, Stephen and Wanda have both been murdered by unknown assailants. However, they've both been brought back from the dead as well, albeit as younger versions of themselves from the past. Ironically, both the Sorcerer Supreme and Scarlet Witch of the past now have to play catch up in order to get to the bottom of what happened to their present selves.

In The Death of Doctor Strange, by writer Jed MacKay and artist Lee Garbett, Doctor Strange was murdered at his front door by a mysterious assassin, leaving the world in chaos as the magical barriers cast by the Sorcerer Supreme to protect the masses began to fall in his absence. However, the event's second issue has revealed that Strange had a contingency plan in the event of his death. Using the mystic arts to cut away one week of his life in the past, Strange's younger self from that week has been summoned to help determine who killed his current self, as well as to help with the transition to a new Sorcerer Supreme. However, being a much younger version of Strange, there are many people and events he does not know about as he's never met or experienced them yet.

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Likewise, The Trial of Magneto #3 from Leah Williams, Lucas Werneck, and David Messina sees Wanda mysteriously coming back from the grave before the X-Men and Avengers who had gathered to grieve the loss of the Scarlet Witch. However, despite Magneto being the prime suspect in her murder, there's not yet been an explanation for how she's come back, or if Magneto really did kill her. Furthermore, Wanda also looks to be a younger version of the Scarlet Witch from the past just like Doctor Strange, having no memories of her two children Billy and Tommy, or of the Vision remarrying.

While it's likely that Strange and Wanda's killers will be different, it is interesting that the two heroes have effectively come back from the grave the same way as younger versions of themselves. Furthermore, it looks as though the memory gaps where they won't know certain people and events will be a shared obstacle. It also seems as though their respective existences in the present Marvel Universe will be temporary, seeing as how the young Doctor Strange may only last for a week, while the current Wanda is revealed to be trapped in a void along with the Scarlet Witch of the future, potentially indicating that she may break out and return to the land of the living soon.

In any case, it's likely that the stories being told regarding the murders of Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch will soon become more distinct despite their younger selves both being brought forth in response to their deaths. Regardless, these two resurrected Avengers are still powerful despite their youth, and it's going to be interesting to see how they end up getting to bottom of what happened to their current-era counterparts in the Marvel Universe.

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